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Stronachie – Lost in time, not in spirit…

Stronachie is “The Lost Distillery” no more – we have found it!  We are delighted to disclose that Stronachie is distilled at Benrinnes Distillery in the heart of Speyside.  The ex-Mystery Malt has an avid following and many had already guessed correctly the whisky source.  So it was time for A.D.Rattray to remove the ambiguity with clear labelling that complies with the SWA regulations.  And at the same time introduce a new Stronachie 18 Year Old as a permanent addition to the portfolio.

New Whisky Source

Benrinnes distillery was chosen after sampling many single malts across Speyside and Highland Distilleries.  The flavour and profile of Benrinnes was the closest match to the original Stronachie whisky sampled from our bottle distilled in 1904.  Only four bottles of the original Stronachie from the actual distillery still exist.

Benrinnes was also chosen because it is a hidden gem in the multitude of Speyside distilleries mostly used for blending.  It is categorized as a First Class Malt on a Masterblender’s secret list of malts for blending.  On this list all Speyside and Highland malts are ranked into 1st Class (16 distilleries), 2nd Class (13 distilleries) or 3rd Class (46 distilleries).  As Jim Murray says in the Benrinnes section of the Whisky Bible 2010, “It’s great to see this distillery coming out of the shadows at last.” And “great whisky is made there day in day out by its very talented team.”

Small Batch

Stronachie is produced from a vatting (blending under new terminology!) of a small batch of 6-10 Benrinnes casks.  Each batch is numbered to identify the particular vatting and the batch number is shown on the tube.  The first 18 Year Old batch was a vatting of 8 selected casks:  6 x 18 year old hogsheads (bourbon casks) + 2 x 19 yr old butts (sherry casks).  The result is a unique, rich and complex whisky.

The 2009 batches for the Stronachie 12 yr old included the award winning Benrinnes 1996 sherry hogsheads (Malt Maniacs Best Sherry Cask Award 2009-Daily Dram category).

Stronachie is a new style of whisky:  very small batch production with specially selected casks that vary for each batch.   This results in a varied flavour journey that represents the individuality of casks while still representing the distillery character at its best.  So it is not about consistency of taste or product but all about maximising the flavour in each batch (the opposite of standard distillery offerings).


San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010:  Double Gold

International Wine & Sprits Competition 2006, 2007, 2009:  Silver Medal

Scottish Field Whisky Challenge 2008:  Gold-Winner for Bottling of the Year <£30

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