Willie Napier Pure Pot Still 44yo (40%, IB, 114 Bts., 1989) – Irish Whiskey Tasting Note

Willie Napier Pure Pot Still 44yo. Distilled by B. Daly, Tullamore Distillery, Co Offaly, cask “acquired” in 1945 by W. Napier, The Central Bar,Lisburn,Northern Ireland (possibly distilled prior to 1945). Bottled 1989. 40% 114 bottles. 

“One of the best Irish Whiskeys ever released. Distilled in 1945 at the old Tullamore Distillery and aged for an incredible 44 years. Sadly the distillery closed for good in the 1950’s and this is one of just a few remaining bottlings from that era. This whiskey was drawn from a cask originally bought by the owner of the Cellar Bar in Lisburn. After being forgotten about it was finally bottled in 1989 and then only released for sale in the last decade. It is named after the former owner of the Cellar Bar, Willie Napier”. – Celtic Whiskey Shop 

On the nose there is an immediate sense of age, dusty grains, oak spice and a touch of vanilla at the last; all very nice and very pleasing. After some time in the glass there are hints of some good sweetness (further to the vanilla). The taste is slightly aggressive, diesely malt, some good black pepper and then some fruit along with the oak spice. All very pleasant and warming and quite unlike Irish whiskies of today (which, to be fair, are much younger). The finish is black pepper, grain and oak spice in equal measure with the diesely notes supporting the other characteristics. After a few minutes the grain rises to take the pole position and that is the final memento of a sensational old dram. 

A nice treat to try such a rare sample; many thanks to Joel Mullin for the generous sample. 

€499.99 at the Celtic Whiskey Shop http://www.celticwhiskeyshop.com/  

90 points

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