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Springbank November 2014 Newsletter – Scotch Whisky News

Springbank Society

Dear Society Members,

I hope things are well with you all and the Winter weather hasn’t been too harsh on you so far! We have had a lot of rain in Campbeltown recently causing the worst flooding in around 30 years but everyone has been kept safe and the whisky has not be harmed so there is no need to panic!

I’m just sending a quick newsletter today with the latest releases from Springbank Distillery. These will be the final three new releases for 2014.

We have two new bottlings due for release on Monday (17th November). Firstly we have the Springbank Green. This is a 12 year old whisky which was made with organic barley, been fully matured in bourbon casks and has been bottled at 46% ABV. There will be 9,000 bottles available for worldwide distribution. The retail price for the Springbank Green is £60.00 and unfortunately Society Members will not receive the 10% discount on this. The tasting notes for the Springbank Green are as follows:

Nose: This whisky has a real Springbank nose, earthy, peat with a salty coastal influence.

Palate: The palate is fruity; apricots and peaches are accompanied by buttery, creamy nutty shortbread. This is a lip licking whisky, oily and chewy.

Finish: The finish is long, smooth and complex with a lingering sweetness and saltiness.

In Autumn 2015, we will release another version of the Springbank Green, again made with organic barley. This time however, it will be 13 years old and 100% matured in sherry casks. More information will of course be given nearer the time of release next year.

The second new release next week is the eagerly awaited Springbank 25 year old. This has been matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks before being married in port casks for the final few months of maturation. It has been bottled at 46% ABV and is limited to only 1,200 bottles for worldwide distribution. The price of this is £350.00 and again, unfortunately there will be no discount offered on this. The tasting notes for the Springbank 25yo are as follows:

Nose: The nose is rich with a peated port influence. It’s redolent of the dunnage warehouse in which it was matured. Fruity too, but this time berries to the fore: blackberries, cranberries and strawberries.

Palate: The port wine influence is perfectly balanced with flavours of sherry, plum jam, blood oranges and pink grapefruit.

Finish: The finish is long, soft and elegant, with earthy, peaty and woody qualities.

We will release another batch of the Springbank 25yo in Autumn 2015 and again, more information will be given closer to the time.

As mentioned, both of these bottlings will be released this coming Monday. As well as being distributed throughout our UK and worldwide stockists, they will of course be available in our three UK Cadenhead shops as well as our European Cadenhead shops in due course.

If you would like to order the Springbank Green then let me know and I can organise this for you. The Springbank 25yo however is going to be extremely limited (to get a idea of this – only 180 bottles will remain within the UK) so if you are interested in buying this then please contact our shop directly as I will not be able to keep track of how many they have sold and I imagine it will sell out very quickly. The Campbeltown shop number is +44 (0) 1586 55 1710 (option 1).

The third and final new release which is going to be bottled in the next couple of weeks meaning it should be available start-mid December is Spirit of Freedom – “the 45” blend consisting of 45 different whiskies from across Scotland. This is being bottled following the Scottish Independence Referendum on September 18th 2014, in support of the 45% of the voting population who said “Yes”. This will retail at £25.00 per bottle and Society members will receive their discount on this meaning it will cost members £22.50. If you would like to reserve a bottle of this then please let me know as I can add you to a reserve list and contact you when it becomes available.

Anyway, that is all for the moment – please contact me if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend!

