MORE AWARDS FOR KARUIZAWA 1971 – Japanese Whisky News


MORE AWARDS FOR KARUIZAWA 1971 – Japanese Whisky News

This year has seen the launch of a new whisky blog called and it is very welcome. It has been created by two former music industry execs who, thankfully, inject a little youth into the creaking world of whisky commentary. Clearly they have a keen nose for quality as Karuizawa 1971 won their inaugural Best in Glass award, having edged a truly impressive shortlist by virtue of its “character, quality and overall genius.”

As if these weren’t enough, Jim Murray scored Cask #6878 94 out of 100 in his Whisky Bible 2009 which means it is a “superstar whisky giving us all a reason to live.”

(From the Number One Drinks Company Winter 2008 Issue 4 Newsletter)

We knew this was an epic dram when we first came across the cask at the distillery in November 2007. The critical acclaim was not entirely unexpected but, as ever, accepted with gratitude and humility. This has culminated in Cask #6878 being one of only six whiskies to receive a Gold Medal from the Malt Maniacs – – as well as the prestigious Thumbs Up Award (for the most exciting new release in the Ultra Premium Category). This will be displayed with pride alongside the two Malt Maniacs awards from 2007.

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