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Chieftain’s Aberfeldy 1998 13 yr

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06067-7

Nose: Sweet Malt, Piney (White Pine)
Body: Firm and oily, medium length
Palate: Full and Spicy, Cloves, Salt Water Taffy
Finish: Spicy, Smooth, and Light
RRP $79.99/btl

Chieftain’s Balmenach 1983 28 yr Cask Strength / Black Rigid Box

100.6 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06076-9

Nose: Dry Hay, Fresh Heather, Cold Tea
Body: Medium, Creamy
Palate: Honey, Anise, Buttery Spices
Finish: Sweet herbs, White Pepper, Long
RRP $189.99/btl

Chieftain’s Bunnahabhain Peated 1997 14 yr

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06073-8

Nose: Tar oil, salt sea air, campfire
Body: Firm and oily, Mouth coating
Palate: Sweet concentrated malt, Smokey short cake, Integrated Smoke and peat
Finish: Well balanced and Soothing, Trace of White Pepper
RRP $89.99/btl

Chieftain’s Caol Ila 1997 14 yr St. Etienne Rum Finish

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06074-5

Nose: Light smoke, camphor, coconut
Body: Viscous, Heavy and Oily
Palate: Banana Oil, Sweet Malt, Light Juniper
Finish: Firm moving to Dry, Sweet and smoky
RRP $99.99/btl

Chieftain’s Clynelish 1997 14 yr

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06069-1

Nose: Heather, Juicy Oak, Light Camphor
Body: Assertive, Smooth oiliness
Palate: Sweet Heather, Citron-Fruity Flavors, Big Malt Base
Finish: White pepper, Long and Lingering
RRP $79.99/btl

Chieftain’s Glenburgie 1998 13 yr Chateau Palmer Finish

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06077-6

Nose: Peaches, Almonds, Mint, Brown Sugar
Body: Oily and Mouth Filling
Palate: Big malt profile, Sweet herbs, Licorice, Nutmeg
Finish: Dry and Spicy, Lone and sweet
RRP $94.99/btl

Chieftain’s Glenturet 1990 21 yr Cask Strength / Black Rigid Box

111.6 proof, 6/750 ml  UPC 8-92032-06070-7

Nose: Flowery, light peat, soft oak
Body: Medium, Light oilyness
Palate: Soft malt, Raisins, Great Malt Balance
Finish: Soft, Smooth, Very Long Finish
RRP $139.99/btl

Chieftain’s Isle of Jura 1996 15 yr Bourbon Barrel

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06071-4

 Nose: Pears, Sweet Malt, Citrus
Body: Rich and viscous, Oily
Palate: Light smoke, Orange Peel, Scottish Short Bread
Finish: Light Sea Air, Dry White Pepper
RRP $84.99/btl

Chieftain’s Laphroaig 1997 14 yr 

92 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06075-2

Nose: Medicinal, sea-weedy, oaky, sulphur
Body: Medium moving to light oilyness
Palate: Beginning sweet and grassy, Moving to big hit of Peat and smoke
Finish: Dry, Long, and Warming
RRP $84.99/btl

Chieftain’s Mortlach 1995 16 yr Sherry Butt / Cask Strength / Black Rigid Box

108.4 proof, 6/750 ml UPC 8-92032-06078-3

Nose: Juicy Oak, Stewed Prunes, Old Leather
Body: Medium moving to oily and waxy
Palate: Sugar Plums, Sweet Malty Spices, Sugared Almonds
Finish: Sweet Malt that is soft and long
RRP $114.99/btl

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