Laphroaig April 2009 Update

Well spring has arrived at the distillery – and not a moment too soon. We have had one of the hardest winters I can remember.

However we have been very busy up here on your behalf and there is much to tell you about.

The Laphroaig Museum

Laphroaig has a richer history than perhaps any other distillery so it is only right as we approach our double century that we should create one. It is being built right next to the Friends of Laphroaig lounge and is due to
open at the Feis Ile. You can see a couple of progress shots on the website.

The Laphroaig Shop

Vicky has been incredibly busy and there are some fantastic new products in the online shop. Following our unveiling of our special Laphroaig cheese at last years Laphroaig Live event we have now made it available – but due to restrictions it is I am afraid only available to UK friends. However you can all buy our new chocolates made with either 10 Year Old or Quarter Cask  depending on preference.

I am sure you will recall our Friends of Laphroaig logo competition. Well we have had a huge demand to create a t-shirt with the winning design on it. We decided to make two with both black and white t-shirts. Both come packed in beautifully modified Laphroaig whisky tubes.

There is also a superb new jacket on the website as well. Do look out for a new design of Polo shirts coming soon as well.

Laphroaig 18 Year Old

This is a fantastic new expression that is replacing our venerable 15 Year Old. It is not without shedding a tear or two that I wave goodbye to our multi award winning “15”. I have been to our warehouse in Glasgow and
retrieved the last 65 bottles. For the collectors amongst you I have made 30 available for “Friends” on a first come first served basis.

But frankly the new “18” has a flavour to behold. Not only has it enjoyed the extra 3years sleep, we have bottled it at the higher strength of 48% ABV and thus avoided the chill filtering process. It is absolutely delicious and I hope to have some of the first bottling available for you in a month or two.

Triple Wood

As you can imagine I have had many requests for this new expression. I am afraid that the first bottling was designated for duty free in the one litre size. However the second bottling will occur in late summer and I will make Triple Wood available for you just as soon as I can.

Single Batch 10 Year Old Cask Strength

Those who saw my Christmas broadcast will have heard about the change. Rather than trying to match each batch that is bottled we are going to let each bottling “live” as an individual in its own right. This is I think the
more natural way as each batch is effectively bottled straight from the barrel. This means each bottling will vary but that is all part of single malts. Edition No1 will be bottled shortly and again I hope to make some available to you.

John Campbell

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