Best regards,


Mairi Paterson

For the Springbank Society

To join the Springbank Society please contact them at society@springbankwhisky.com

Ralfy Pulishes Whisky Review #501 – Scotch Whisky News


www.ralfy.com gets all peaty and peatified with peatalicious Whisky Review 501 - Laphroaig 10yo @ 40%vol:

Sentebale and Royal Salute Celebrate Fourth Consecutive Year of Polo Cup Partnership in Abu Dhabi – Scotch Whisky News


Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup Event

Sentebale and Royal Salute Celebrate Fourth Consecutive Year of Polo Cup Partnership in Abu Dhabi

The Sentebale Polo Cup presented by Royal Salute World Polo is set to take place for the first time in Ghantoot Polo Club, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on Thursday 20th November.Now in its fourth year, Royal Salute continues to proudly partner with Sentebale, a charity founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso in memory of their mothers. This year’s Cup will also commemorate an important milestone for Sentebale, having been ten years since Prince Harry visited Lesotho on his gap year, which prompted him, alongside Prince Seeiso, to make their commitment to helping the vulnerable children of Lesotho.Sentebale and Royal Salute have together hosted three extremely successful polo events across the four corners of the globe; in the UK in 2011, Brazil in 2012 followed most recently in Greenwich, USA in 2013.Today, Sentebale, which means ‘forget me not’ in Sesotho, works with local grassroots organisations to provide healthcare and education to some of Lesotho’s most vulnerable children so they get the support they need to lead healthy and productive lives.Cathy Ferrier, CEO, Sentebale commented: “Sentebale is delighted to be hosting our Sentebale Polo Cup in Abu Dhabi this year. This event is extremely important to the charity, and allows us to continue to help and support some of the most vulnerable children in the world, through our work in Lesotho. We are very grateful for the generous support of all our sponsors who make this possible.”Eric Benoist, Global Marketing Director, Chivas Brothers commented: “Royal Salute is a unique whisky and the only Scotch whisky collection in the world that is matured for a minimum of 21 years. The concept of time and taking a long term view underpins our entire brand philosophy. This is reflected in our relationships and we are delighted to have supported Sentebale for the past four years and are looking forward to a long and prosperous future together.”

Prince Harry will lead the Sentebale Huntsman team which will also feature former England captain and Royal Salute Polo Ambassador Malcolm Borwick. Distinguished guests from all over the world will gather to watch exhibition polo at its finest, including His Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell, the 13th Duke of Argyll.

Royal Salute has a global programme of polo sponsorship spanning four continents. The whisky’s involvement with polo is founded on the game’s incredible power and grace; Royal Salute’s signature style is the combination of power and grace – a style developed and carried on by the legacy of Colin Scott and the three Master Blenders who preceded him since 1953. Power and grace not only defines the elegance, richness and complexity of Royal Salute whiskies, but also the character of the brand demonstrated by its support of the honourable sport of polo.

Today, Royal Salute is a leading international supporter of polo through its Royal Salute World Polo platform, hosting prestigious events across Asia, the Americas and Europe, featuring some of the world’s best polo players.

To follow the event, please use #SPC2014.

Follow the journey and be a part of the polo season with http://www.royalsalute.com/

Instagram: @royalsalutepolo
Twitter: @royalsalute
Facebook: RoyalSalutePolo


Competing teams

Sentebale Huntsman Team
Saeed Bin Drai
Prince Harry
Malcolm Borwick
Abdulla Ben DesmalSt. Regis Opposition Team
Sheikha Maitha
Mohammed Al Habtoor
Nacho Figueras
Amr Zedan

About Sentebale

• HIV is the second cause of death amongst adolescents aged 10 – 19 globally and is the number one cause of death in Africa. This is a generation that urgently needs help, for their future and the future prosperity of Africa. In Lesotho, one in three children are orphans and there are believed to be over 40,000 adolescents living with HIV.

