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Dear All,

We have come to the end of a very generous month of sponsorship. Mid-July saw us setting sail (hypothetically) to the west coast to sponsor 1 of the 4 days of the Mylne Regatta with a new Adelphi Fascadale Trophy race. Our resident “Cliff the Cooper” made a fantastic job of 2 scaled-down, replica ship’s breaker casks which were duly presented to the 2 class winning boats, and a tasting in the grand hall of Mount Stuart, to 140 guests, rounded off the day. The following week took us back to the east coast and a chance to sponsor the Clan Convention at the Scottish Parliament. With a special Clan Convention labelled single malt on offer, a scrum of a tasting and a mini of our blend to each delegate, the day was a great success – especially if you think that this was the 1st time in history that so many clansmen and their chiefs had been in the same room without a bloody feud erupting.

You may also have noticed that there was no June offer – after you had cleared our warehouse of the Laudale in May there was nothing left to offer you!

However, you will be delighted to hear that we have just completed another bottling of 6 casks and I am offering 2 options ahead of them going live on our website – you are very welcome to go for one, or a combination, or none at all…

Option 1

This is an ideal sweet, relatively light, summer whisky. Plenty of correct wood influence, but in no way over-powered. Dancey Man offer £48.45 inc. VAT per 70cl

12 Yr. old Island 60.3% Vol.
1 of only 217 bottles from cask 5191

A complex and somewhat unusual example of the make, well matured in a first-fill American barrel, which has imparted a rich golden hue. The first impressions are predominantly fruity – baked apple and plum, soon joined by an acidic note which may be pineapple, all on a pastry or flap-jack base. Behind these aromas is a hint of sphagnum moss – a very light medicinal smokiness. The latter becomes more apparent when water is added, becoming mineral-like (bathsalts?), while the fruit aromas become Dolly Mixtures or boiled travel sweets. There is a hint of sweet tobacco or dog-roses. The taste is sweet, with some acidity, a hint of white chocolate, then plenty of cask-derived coconut in the aftertaste.

Option 2

A real rarity, and one of those whiskies that doesn’t come along very often. This is bottled under our Adelphi Limited label, and presented in a wooden box, as it has reached the dizzy age of 35 years. Dancey Man offer £171.00 inc. VAT per 70cl

35 Yr. old Islay 56.6% Vol.
1 of only 200 bottles from cask 4780

This is a stunning example of how good long-aged malt whisky can be. It is the colour of Cola or Olde English Oak and has excellent beading, suggesting a big mouth-feel. The first nose is of scented oil; heavy but with a herbal fragrance which we identify as rosemary – a much reduced, rosemary infused gravy, with balsamic vinegar. After a little while sandalwood and camphor appear, lending a nose-cooling effect when a drop of water is added (it doesn’t need much). This freshens the nose and introduces traces of coconut, treacle toffee, molasses and even liquorice, but no trace of sulphur. Wonderfully viscous and mouth-filling; sweet, mouth-cooling, drying elegantly in the very long finish – like a dried out Christmas cake, with almonds.

Please let me know if you would like any.

Best wishes,


Alex Bruce
Sales & Marketing Director
Adelphi Distillery Ltd.
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