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Loch Fyne Whiskies Stocks Two New Items from Auchentoshan Distillery – Scotch Whisky News


Loch Fyne Whiskies has Stocked Two New Items from  Auchentoshan.

2011 Limited Release Auchentoshan OB Valinch 57.5%

Cask strength, non chill-filtered matured in North American Bourbon Oak

Price excluding VAT: £29.75
£35.70 Including VAT at 20%


Auchentoshan 1999 11yo Bordeaux Matured 58% abv

Limited edition matured in a Bordeaux wine cask

Price excluding VAT: £34.92
£41.90 Including VAT at 20%


Best regards,
Loch Fyne Whiskies

Ralfy Publishes Whisky Review #210 – Scotch Whisky News

ralfy6 WhiskyReview #210Bladnoch 19yo Forum Bottling and other critical stuff about some Producers … and Colin in Liverpool, England gets a nice surprise.








BARDSTOWN, kENTUCKY (July, 2011) – The namesake brand of the Barton 1792 Distillery won its first Silver Medal in the 2011 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition (LAIWSC) held May 23-24.  Only one other bourbon besides 1792 Ridgemont Reserve was awarded a Silver Medal in its category.  There were 154 spirits brands entered in the competition from 47 producers in 19 countries.

“We’re thrilled with our first medal from the LAIWSC,” said Ken Pierce, director of distillation and quality assurance. “To capture this award amongst so many other quality spirits is truly an honor.” Complete results of the 2011 LAIWSC are available at

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon is handcrafted in small batches and aged eight years and bottled at 93.7 proof. Suggested retail pricing is $27.99 for a 750ml.  


About Barton 1792 Distillery

Barton 1792 Distillery is a family-owned company based in Bardstown, Kentucky.  The distillery was established in 1879 and continues today as the only fully operating distillery in the “Bourbon Capital of the World.”  The distillery is located on 192 acres and includes 28 warehouses, 22 other buildings, the Morton Spring and the Tom Moore Spring.  Distilling, aging and bottling fine Bourbon whiskey are hallmarks of the historic Barton 1792 Distillery. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon whiskey is produced at Barton 1792 Distillery.  This small batch Bourbon whiskey is named for the year Kentucky became a state.  It’s the official toasting Bourbon of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival® and was awarded a silver medal at the 2011 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition. To learn more about the distillery visit

Whiskies of the World Expo Summer Sale – Whisky News


Early Bird Ticket Sales

As the summer sizzles along the Expo plans for 2012 are heating up right along with it.

Take out your datebooks and circle March 31, 2012 for the next Whiskies of the World® Expo in San Francisco! Another night of incredible spirits sampling and a growing list of extra features fill out the agenda for the next Expo. We’re back on the beautiful SF Belle, Hornblower Yacht, featuring an outdoor top level cigar deck along with multiple indoor tasting decks and a sumptuous buffet. Music, Celtic culture, Master Distillers and Brand Ambassadors guarantee another exciting evening as the sun sets over the San Francisco Bay.

Along with many of the world’s most recognizable whiskies, the Expo continues the tradition of introducing attendees to emerging micro-distilled brands and artisanal spirits from North America, Europe and around the world!

One of the most important goals of the WoW Expo has always been the creation of a personal whisky experience guided by your contributions and influence. Please let us know what you think of the show and reply with your ideas, comments and inspirations. We’d love to hear from you directly but we also enjoy reading your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, City Search and all the on-line places you contact friends and reach out to the world at large. Let us know what YOU think and what YOU want so the Expo continues to grow and develop into a spirits event unlike any other!


                         Regular Price    Summer Sale price
General Adm                   $120          $105
(6:00 pm – 9:pm)   
VIP :                         $150          $130
(5:15 pm – 9:pm)   
Dram Club                     $130          $115
(5:00 pm – 9:pm)  
Dram Club Membership           $60           $40 
(Early Bird Tickets are refundable until Dec 31)


The Whisky Exchange Blog ‘A trip to Balblair’ – Scotch Whisky News


A trip to Balblair

The lovely folk of Inver House Distillers (the Scottish production wing of International Beverages) recently invited me along to a trip around four of their distilleries with a bunch of international bloggers. Not being one to turn down distillery tours, especially those conducted by distillery managers, I said yes and spent a couple of hectic …(please click on the link below to read the remainder of the article) …



Loch Fyne Whiskies Stock ‘Bunnahabhain [Signatory Vintage] 1979 31yo’ – Scotch Whisky News


Loch Fyne Whiskies stocks a new item, ‘Bunnahabhain [Signatory Vintage] 1979 31yo’

Bunnahabhain S 1979 31yo 50.0%alc.
Distilled: 19/09/1979
Bottled: 14/03/2011
Matured in a Refill Sherry Butt # 9523
Limited to 566 bottles
A Signatory Independent cask strength bottling.