• Sentebale, co-founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso in 2006, provides healthcare and education to vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty in Lesotho, southern Africa.
• Sentebale’s flagship programme is the Mamohato Programme, which was developed in response to a serious gap in HIV/AIDS education provision for young people in Lesotho.  A study by Sentebale showed that HIV-positive children were isolated and received little support in their homes and communities in relation to the social and psychological challenges they faced; stigma deemed to be the greatest hurdle for these children. The programme offers a residential weeklong camp and follow up monthly clubs that empowers these children to address the stigma and health issues surrounding them enabling them to live a healthy and fulfilled lives.
• In 2010 the Mamohato programme was highlighted as a model of international best practice by the United Nations. The programme was quoted as being “effective, having ethical soundness, cost effective, relevant, innovative and sustainable.”
• Sentebale’s strategy is to provide support to these children and young people, and reach many more children over the coming years. The Mamohato Children’s centre, due to be completed in next year, is the embodiment of that scale up in Lesotho and the platform for expansion into other affected southern African countries.
• Sentebale, means ‘forget me not’ in Sesotho, was set up in memory of the princes’ mothers and as a reminder not to forget the children of Lesotho.
• Lesotho’s main operations are based in Lesotho with the fundraising and management team based in London, headed up by Chief Executive, Cathy Ferrier. Both Princes remain active patrons of Sentebale.

Twitter: @Sentebale
Facebook: SentebaleOfficial
Instagram: @Sentebale


About Royal Salute
Royal Salute is the world’s only exclusively prestige Scotch whisky brand, with a range of luxury blended whiskies matured for a minimum of 21 years. Created in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Salute’s signature style is the combination of power and grace – a style developed and upheld by Colin Scott and legacy of the three Master Blenders who preceded him since 1953. Power and grace not only defines the elegance, richness and complexity of Royal Salute whiskies, but also the character of the brand demonstrated by its support of the honourable sport of polo. Today, Royal Salute is a leading international supporter of polo through its Royal Salute World Polo platform, hosting prestigious events across Asia, the Americas and Europe, featuring some of the world’s best polo players.


About Chivas Brothers
Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard – the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits. Chivas Brothers is the global leader in luxury Scotch whisky and premium gin. Its portfolio includes Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Beefeater Gin, The Glenlivet, Royal Salute, Aberlour, Plymouth Gin, Longmorn, Scapa, 100 Pipers, Clan Campbell, Something Special and Passport.


Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2014 Release 50% at Nickolls & Perks – Scotch Whisky News


Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2014 Release 50%

Just £49.94

The first Port Charlotte released from Islay’s Bruichladdich ever to be made with 100% Islay barley, giving this whisky an ultra provenance. The whisky is peated to 40 PPM, and bottled using Islay spring water from the Octomore field farmer James Brown.

Although heavily peated, this is an elegant and floral single malt, lighter in style and more approachable than others of the genre. This is natural whisky that has spent its entire life maturing in American and European oak casks in our salt-soaked warehouses by the shore. It is bottled at 50% abv without chill filtration or the addition of caramel food colouring, using water from a natural spring that rises on Octomore Farm above the village.


Strathisla 57 Year Old – 1957 Private Collection Ultra at Abbey Whisky – Scotch Whisky News

abbey whisky logo

Strathisla 57 Year Old – 1957 Private Collection Ultra

Bottled and released under the prestigious Private Collection Ultra label by Gordon & MacPhail is this 57 Year Old Strathisla!  Said to be the oldest Strathisla single malt whisky ever released, only 61 of these beautifully-designed decanters have been filled. Each decanter has being individually numbered, with the whisky details engraved and in-filled with silver colour. A silver-plated neck collar and stopper adorns each decanter. Wood, metal and glass are combined in a striking and innovative way to protect and display the whisky; the decanter nestles in a glass-bottomed pack, revealing a hint of the whisky colour. A book written by whisky writer Jonny McCormick is also included, telling the story of Gordon & MacPhail and the whisky itself…

AA G&M Strathisla 1957

Tasting Note by Jonny McCormick

Slight nuttiness, pecan, walnut, and there’s subtle smoke twisting around too. The fruit is solid and fresh: black cherry, damson, cooking apple, and raisin.

Soft and ethereal at first, then a tantalising touch of bitterness, not too much, but complemented by the fruit sweetness swelling around the sides.

With water:
Cautiously, this finesses the sweetness and fruit, but does not eliminate those weightier, chocolate notes. They are boosted on the palate however, with more coffee, chocolate and black fruits apparent, and the loss of the bitterness.

