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The New Kylver#8 Release from Wolfburn 🥃

The New limited edition Kylver#8
AVAILABLE to buy on
Thursday 15th April 

The long-awaited eighth instalment in the Kylver Series is almost here. Consisting of just 980 bottles in total, it will be released on our website at 12:00 BST (11:00 GMT and 13:00 CEST) on Thursday 15th April. Bottles will be sold on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

Wolfburn’s Kylver collectors’ series takes its name from the Kylver Stone. Unearthed in Sweden, it depicts the entire Viking runic alphabet: each whisky in the series is named after a different letter. The eighth letter, Wunjo, has several meanings — including joy, hope and harmony – all of which seem apt when enjoying a dram of this unique whisky.

Slàinte Mhath
The Wolfburn Team

The details:

Age; 7 YEARS

Cask type: Oloroso sherry methuselah

Alc%: 52.8%
Distilled; 2013
cask number; 745

Volume; 70cl

Each edition in the Kylver series is unique, but with the common theme of having been matured in exceptional casks. The 980 bottles of Kylver #8 are the product of a single cask: an oloroso sherry methuselah we laid down back in 2013. Over the following seven years this big cask has evolved Wolfburn’s signature smooth, sweet spirit into a gloriously deep, rich whisky.

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