Laphroaig 18yo 1990/2008 (55%, Dewar Rattray, ‘Alberta’, C#2244, 265 Bts, 1st Fill Hogs Head)

A single cask bottling from A. Dewar Rattray “Specially selected and bottled for Alberta, Canada; why the Province of Alberta deserves their own cask of Laphroaig has never been explained, however…..the nose is a mild mix of peat smoke and sourness with maritime notes, slight varnish and a very faint mustiness. After a minute or two the sweetness comes out which is more fruity than toffee however the mustiness persists. With water the change is dramatic as coal smoke, seaweed, iodine, varnish and heavy peat smoke, this is a whisky that benefits from the addition of water. The mustiness is gone but there is an ever so slight hint of spent matches. The taste is very strong with lashings of peat smoke, dry oak, and slight pine and citrus. The peat smoke is very much in evidence and is the predominant characteristic. With water it is very sweet at first followed by a more subtle peat smoke but still quite peaty. Peat heads will love this. The finish is very long and consists of peated malt, oak and an ever so slight mouth feel coating. The malt is very chewy & dry; the peat smoke keeps on appearing.

A bit of a peat reek roller coaster. 

In many ways not your typical Laphroaig but a cracker. Score 90 Points 


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