Strathisla whisky has never been more mature to offer a comparison, so this is utterly unique. Suffice to say, this magnificent, beguiling beauty offers all the dimensions and sophistication you would hope for in a greatly matured malt whisky. It is a rare and unforgettable experience.

(£5208.33 ex vat)

Click here to purchase Strathisla 57 Year Old – 1957

The Whisky Shop Exclusive Glenfiddich 1992 – Scotch Whisky News


AA WS Glenfiddich

The Whisky Shop Exclusive Glenfiddich 1992

Glenfiddich, founded in 1887 by William Grant and family-run to this day, is perhaps the most famous of all of Scotland’s single malts, and is equally famous for the rarity of its single cask bottlings.

Recently, several members of The Whisky Shop team and one lucky customer, Neil Cromarty, joined Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, to select a single cask Glenfiddich to be bottled exclusively for The Whisky Shop. Watch how they got on here.

The Glenfiddich Rare Collection 1992 Single Cask is now available to order exclusively from The Whisky Shop and is limited to only 200 bottles.

AA WS Glenfiddich Bottle

Glenfiddich 1992

The first release from the Glenfiddich Rare Collection. The chosen cask is a refill bourbon cask filled on 13th March 1992, yielding only 200 bottles. Bottled at 56.3% abv exclusively for The Whisky Shop.

Click here to buy

The Whisky Exchange “Ballechin 10yo – smoke not on the water” – Scotch Whisky News


Ballechin 10yo – smoke not on the water

The past decade has seen a huge rise in the popularity of smoky whisky. This jump is one of the main reasons why we’ve seen prices for Islay whisky shoot through the roof in recent years, but fortunately, Islay isn’t the only source for a smattering of smoke.

While Scottish islands are best known for smoke (Islay in general, Talisker from Skye, Ledaig from Mull, Highland Park from Orkney), the use of peat to dry barley was once more widespread across Scotland. While that died out with the introduction of smokeless fuels many years ago, the tradition has been revived in more recent years due to more people liking the taste of smoky malt. One mainland distillery which has been producing peated whisky for longer than most is Edradour, and it’s now released something that’s virtually unique in the current crop of smoky Highlanders – a heavily peated malt with an age statement: Ballechin 10 year old.


Ballechin casks, doing that thing that casks do – sitting still and not doing very much

Ballechin is the name Edradour gives to itspeated whisky, in turn taking the name from one of the lost farm distilleries that sprung up around Pitlochry in the 1800s. Alfred Barnard visited Ballechin during his grand tour (documented in The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom) and specifically noted that its malt kiln was ‘heated principally with peat’, giving some sense to the use of the distillery’s name for Edradour’s spirit. The original Ballechin closed in 1927, and the spirit now made under the same name first flowed around 2003, shortly after the current owners, indie bottler Signatory, took over.

Ballechin has released a variety of different bottlings over the years, but this is the first ongoing release with an age statement – the decade milestone. It’s heavily peated – at least 50ppm which puts it up with the smokiest whiskies on Islay (Octomore excluded, of course) – and matured in a mix of first-fill and first-refill casks, made of European and American oak, with the emphasis on the latter. It’s bottled with no colouring at 46%, and isn’t chill-filtered, all things that should keep us geeks/connoisseurs happy.


Ballechin 10yo, 46%, £45.45

Nose: Woodsmoke, lime jam and a touch of brine – if I didn’t know this was made about as far from the sea as you can get in Scotland, then I’d reckon it was from the coast. Some dark-chocolate richness sits underneath a sweet-but-sour centre, with a linseed oil and malty top coat.

Palate: Soft, rounded and sweet to start, with a pleasantly oily mouthfeel and some cinnamon spice growing over time. Chocolate limes, caramel and lemon cream make up the body, with more oak, grass and burning hay building to bonfire-like proportions.

Finish: Medium/long, with grassy peat smoke, citrus peel, dark chocolate, liquorice and lingering earthiness.