Price excluding VAT: £90.83
£109.00 Including VAT at 20%


Best regards,
Loch Fyne Whiskies

WhiskyFun Celebrates 9th Birthday – Whisky News


Today (July 28th) WhiskyFun celebrates their 9th Birthday.

As well as tasting & nosing significantly over an astonishing 7,000 drams!

Happy Birthday WHISKYFUN! (and Serge).

And a massive well done and THANK YOU for your leadership, encouragement and friendship.

Visit WhiskyFun at


Angels Whisky Club Interview With The Wild Scotsman – Scotch Whisky News



Paul was chatting to Jeff of Wild Scotsman July 2011. Meet my pal Jeffrey Topping, founder of Wild Scotsman Whisky. With his “Head Office” on top of his shoulders, Jeff has taken his passion and dreams and made it a reality. His philosophy is simple, nae caramel finishes, watered down proof strengths, or chill filtration. Just simple hand crafted Scotch Malt Whisky bottled as Single Casks, Single Malts, or Vatted Malts in the traditional Scottish methods. Good man.

So, Jeff, let’s start at the start…

WHERE OR WHEN DID YOUR LOVE FOR WHISK START? My love for Scotch started in the home coming from a family of Scottish immigrants. Having experienced the early years of American Mirco Brewing in the USA I wanted to know if that experience could exist with Scotch Whisky. In early 2002 I cut my teeth on learning basic distilling at the Bladnoch Distillery in the Lowlands of Scotland. I was quite amazed at the flavor profiles I both nosed and tasted straight from the casks. This was like no Scotch whisky I had ever tasted and I wanted more! When I met Master Distiller and Master Blender John McDougall while at Bladnoch I felt as if the world was conspiring to fuel my new found passion. A few months later I brought John to America for a tasting event I was having in Cincinnati, Ohio. While having a few drams in my study John agreed to mentor me in his craft of ‘Old World’ Scotch whisky. From there the story gets much more interesting but that is why books are written (sometimes burned), to tell the rest of the story.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT WHISKY TO USE? I practice one of the oldest trades in the Scotch whisky industry, Independent Bottler. Like those early pioneers before me (John Dewar, William Teacher, Arthur Bell, and etc) I do not own a distillery (yet) but rather buy, sell, blend, and bottle single casks according to my own personal palate and vision. I choose my whisky one cask sample at a time and prefer them to be aged in ex-bourbon casks as I like whisky to taste and smell like whisky and not whisky flavored wine. I refuse over 90% of the casks sampled which tends to make my kitchen counter a wee bit of a mess with all those bottles and my wife a wee bit cross (just kidding, there is never a mess).

I prefer to produce and bottle Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky (aka Blended Malt) as it allows me an opportunity to create a whole new flavor experience from nose, taste, and finish that is unique and personal to me. One might say each bottling is a story without words (unless you ask me to narrate). Once blended each batch is returned to an ex-bourbon cask to allow the whisky to bond with it new friends. Depending on the bottling proof is between 46 and 47% alc/vol. I NEVER add spirit caramel or chill filterer my whisky!

In addition to my Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky I bottle a variety of Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Paul’s comment; the Mortlach is superb!). This is the highest “production quality” a consumer can buy short of having the actual cask. My reasons for choosing a cask for bottling has less to do with the distillery or age but rather its unique nose, taste and finish. Single Cask bottling’s allow me to introduce flavors I enjoy. Now and then I will bottle a 3/4 cask, 1/2 cask, or 1/4 of a cask. The quantity bottled depends on how much of the cask is used in my vatted malt.

WHAT STAFF DO YOU HAVE IN THE TEAM? My wife, Tina, handles all event and appearance requests. Maybe that is why I have not had a tasting at a Gentlemen’s club? Kay looks after accounts and distribution, want Wild Scotsman in your portfolio? send Kay your details.

