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Tamdhu 42yo (43.8%, Dewar Rattray for Calgary Co-op, HHD, C#6, 95 Bts., D01/’67 B03/’09) – Tasting Note / Scotch Whisky Review

Tamdhu 42yo (43.8%, Dewar Rattray for Calgary Co-op, Hogs Head C#6, 95 Bts., D01/’67 B03/’09)

A single cask bottling exclusively for the Calgary (Alberta, Canada) C0- op Liquor Stores and it has been reported that the lady purchaser who originally nosed the cask sample took all of 5 seconds to buy the entire cask; “sniff…I’ll take it”.

On the sniff there is sweet butter, honey, tropical fruit, toffee, vanilla, very slight hints of bourbon, sweet wine and wood notes all in perfect harmony; this is simply outstanding on the nose. Additionally it is a very similar aroma to many older Speyside single malts that have been matured in ex bourbon casks for a very long period, Glen Grant, Glenfarclas, Strathisla to name a few and a nose that always seems ‘antique’. There is also a stunning layer of malt dust hovering in the background which is exceptional. The taste is strong at first and slightly fizzy in the mouth and then bam!,  the flavours are revealed and are a perfect continuation of the aromas, but slightly less sweet and more assertive and happily not overly oaked which is a pleasant surprise after so long in the cask.  The finish is gentle at first and then there is some oak, butter, sweetness (honey, vanilla and the tropical fruit), tropical fruits and then it becomes dry and sweet and finally some malt appears followed in quick succession by some dry oak. The finish is quite long and warming.

Delicious and well worth the C$299 (if this were an Official Bottling by the distiller it would run about $2,000 (perhaps)).

Score 90 points

Federal Wine & Spirits Boston Black Friday (& Saturday) Sale – Scotch Whisky News

Federal Wine & Spirits  November 27, 2009   
The Federal Wine Black Friday (& Saturday) Sale

The Way It Works:

You need not come to the store!! Order by email or phone.
Prices good til Saturday Midnight only or available stock is sold.

First come, first served.

Some items will not be ready for pickup or shipping until Tuesday.

Call before coming in.

Payment Must be Made with Order

Sale is for Pickup or One Delivery to one location only by Sat Dec 5


Benromach 10 Y.O. 43% 52.99 46.99 11%

Benromach Madera 45% 69.99 62.99 10%

Benromach 21 Y.O. 43% 129.99 114.99 12%

RoseBank 17 Y.O. 55.3% 129.99 114.99 12%

Speymalt Macallan 37 Y.O. 449.99 399.99 11%

Please pass this on to any friends who are whisky enthusiasts!

Len Rothenberg
Federal Wine & Spirits

Phone: (617) 367-8605

Jolly Toper Tasting Edinburgh December 2009 – Scotch Whisky News


All of the Jolly Toper’s whisky tastings take place on Thursday nights from 7:30pm until approximately 10pm at the Tollbooth Tavern, 167 Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.  For more details on the tastings themselves, please click here.

December 3rd normal 6 dram tasting: SOLD OUT

Signatory Cambus single grain 27.7.9 – 10.9.9 18yo refill butt 664 bottles 51.9%- another rare grain.

Longrow 7yo 55.8% 1 1/2 years in Gaja Barolo Italian red wine cask- youth, wine and peat might sound a difficult combo but this is a best selling dram.

Cadenheads Highland Park 1992 – 06/09 17yo 64.0% butt 512 bottles- bit of a wildcard but I’ve faith some will go for it in a big way.

Highland Park 25yo 50.7%- a classy drop from a quarter century of maturation

Ballantines 17yo 43%- voted best blend by Jim Murray.

