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I always say consistency is a wonderful thing. Especially in whisky; you want to be sure every time you buy a bottle of Highland Park that it was just as delightful as the last one. We go to extreme lengths to make sure that happens; it is one of the reasons we are the world’s most respected single malt. Another reason is that we make single malt as traditionally as possible. Discerning consumers (that’s you) and the drinks press seem to appreciate that.

Take F. Paul Pacult for example, the world respected US-based spirits and wine journalist behind the independent, subscription-only quarterly Spirit Journal. Paul famously published a list of his top spirits in 2005 and Highland Park 18 year old was named Best Spirit in the World. He repeated the exercise in 2009 with the same result.

In the June 2010 issue, rather than publishing a simple list as before, Paul has divided the spirits into sub-categories: the best Scotch whisky was Highland Park 18 year old. For the third time running…
According to Paul: “This classic continues to be a stupendous work of distilling art that, I believe, is one of the greatest beverage alcohol liquids ever produced and is assuredly the finest of the last 20 years. Graceful on the one hand; might and fathomless on the other. Delectably salty/peaty/maritime on the one hand; intensely malty on the other. If I could only select but one Scotch whisky, Highland Park 18 year old would remain that very special singular choice. A masterpiece to savour many times before one dies.”

Paul also published a list of the five spirits he and his partner Sue couldn’t survive without if trapped on a desert island. Number one is Highland Park 18 year old. You see; consistent.

Click on the link below to watch me taste Highland Park 18 year old; http://www.youtube.com/user/HighlandParkWhisky#p/u/25/InM4xZdCJns

For further information and to subscribe to Spirit Journal visit www.spiritjournal.com

For information on The Best Spirit in the World visit www.highlandpark.co.uk

Yours sincerely
Gerry Tosh
Head of Brand Education Whisky Ambassador of the Year


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