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Rare 50 year old whisky on sale at Oddbins

UK wine merchant and malt specialist Oddbins is pleased to announce a unique opportunity to purchase an extremely rare and desirable bottle of whisky. The 50 year old Auchentoshan single malt whisky, distilled in April 1957 and bottled in July 2007, is one of the last remaining bottles on sale anywhere in the UK.

Originally priced at £2850, the stylishly packaged bottle is now available from Oddbins for only £2550.

There were only ever 144 bottles of the 1957 malt released, with most being sold to collectors abroad. It comes with its own hand-numbered book telling the story behind the bottling. Built in 1825, Auchentoshan (pronounced “och-n-tosh-n”) is one of the last distilleries in Scotland to retain the tradition of distilling three times, rather than the now industry standard of double distillation. The result of this process is a lighter, sweeter, more fragrant whisky. However, after 50 years in barrels previously used for Oloroso sherry, the Auchentoshan 1957 is deep bronze in colour and has flavours of treacle and butterscotch.

Situated near Glasgow, the distillery is one of only a few left in Scotland’s Lowlands – once the country’s main region for whisky production – adding to the appeal of the 1957 release.

Anyone interested in purchasing this hard to find malt should contact Oddbins by email at whisky@oddbins.com with their name and a daytime and/or evening contact number.  Due to EU regulations, Oddbins are not able to organise international delivery but we can offer free of charge delivery of the Auchentoshan 1957 to anywhere in the UK via our home delivery service.



For further information on the Auchentoshan 1957, please contact:
Steven Kearney,
Oddbins Ltd,
27 Union Street,
Tel 01224 580869.

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