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In 1263, an ancestor of Clan Mackenzie saved King Alexander III of Scotland from being gored by a stag whilst out hunting. The grateful King granted him the right to bear a stag’s head – a ’12 pointer’ or ’Royal’ – in his coat of arms. Every bottle of single malt whisky from our Highland distillery was, and is, adorned with this proud emblem, symbolising the supremacy of The Dalmore.

The Dalmore King Alexander III commemorates this act of daring spirit. This exceptional malt has been filled to no less than six different casks, including French wine barriques, Madeira drums, sherry butts from Jerez, Sicilian marsala barrels, port pipes from the Douro and bourbon barrels from Kentucky. The King Alexander III unites each of these to form a rich deep spirit.


The legend of Clan Mackenzie has been immortalised by Benjamin West in his painting ’The Death of the Stag’.

Visit the Dalmore at http://www.thedalmore.com/

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