+ a mystery dram

December 10th £20/17

Cadenheads Royal Brackla 1976 – 11/06 30yo 53.6% Sherry hogshead 126 bottles

Springbank 06/97 – 01/09 11yo Madiera wood expression 55.1% 2090 bottles (Loch Fyne Whiskies’ whisky of the year)

Cadenheads Ardbeg 1994 – 06/09 15yo Bourbon hogshead 284 bottles 58.1%

Something unusual

Something rare

+ a mystery dram

December 17th: Blind tasting of 6 drams: SOLD OUT

January 7th: For Peat’s sake:

Ardbeg Supernova 58.9% 100+ ppm

Jura Prophecy

PC8 60.5%

Octomore 2 62.5% 5yo 140 ppm


St. George Chapter 4 new make spirit 46%

January 21st: ‘usual suspects’: something old, rare, unusual, peaty and sherried £tbc:

50yo 1937 – 1987 speyside single malt

Dalmore 21yo 43%

Clynelish distiller’s edition seco 46%

Highland Park 21yo

Sheep Dip ‘Old Hebridean’ 19yo 40%

+ a mystery dram

Edradour 12yo Caledonia at Loch Fyne Whiskies – Scotch Whisky News

Loch Fyne Whiskies News has stocked a new item, ‘Edradour 12yo Caledonia’

 Edradour 12yo Caledonia OB
 46% abv
 £36.50 inc vat
 £31.74 ex vat

Loch Fyne Whiskies

Whisky Fringe 2010 Edinburgh Update – Scotch Whisky News


From Whisky Fringe Staff;

Whisky Fringe 2010
IMPORTANT NEWS: tickets for 2010 are NOT going on sale Dec. 1st, as previously stated. New licensing legislation needs to be clarified. Tickets can not be sold until then. Please click ‘more’ below for full details and before calling us in a panic!


In September 2009, new licensing regulations came into effect in Scotland increasing the powers of individual local authorities in the control of alcohol within their area. Ultimately this is aimed at reducing alcohol-related problems which is undoubtedly a worthy aim. The down-side from our point of view however is that as the interpretation of the new law is up to the individual local authorities, it is taking time to establish exactly what is and isn’t permitted.

As Whisky Fringe is an unusual event in terms of licensing, there remain various areas of uncertainty as to what we are allowed to do and what are not allowed under the new legislation. Whether we are allowed to include a money-off voucher for purchases at the shop as part of the entry price is one such grey area and it looks unlikely that two-day tickets can be sold for a reduced price compared to the price of two individual day tickets will be permitted. However all of these areas are uncertain with the laws still in their infancy and as such we have had to take the decision that it would be foolish of us to make tickets available for sale as planned eight months in advance of the event.

Whisky Fringe will take place at Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh on Saturday and Sunday 14th & 15th August 2010. Whilst we are unable to state with certainty the date that tickets will go on sale, it will not be until May 2010 at the earliest. We apologise for this delay, however hope that you understand it is due to circumstances out with our control. We shall email our Newsletter mailing list to advise the date of tickets going on sale in advance as well as posting details on our website.

Poit Dhub 8yo Unchilfiltered Gaelic Whisky (43%, OB, +/-2008) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note / Whisky Review

Poit Dhub 8yo Unchilfiltered Gaelic Whisky (43%, OB, +/-2008)

The label has a lot of unrecognizable words all over the label; the only English, other than ‘Gaelic Whisky Unchilfiltered’ is malt Scotch whisky which one has to take as a vatted malt or a blended malt but not a single malt. The label has two seahorses, facing each other…and Poit Dubh, the back label reveals (in English), is pronounced ‘Potch Ghoo’. Microsoft Word struggled with those two…..none the less the nose is sweet and mildly smokey with dried tree fruit (think apricots, plums and cherries) along with vanilla and fruit cake. Also some tiny hints of green notes (very briefly),  sherry and some more peat smoke (reek) but it’s very gentle and not overly strong however it’s all well in balance. The taste is gentle at first with some malt and then there’s a wee bit of a peat reek attack intermingled with the sweet sherry and some slight green notes and raw tobacco and leather which all becomes quite sweet at the end. It’s very nice. The finish is at first mildly peaty followed by some malt ad then some chocolate and dryness from the oak, more of the tobacco and leather (although very gentle) and then the sweetness and dryness, end over end. After a short while, the malt shoves through the rest and you’re left chewing on the malt for quite some time.

