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Fitzpatrick Kaiapoi Single Malt Whisky

Malted and Distilled in the true traditional style, this Whisky has a subtle nose that almost hides the rich depth of malt that covers the palate and warms the soul.  Incredibly smooth, oak characters perfectly balanced with deep malted body.  Long seemingly endless finish, rich and deep, leaving a warm glow and dancing malted after.

Fitzpatrick Kaiapoi Single Malt Whisky is truly something very special.  Distilled in New Zealand at  Kaiapoi Distillery, using  a 140 year old John Dore  Pot Still (known as the Rolls Royce of stills)   This is a true flavour Still that achieves a depth of Malt Flavour, while separating a purity of spirit, until now unseen outside the Highlands of Scotland.

This triumphant first release of 2000 bottles makes this Whisky very rare and sort after.

Managers Note

It has taken my family Three-generations working towards our first release of single Malt Whisky.  With a benchmark of quality that has required much patience, distilling technology that requires a depth of precise knowledge dating back to 16th Century, and a love of Whisky in its purist sense. The techniques of Distilling was passed to us by the the great master distiller, Ernest Bangs. Master distiller to the company J & W Nicholson of London, established in 1736.

Due to the limited edition nature of this product we have no hope of supplying the demand for this Whisky, but aim to provide allocations to those in deserving markets.

Yours sincerely

Matt Fitzpatrick


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