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Exclusive Range September 2010

Aged 10 Years

Distilled at Ardmore Distillery

1 of 419 bottles

9th June 2000

Cask no 1318

45% 70cl

Nose: Almost tequila-ish with peat. Fresh and young on the nose. Very salty.

Palate: Again salty with spiky peat coming through.

Finish: Long, hot and spiky finish.


Aged 11 Years

Distilled at Auchentoshan Distillery

1 of 238 bottles

24th June 1999

Cask no 117

45% 70cl

Nose: Dripping with sweet honey, fruit, mild spice and bitter orange flavours.

Palate: Oaky with lots of fruit and vanilla flavours. Again bitter orange and trifle.

Finish: Long, rich finish with oodles of vanilla and warming spice.


Aged 12 Years

Distilled at Benriach Distillery

1 of 397 bottles

13th October 1997

Cask no 144743

45% 70cl

Nose: Marzipan (sweet almonds). Anise with oak and vanilla.

Palate: Sweet and more-ish. Very round and smooth (gentle) with sweet flavours.

Finish: Lots of vanilla-sweetness with oak and spice.


Aged 15 Years

Distilled at Caol Ila Distillery

1 of 276 bottles

29th August 1995

Cask no 10032

45% 70cl

Nose: Sweet peat. Seaweed (brine). Toasted sweet bread malt and licorice root.

Palate: Rich peat, smoke and toasted barley. Sharp and viscous.

Finish: Long, hot and peaty finish. Huge peaty aftertaste.


Aged 10 Years

Distilled at Linkwood Distillery

1 of 365 bottles

1st April 2000

Cask no 5011

45% 70cl

Nose: Sweet (sherbet & icing sugar). Malty, buttery and herbal. Vanilla

Palate: Again sweet with lots and lots of vanilla mixed with sweet oak.

Finish: Huge finish, quite peppery (but sweet) with vanilla, cloves and spice.


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