What a great dram! Not sure it’s worth it to frighten folk with those sea horses on the label however……

C$55 in the  single malt waste land of Ontario. Score 88 Points (the absence of sea horses on the website is note worthy and the webiste is in English!).


BELL’S Blended Scotch Whisky Is Back in British Columbia! – Scotch Whisky News


Bell’s is a blend of some thirty five mature malt and grain whiskies from the Highlands, Islands and Lowlands of Scotland and the heart of which is the Blair Athol malt, which are brought together to create an outstanding Scotch whisky blend.  The result is a well-rounded and consistent character with a distinctive nutty and spicy flavour that makes Bell’s truly `Extra Special’.

Every whisky in the blend, both malt and grain, combines to ensure that Bell’s Extra Special remains wonderfully rounded and smooth. Bell’s is made up of 35 different malt and grain whiskies, at the heart of which is the Blair Athol malt.

CSPC: 8599
Size: 750 ml
Price: $25.45
Status: Specialty

CSPC: 15008
Size: 1140 ml
Price: $37.45
Status: Specialty


Kris Steed
Reserve Brands & Wine Specialist

A division of Diageo Canada


Whisky Lounge Ardbeg Tasting in Newcastle – Scotch Whisky News


Hi All,

Good news!

I was about to say I am sorry to drop this on you, but I suspect most of you will thank me for it! Many of you have requested, nae demanded, that I present one more tasting before Xmas. Not good enough for you is it that I have a wonderful – and it will be wonderful – Whisky and Dinner event coming up this Friday (a few tickets still available!), but no…
…you want more!!!

Well, I have deliberated. I have asked serious questions of myself. I have mulled it over with a dram or twelve.

I have made my decision…but the real decision is in your hands!

If at least 20 of you good people sign up for the following, then the tasting will go ahead. If not, it won’t – simple as that. This is an exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be repeated tasting that frankly should require no selling on my part!
Anyway, here we go…

Ardbeg – The Ultimalt Underground Vertical Tasting, Part 1
Friday 11th December 2009
Blackfriars, Friar Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne
7.30pm, £30 per ticket

Very Young Ardbeg was launched in 2003 purely for members of the Ardbeg ‘Committee’ and then upon their ‘approval’ (apologies for all the ‘ ‘), a commercial bottling was released in 2004. Still Young followed in 2006, Almost There in 2007, Renaissance in 2008 and now the brand new 10 Year Old is firmly established.

We will be tasting all six of these remarkable drams – including the Committee ‘For Discussion’ bottling – and talking all things Ardbeg on this very night. Most of these whiskies are now extremely hard to get hold of, and in some cases would cost you the same as a workable used car, so this really is a very rare opportunity – even as Brand Ambassador for Ardbeg and Glenmorangie I was never able to assemble such an amazing array of young Ardbegs.

One thing you should know…

All of these whiskies, bar the 10 Year Old, are bottled at cask strength, so this is not a tasting for the faint of heart.

In respect to the whiskies involved, and to the people willing to come along, I will only be selling 30 tickets as a maximum. Please do not hesitate – in order to be fair to Blackfriars and those already signed up, I need to know of your booking by this Friday. If you want it bad enough, this tasting will happen!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!


Eddie Ludlow
Whisky Evangelist

07515 854210
01904 466227

Many thanks to Gordon Homer of for this lead.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America Publishes Christmas Outturn – Scotch Whisky News



The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America has published their extensive Christmas outturn list. Details of the list and how to join the Society can be found at


Regis Whisky Mad Is Looking For Agents – Scotch Whisky News


Looking for Agents!

Regis Whisky Mad is becoming ever more international, particularly with the launch of Whisky Kilt and the increasing demands for overseas consultancy, whisky tours and European whisky presentations.

If you think you have the right credentials and can contribute to the worldwide expansion of Regis Whisky Mad, please get in touch with Regis, who will be happy to see what you can offer to the company.

All presentation work can be carried out in both English and French.

Please contact Regis direct on his mobile on 07985 538 282 or land line at 01259 727 829 or email him at or


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