Glenturret 13yo 1993/2006 (56.4%, Dewar Rattray, C#172, 311 Bottles.)


Glenturret Distillery by A. Dewar Rattray, the independent bottlers come another single cask offering from a bourbon cask and bottled at 56.4%. The nose is at first from the fragrant slice of the flavour wheel with varnish and then some un defined sweetness, other wise quite closed. However a slight hint of unhappy funkiness, a bit like wet wool followed by some sourness and very light juniper. With water the nose opens up to reveal cut grass and after a short while brown sugar (Demerara). The taste is oddly fungus like in the beginning and then sweet malt takes over and quite strong with strong leather notes followed by a blue cheese like funk. Later stages of the flavour bring out sweet malt. The finish is very long and warming with leather being the strong flavour until the end. A malt that improves with a great deal of water. After a few minutes the finish changes to green malt.

It was originally scored some what higher however in this tasting session it only scores an 78 but still interesting. Still has ‘elbows’ after 13 years; interesting! Complex, a bit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; an eternal struggle between the funk and the sweet malt.


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