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Happy Holidays Whiskey Enthusiasts,

Please read this email carefully as there are terms and conditions that apply and will strictly be enforced.

Santa Source found a couple more items for those who have been really nice this Holiday Season and he wanted to give them an opportunity for something special. Santa Source with his infinite wisdom knows all the good boys and girls shop at The Party Source. With that said, The Party Source is pleased to announce a limited offering of a scarce number of very elusive whiskeys. Our aim is to give every Party Source online customer an opportunity to enjoy these very sought after Whiskeys. In order to spread Holiday cheer from near to far, we’re keeping track of who is naughty and who is nice. The naughty ones will have their orders canceled in their entirety without notice and the nice ones will move to the front of the line. To be nice please follow the bottle limitations as they will strictly be enforced.

VAN WINKLE Wheated Bourbon

Our first limited offering is the Van Winkle line of classic Bourbons. As the First Family of Wheated Bourbon, these legendary whiskeys need no introduction.

Sales of Van Winkle Whiskeys are limited to only one bottle of Van Winkle Bourbon per person/per household.

Please choose only one of the following:

OLD RIP VAN WINKLE 10 Year 90 Proof
OLD RIP VAN WINKLE 10 Year 107 Proof
PAPPY VAN WINKLE 15 Year 107 Proof

>>> Click here to for our Van Winkle Wheated Bourbon Selection

E.H. TAYLOR Single Barrel

In 2010, Buffalo Trace acquired the rights to one of the great names in Bourbon history: E.H. Taylor, credited as the father of the modern Bourbon industry and the founder distillery known today as Buffalo Trace. They have wasted no time in creating some dynamic whiskeys for the Taylor name, and this single barrel, bottled-in-bond 100 proof whiskey is no exception.

Sales of E. H. Taylor are limited to one bottle per person/per household.

>>> Click here for our E. H. Taylor Selection

BUFFALO TRACE Single Oak Project

Buffalo Trace’s other project of late is a stunner, probably the most ambitious project ever launched in the Bourbon industry. It’s called the Single Oak Project, and it is a whopper: 192 barrels of Bourbon, each in a barrel that was selected from a single tree for certain special characteristics, such as fine/coarse grain, or top-of-the-tree/bottom-of-the-tree. On top of the special barrels are such variables as wheated or rye-recipe Bourbon, and low or high barrel entry proof. The barrels are released 12 at a time, and all the barrels in a given release will vary from each other in only a few variables, allowing the taster to draw comparisons between any two barrels in a given release. These 192 barrels will be released quarterly over the next four years, and to spread the wealth, BT bottles them in 375 ml bottles only. Buffalo Trace has a dedicated website for Single Oak, where tasters can register and record their own tasting notes. Please visit the Single Oak Project website for a full description of this incredible program.

The Party Source is offering a limited amount of each Single Oak release online. Due to the unusual nature of this project, we are selling the bottles only in pairs. We cannot fulfill requests for specific barrel numbers, but we do promise you will receive two barrels from the same release, which will allow a close comparison of the variables between the two barrels. We also hope everyone will fully participate in the online tasting note program, and help Buffalo Trace gather information about these special barrels. Sales of the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project are limited to only one release per person/household. The price of each pair is $111.98 ($55.99 per bottle). Currently available are Single Oak release No.1, No. 2 or No. 3. Please do review the story of this astounding adventure in Bourbon whiskey and consider participating.

Sales of Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project are limited to only one Single Oak Release per person/per household.

Please choose only one of the following:

BUFFALO TRACE SINGLE OAK PROJECT First Release (two bottles)
BUFFALO TRACE SINGLE OAK PROJECT Second Release (two bottles)
BUFFALO TRACE SINGLE OAK PROJECT Third Release (two bottles)

>>> Click here for our Buffalo Trace Single Oak Selection

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season,
The Party Source

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