BenRiach 15yo (46%, OB, Madeira, +/-2008)

A recent addition to the BenRiach line up finished in Madeira Henriques and Henriques barrels and  non chill filtered and without the addition of artificial coloring. The nose is a mild battle between the higher alcohol and the sweetness of vanilla, honey, cooked fruits and raisins. Also some citrus and heather. Very rich and pleasing, slight wood and malt however the over whelming aroma is multi faceted sweetness. The taste is an about face at first with tobacco, pecan, butter, tea at first and only in the later stages do aspects of the sweetness reappear in the form of rich round sweetness much like sun dried dark raisins that have been soaked in whisky prior to being mixed into a plum pudding. The finish is very long and after a few minutes there is a huge malt delivery and this carries on forever it seems. Prior to this there are the aspects as described; tobacco, oak, rich fruit however the very end you’re left with buckets of malt.


In some ways the nose, taste and finish are completely out of sync with each other except this is a very good dram without an off note so all is forgiven. A bit of a dark horse. Visit for more information on the grand drams of BenRiach.


Score 87 Points



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