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From the Dram Good bookshop…

As loyal readers you will notice something different about Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible for 2011…

Not only have we added an additional 24 pages – taking the whisky count to well over 4,500 – we are also proud to share with you an all new Whisky Bible cover design.
Created to widen the appeal of the ‘Bible’ to a much broader whisky loving audience, we feel the design better reflects Jim’s pithy*, jargon-free style of writing: the very thing that makes Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible the most trusted guide to Whisky by you and many thousands of others…

To celebrate the launch of the 2011 edition we have set up a special per-order discount of 15% which is redeemable against a personally dedicated and signed book by Jim, when you become a follower of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible on Facebook. Click here** for the exclusive discount code before you place your order at The Dram Good Book Shop;


*According to ‘pithy’ means (2): having substance and point : tersely cogent.

You’ll have to look up ‘cogent’ for yourself.

** WI could not find the discount code on the FB page however perhaps you’ll have more luck. Not matter discount or no discount the WB is always good value.

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