Highland Park 1998/2010 (40%, OB) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note


Highland Park 1998/2010 (40%, OB)

“Created Exclusively For Global Travel Retail” and in a 1 Litre bottle. Big. The math says a 12 year old (1998/2010). The nose is quite gentle at first quickly followed by some rich earthy & wood notes.  After a minute or two in the glass the smokey notes begin to emerge along with hints of citrus. The more time in the glass the more it opens up and improves with some really good gentle smoke and (now) some malt.  There are also some hints of unlit cured tobacco lurking in the background. The taste is indeed smokey and malty with the citrus. And the smoke does grow quite quickly but the citrus really does throw its weight around a fair amount. Again a gentle start however this changes quickly. Vibrant, malty, smokey and the afore mentioned citrus.  Also some really good wood spice and a tinge of unsweetened cocoa. The finish is malty along with the smoke (which is not so much of a contributor) but the citrus plus the malt work well together. The finish is quite long but once again quite restrained in some ways but all very nice. Lashing of more smoke and malt after 5 minutes.

An enjoyable dram and a little different from many Highland Park but still enjoyable.

£36.99 at World of Whiskies

Score 85 points


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