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Just a quick line for those who would like to see Abhainn Dearg, or at least a glimpse of the distillery on TV including a rather bizarre scene of Marko sitting on Ardroil beach glass in hand?

Jonathan Meades Off Kilter –  is available for the next two days, the Abhainn Dearg Distillery features 38 minutes into the documentary.  The Distillery will also feature early next year when ‘this editor’ got caught up in a BBC Alba documentary series, more on that nearer the date.

In the next few days we hope to send out information on a new ‘Whisky’ course we will be running at the distillery throughout the winter.  We are offering a unique opportunity to join us here at Abhainn Dearg. Places are going to be limited to only three people per week. The course will run on a weekly basis from Tuesday to Thursday, accommodation and meals will be included in the cost of the course, transport isn’t.

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