Macallan 14yo 1991/2005 (46%, The Alchemist, D04/’99 B07/’05)-Tasting Note


An independent bottling of Macallan selected by Gordon Wright of The Alchemist and this particular example is from a fresh sherry cask. The nose is grassy, of roses, lemon and slight solvent followed by some malt. After a short while the sweetness struggles through the grass and floral and solvent; there is also some light varnish hovering over the malt which continues to pop in and out of the picture. The taste is strong, quite sweet and very malty with a back ground of honey and clove along with a hint of bitter chocolate; there is some marmalade also (the citrus all dressed up). With water the varnish vanishes (it takes a lot of water) and it is sweet and malty, definitely much improved by the addition of water. The finish is very malty along with cocoa powder and very spicy oak. It is very long and the oak is very pleasant, the malt is dominant at this point.

Singularly different from the Official Bottlings and a good example of something unusual from the Macallan Distillery.


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