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Introducing Laphroaig
10 Year Old Sherry Oak Finish

Fans of those heavy peat drams will be excited upon the release of this one out of Islay. European sherry casks are married to create sweet, aromatic notes of Manuka honey, maple syrup and smoky bacon, alongside the classic seaweed and hint of salt spray that they areĀ so well known for. The fruity finish creates a balance and complexity that compliment the classic character that we always expect of a Laphroaig whisky.


Nose: Sweet and peaty with medicinal notes, Manuka honey, with strong clove aroma but also grilled smoky bacon, a distinctive character of sweet leather, iodine and pine tar.

Palate: Sweet and aromatic, with rich furniture polish notes followed by treacle toffee, maple syrup, bitter dark chocolate combined with oak shavings, pine needle and cedar scented wood.

Finish: The finish is long sweet and spicy with chestnut honey and antiseptic aroma lingering.

10 Year Old
Sherry Oak Finish


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From the storm-lashed Islay off the west coast of Scotland is Laphroaig – pronounced ‘La-froyg’, a Gaelic word meaning ‘beautiful hollow by the broad day’. Some may say it is one of the most distinguishable single malt whiskies in the world, in part due to the distinctive, somewhat mystical, peaty waters of the Kilbride Stream. It is definitely an acquired taste, and the powerful punch of richĀ smoke might not suit everyone, but it has given LaphroaigĀ that reputation today, adored by so many.

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