In a time of financial uncertainty, Scottish crystal company,  Glencairn Crystal are bucking the trend with the announcement of a  £500,000 expansion programme over the next 3 years and a recruitment drive for additional staff.
The recent purchase of Collins Crystal combined with new factory space  and the expansion of glass and bottle decorating facilities, including  new Lehr and specialised decorating equipment are just the first steps in the company’s expansion plans.
Glencairn are also investing in New product development and building new clean room facilities at their East Kilbride factory and hope to create 6 new jobs in the area.
For the family run business the future is crystal clear, with Managing Director, Paul Davidson confident that the increase in growth and staffing levels over the next few years will continue,
He said: “We have made a good start on our investment plan of over £500,000 over the next couple of years and I imagine we will continue to expand in all areas at this rate especially in the overseas markets. Over one third of our total sales are outside the UK and through the scotch whisky companies, over 65% of our business is international.”
For Glencairn, a heady mix of rare and expensive whiskies and an innovative approach to product design and quality presentation packaging looks set to ensure that the turnover at East Kilbride based, Glencairn Crystal, will grow to over £5million during the next year – with current new business increasing staff by 15% so far this year .
For the Davidson family, their combined blend of expertise in crystal, design, packaging, with more than a dash of innovative product development, has ensured that Scottish based Glencairn  Crystal has secured pole position as the largest supplier of crystal to the Scottish Whisky industry in the UK and Ireland, as well as supplying their products and gaining interest in over 30 countries in the global market.

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