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Isle of Arran 1999 NAS Golden Eagle (46%, OB, 6,000 Bts., 2012)

The fourth and final bottling of the Icons of Arran (Peacock 1996, Rowan Tree 1997, Westie 1998 and Golden Eagle 1999) limited to 6,000 bottles. The Golden Eagle is made from 14 ex-bourbon barrels and 7 ex-sherry hogsheads, bottled at 46% without chill-filtration and added colouring. A new series commences this year with the Devil’s Punch Bowl; details to follow. On the nose there is tinned pears and fruit cocktail, lychee, rich raisins, warmed apricots on ‘top’ and ‘below’ there is a good back bone of notes from the oak; leather and tobacco (unlit). There are also lighter notes in the form of grapefruit and lemon zest with the addition of the much appreciated malty notes which are characteristic of Arran whiskies. All contributing to a solid and rich collection of aromas. The taste is bigger than the nose would lead you to believe and it’s slightly more sweet and sour along with the malt (at first) and then some of the leather and tobacco present themselves along with some really good lychee and grapefruit zest. Very active, complex, vibrant and very good. The finish is malty, warming and fills the head and then some really good sweetness in the form of the fruit and leather/tobacco team quickly followed by a good chocolate moment. After a few minutes the malt (now dusty) & the rich raisin take over as a grand finale.

A fitting finale to the series; buy yours before they are all gone.


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