Comment: I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this definitely hits the spot. Young and fresh, but with a nice weight behind from the sherry casks in the mix. Spicy, smoky and zesty.

You can find the Ballechin 10yo and the rest of the Ballechin range over on our shiny new website.

GLENFARCLAS 1966 FINO CASK 50.5% at The Drambusters – Scotch Whisky News

AA Glenfarclas


Speyside whisky producer Glenfarclas have introduced a 1966 fino Sherry cask expression as the first part of a new series.

A total of 1,400 bottles have been filled from four  fino casks which were discovered in the Glenfarclas warehouses last year. 300 are available to the UK market and we have 3 left of our own allocation.

“We didn’t realise we had this,” admitted George Grant, sales director at Glenfarclas. After realising that a group of casks had been seasoned with something other than the oloroso Sherry more normally used by the brand, the team consulted diaries kept by Grant’s grandfather and discovered that he had purchased some fino casks from an Edinburgh broker.

Pointing to the lighter fino character that appears on the nose in contrast to the brand’s typically richer style, Grant suggested that the familiar Glenfarclas expression then emerges on the palate, although he added: “it doesn’t have the bitter chocolate flavours.”

Each bottle is packaged in a black box bearing a silver coin which features an image of John Grant, who founded the distillery six generations ago. It marks the first in a series of six different Glenfarclas special releases, one for each generation of the family. “Another one is coming on board that is going to be totally different,” hinted Grant at the future development of this series. Although confirming that the distillery had produced fino cask-aged whiskies before, Grant noted that these had been “much younger” expressions than the new release.

“We did an experiment with different casks and realised that oloroso matched our whiskies best,” he recalled. “Most people like a fuller flavour but there are always people looking for something different.”

AA Dram Busters


AA SCOTLAND FRODE 60 ÅR 126 Norwegians in kilts


We were very happy to look after a second group arriving from Norway in two days! To be brief, here is where they visited; Glendronch distillery, a traditional harbour pub in Portsoy, Speyside cooperage, Glen Grant, Glenfiddich, Aberlour distilleries, in addition to our friend’s shop in Dufftown, where they tried on kilts! With really good evening meals, fantastic whiskies at our great pubs, more whisky in the vehicle and of course great scenery! Our driver guide took very good care of them, while Liz and Paul looked after our other Norwegians friends – the whisky curlers (that’s another story).

Here is what they sent us once home; “Hi again, yes we have now recovered from a great and interesting trip, with a lot of new experience, and a very good tour leader/driver! The trip was fantastic, and enjoying, with a good variety of happenings. As this was our first time in the highlands, we think the program in general was good. And we did suggest a couple of things we would like to do, outside of program, and this was no problem. Thank you very much for the present you arranged for Frode, very surprising for him, and he thought this was a great thing! We will have no problems recommending you for others, and when we come back, we will get in touch. Here you have some pictures from our trip! Happy & smiling people in whiskey land! And, thanks again for a perfect tour guide / driver! Regards from Åge Skår”

Where did they stay? Based in Elgin, a great base for exploring Speyside, Moray and Aberdeenshire.

We arrange tours of Scotland – specialising in whisky tours – all year round, we have another tour arriving at the end of November, meanwhile – Liz and Paul will be heading north into Speyside mid – December for the MCLEANSCOTLAND STAFF Christmas outing! This year this consists of a couple of days away with two whisky schools (brush up time) a distillery or two, just to say hello and of course plenty of superb Scottish food and drinks! Slainte

www.mcleanscotland.com whisky tour specialists in Scotland.

CURLING & WHISKY in Scotland, October 2014 – Scotch Whisky News

AA glencadam group crop

CURLING & WHISKY in Scotland, October 2014.

