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Malt Messenger Bulletin – New Springbank Releases In & Drop in Tasting

Dear Malt Messenger Subscirbers,

The next full Malt Messenger will be out next week, but in the meantime I have some big news to share.  Springbank 18Yr and Springbank Madeira Wood have just been released… and in very limited quantities (see below for more info).  Accordingly Mr. Andy Dunn of Gold Medal Marketing and I will be hosting a free, informal drop in Springbank Tasting this Saturday, May 30th from 2-5PM. Drop by for a chance to sample the Springbank 18, Springbank 11Yr Madeira Wood, our private cask bottling of Springbank 1996 (which is now 2/3 sold), as well as some other whiskies from Scotland’s finest distillery. You won’t be disappointed!

Springbank 18Yr – This is the oldest Springbank bottling available at the moment. Only 180 bottles of it are coming to Canada, all of it to Alberta, and KWM is getting 60. The Springbank 18Yr is the newest permanent addition to the distillery’s core range. The whisky is a vatting of 80% sherry casks and 20% bourbon barrels and has been bottled at 46% without colouring or chill-filtering. The first year’s release is of only 7,800 bottles Worldwide, which are not expected to last long; the product is already sold out in Europe. Of the 180 bottles that are coming to Alberta, I expect most will sell out in a matter of months if not weeks. Of the 60 bottles KWM will be getting more than two dozen were pre-sold.  They are retailing for $148.99/bottle. Preliminary Tasting Note (mine): Nose: salty smoke dominated the first pass, the second was round and creamy, the third herbaceous and earthy showing trace of peat, and my final pass showed traces of–dare I say it–cannabis, with a saline quality and gentle oils. Palate: richer than I expected, soft, smoky and bitter-sweet and at the same time very perfumy. Sour, and spicy elements dance around my tongue. There are fruits here, and flowers, in fact the complexity is a little overwhelming. The smoke has a pine-needle edge to it and the fruits taste poached. Finish: sour poached fruits, clean salty smoke, fresh mint and drying traces of viscous mouth coating oils.

Springbank 11 Yr Madeira Wood 1997 – Gold Medal Winner Whisky Magazine New Releases Tasting July 2009. Dave Broom 9/10 – Martine Nouet 8.6/10 – Tasting Note by Dave Broom: “Nose: big, layered and soft. Oak/cedar notes and smoke. Linseed oil, sesame, melted candle, wet vegetation. Light heather, peat then dried fruit. Great complexity. Palate: Needs water. Rounded, sweet and complex with a concentrated wild berry fruit character intriguingly mixed with tarry ropes. Black cherry. Tongue-coating and oily flow. Finish: smoke, dark chocolate. Briary fruits. Comments: Substantial, multifaceted and complex. Highest recommendation. 9/10” Only 120 bottles of this whisky have been released in Canada, KWM will be acquiring approximately 30 bottles of the Madeira finish selling for $91.49/bottle.


If you have any whisky questions or comments concerning The Malt Messenger please contact me by e-mail, phone, or drop by the store. Feel free to forward me any whisky news you feel should be included in a future issue of The Malt Messenger; it might just get included.

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