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Part VI of “No Age Statement Week”

Glenmorangie NAS Sonnalta (46%, OB, PX Sherry, +/-2009)

A Glenmorangie that has generated quite some excitement since it’s launch in 2009 with a primary maturation in ex-bourbon casks and then an extra maturation in ex-Pedro Ximenez casks.

The nose is lusciously sherried with the obligatory rich fruit cake, raisins along with a hint of clove and  dusted malt. It’s quite good and the richness of the PX works very well with the malt, there are even hints of the bourbon but they are merely hints, the PX is boss here. The taste is hints of tobacco/leather quickly followed by some really good rich dark sun dried fruits. This is excellent whisky and it is very well integrated. The sherry is really sensational, if there was some peat smoke in here…stop that! It’s sensational without peat smoke! The finish is malty (dusty), sherried and then some very dry notes, oak spice and then the fruit comes back. The finish is quite long and warming, the 46% really works. The interplay between the fruity notes from the PX and the Glenmorangie malt really is apparent in the finish.

What an enjoyable dram.


Score 87 points


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