WHERE CAN YOUR BOTTLES BE PURCHASHED? Wild Scotsman is bottled at Cumbrae Supply Company in Linwood Scotland. They handle all UK and EU distribution. You can find there contact details at:  (we are looking for a few good shops)

Stop by the Wild Scotsman web site and you can find US distribution details as well as our official mail order provider, The Party Source, who can ship to over 40 states.

FINALLY; TELL ME ABOUT THE LATEST BOTTLE I HAVE HERE IN MY MITS! The Wild Scotsman Black is a Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (I use the term Blended under duress), @47% alc/vol., non chill filtered, and no added colour. Bottled by hand in Scotland. This creation features my new cigar band cut label and was made for my personal enjoyment with a great cigar, however, you do not need to smoke to enjoy a dram. In fact, this may be the only Scotch whisky made by a cigar smoker for a cigar smoker. The nose is slightly sweet thanks to one cask being an Oloroso Sherry Butt (first time using sherry in my vatted malts) with a wee bit of Islay. A smoke filled room can just disappear with a quick nosing of this dram. The mid palate is rejuvenated as the spicey whisky cuts through the residue of a heavy cigar (or food) on the tongue. The finish is quick as to not irritate the throat, however, the residual mouth alcohol will tingle a for 2 or 3 minutes. Water, rocks, neat, cigar? That is your choice! At the end of the day, Tasting is better than telling.


It’s time for a Dram! see the interview online at

Contact Jeff at; Wild Scotsman, P.O. Box 36399, Cincinnati, OHIO 45236

Contact Angels Whisky Club at  


NIKKA 21yo (45%, OB, Taketsuru ‘Pure Malt’, +/-2010) – Japanese Whisky Tasting Note


NIKKA 21yo (45%, OB, Taketsuru ‘Pure Malt’, +/-2010)

On the nose there it’s gentle and good, puzzlingly different but shrieks of quality; some good fruit, some oak and some lingering malt, all in harmony. The aromas are seductive and after some time in the glass some more of the sweet oak become a little more assertive but still backed by the fruit. This is really sensational; apologies from that lack of control. The taste is everything as above and it all intermingled together very well; some sweetness from the fruit, some malt and then the oak spice (again still sweet but in balance). A little bit of leather and tobacco, slightly more leather to be fair. Very more-ish. The finish is vibrant and long, warming, still very good. Some elder Highland Park moments in here and then a small blast of sweet malt. And more, it keeps on going, an unusually long finish.

Yet another wonderful and very drinkable Japanese whisky.


Score 89 points


Won “World’s Best Blended Malt Whisky” at the 2010 World Whisky Awards.

Laphroaig New Website & Email System – Scotch Whisky New


As you know, we do things slowly up here; Laphroaig will never be rushed. But, as it is with our whisky, so it is with our website. It’s extraordinary to think that it has not really changed in over 12 years, so it is getting rather creaky! With the 18th anniversary of The Friends of Laphroaig coming up next year we thought you were long overdue a new website. We will be emailing you in the next week to let you know when the new site will be up and ready for you to explore.

Now, I know from all your many comments how much you like the present site so please rest assured that all the familiar parts you enjoy will still be there. The site is still divided into two parts; the open part that everybody can go to, and of course your private FOL area that can only be entered with your password.

The open part has lots of new features; beautiful new photography and a brand new professionally shot Distillery Tour film, which I hope you will enjoy. Of course your own private site has had a complete overhaul too, incorporating the many suggestions that you have sent in over the years.

But it’s not just your website that we have improved. When we first started emailing you there were only 73,000 Friends of Laphroaig. Now we are approaching half a million Worldwide! It has become impossible to manage such numbers with our old system so the boffins have changed to a new faster one.

This email is the last using our old system. I am advised that the layout of the new email will look slightly different but should get to your inbox perfectly. However – just in case, if you don’t receive an email from me next week please check your junk mail folder. If we did end up in your junk then click on the ‘not junk’ option or add us to your address book to ensure you always receive the emails in the future. As always, if you have any problems just send us an email.

So, the next email from me will be in a nice new template and with a brand new website for you all to enjoy. I’d love to hear what you think of the new site when you have had a look next week feel free to send me an email or for those of you on Facebook or Twitter you can find me at: and


John Campbell
Distillery Manager

Visit the Friends of Laphroaig at

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