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New Releases

“Blackadder’s bottlings tend to sell out immediately. The sort of whiskies Robin Tucek has always sold are now in vogue and where the interest among whisky enthusiasts increasingly lies.” – Whisky Magazine

This week we are getting a new batch of single malts from Blackadder, We’ll have 12 expressions but all in small quantity only mostly12 bottles, but some as few as six bottles, Judging by their rarity and past I feel these will sell out very quickly.

Most bottlings are Raw Cask (Cask Strength,) three at 46%- 45. I have tasted most of these single malts . The quality is fantastic . Some bottlings are from closed distilleries and are hard to find bottlings sought out by whisky fanatics.

Blackadder is a samall, hand-crafted brand little known to the general public but highly prized by malt connoisseurs. The Raw Cask line is as close to tasting single malts direct from the cask. Adding water to these cask strength single malts makes them bloom in aroma and flavor. Then you will really taste the quality and the depth of these whiskies.

Peat Reek 46% $76.99
Aberlour 17 Y.O. 46% $107.99
Auchroisk 18 Y.O. 46% $110.00
Lochranza 11 Y.O. 53.6% $120.00 (Isle Of Arran) 
Isle of Jura 14 Y.O. 55.6% $125.00
Tomatin 17 Y.O. 59.1% $145.00 
Balmenach 17 Y.O. 57.4% $165.00
Linkwood 17 Y.O. 56% $165.00
Mortlach 17 Y.O. 58.4% $175.00
Lochside 26 Y.O. 55.8% $265.00 (Closed Dist.)
Blairfindy 31 Y.O. 43% $275.00
Glenury Royal 34 Y.O. 47.7% $325.00 (Closed Dist.) 

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