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The Spirit Drinks – “A Recipe for Success?”

The new Glenglassaugh Spirit Drinks were officially launched at Bramble Bar in Edinburgh on Thursday August 26th, 2010.


These drinks are truly innovative, demonstrating how colour, nose and taste all develop as spirit matures in cask. However their real difference is that each one is a fantastic drink in its own right and can be drunk straight or long with a mixer and ice or as a cocktail.

Bramble Bar has been voted one of the top cocktail bars in the world and the team are extremely creative, having developed a number of cocktails in past years. Last year they created “The New Yorker Re-visted” using “The Spirit Drink that dare not speak its name”, which is featured on their exclusive cocktail list. This year they surpassed themselves and they created a signature cocktail for each of the four Spirit Drinks.

Each of the cocktails are different and builds upon the base flavours in the specific Spirit Drink to create a unique drink, the list includes “Peated Julep”, “Fledgling Sour”, “Clearac Manhattan” and “New Yorker Revisited” . Having tried them all I find it hard to say which is my favourite, but to allow you the opportunity to try them as well, and to form your own opinion, we will be making the recipes available shortly.

A number of well kent faces were in attendance and I can confirm that they all left with big smiles on their faces.









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