We were hosting a curling team from Norway who just happened to like a dram now and again! Carl, Calle, Morten and Erik wanted to come over (again) and do some curling with local Scottish teams. We, of course obliged them and added in whisky – as you do. Thursday 30 October; The guys arrived into Aberdeen, we then drove south towards the County of Angus. With some local sightseeing en route, the first stop was Brechin, Glencadam whisky distillery. The tour was with Douglas Fitchett, Distillery Manager. Glencadam first opened in 1825, in the ancient city of Brechin. It was little more than one year after the Excise Act of 1823 legalised distilling. Glencadam is now the only distillery in the county of Angus, an area of the Highlands region of Scotland between Dundee and Aberdeen. Glencadam Single Malt has always been premium whisky for blending, and as such was highly sought after for some of the world’s most prestigious blends. Glencadam was finally bought by Angus Dundee Distillers on 1st June 2003, an independent Scottish company. Angus Dundee restarted production immediately, and we released our first ever single malt product, Glencadam Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 15 Years, in December 2005. This was subsequently re-launched in November 2009 with new packaging, alongside the release of a 10 year old expression. The current multi-award winning range includes Age 10, 15 and 21 Years expressions are good, WE TASTED THEM ALL along with a new make spirit. The most popular dram on the day was Aged 14 Years Oloroso cask finish. We all (except Paul who was driving) had a good tour and taste here, many thanks Douglas and his team. We then drove south to Broughty Ferry where a grand lunch was taken at the Ship pub, the @Ferry was also where they stayed overnight. Liz lives in the ‘Ferry, so we were well covered for local news and where to eat and drink.

Friday 31 October; we started the day with a visit to St Andrews   Eden brewery/distillery, a tour (doesnee take long) until 10am by then we can legally drink samples – we did! Beers by the way and gins, no whisky as yet. Kevan the general manager guided us around the site and the drinks, you can read an interview with Kevan on angelswhiskyclub soon. It is an up and coming distillery, small but with a great future!   From here we drove to Perth, Dewar’s Ice Rink, where a curling bonspiel at 12.45 had been arranged, with another match at 3pm, sharing a few laughs and drinks with your opposing teams in between rinks. The guys had brought over bottles of aquavit for their Scottish teams! Returning to the ‘Ferry for overnight. More drams!

Saturday 1 November; From the hotel, we travelled to Arbroath for some sightseeing and ataste of the local seafood, we had a very nice lunch with drinks. Then we headed north to Forfar for a curling session. After drinks with the opposite team, again a bottle of aquavit showed up, we returned to the ‘Ferry overnight again. Dinner enjoyed at the Ship after a few drinks at The Fort pub, Balvenie Carribean cask and Doublewood, superb!

Sunday 2 November; From the hotel, we travel back to Aberdeen for your flight home. En route we stopped at Dunottar castle for a dram or two! Sad to see them go, but a great tour yet again, lots of fun.

Drams on the road included; Kavalan Single Malt Whisky – water is essential to whisky production, it follows that the character of the water used can have a considerable influence on the profile of the spirit. The founder of the Kavalan distillery has spent years searching for the perfect site, with the ideal water supply. He chose Yilan as the site for its abundant supply of cold, spring water flowing through the Snow Mountain. Kavalan, the earliest tribe that inhabited Yilan, represents sincerity, honesty, and the spirit of step-by-step cultivation. The effort goes into every drop of new make spirit and every seasoned cask we choose. Coupled with the mastery of the blender, they ensure the silky smoothness and distinctive flavours of Kavalan whisky. Glen Elgin, Glen Elgin Distillery nestles quietly in the heart of Speyside approximately 3 miles south of Elgin on the road to Rothes. The architect, Charles Doig, stated it would be the last one built in Speyside for 50 years. His prediction was remarkably accurate with Tormore being the next distillery built, in 1958. Until the 1950s the distillery was entirely operated and lit by paraffin. All machinery was driven by a paraffin engine and a water turbine. It was a full-time job to keep the paraffin lights burning. The distillery has a huge storage capacity for malted barley. The 36 malt bins can hold 400 tonnes – more than the 3 other distilleries in the Elgin group combined. However the ISR (intermediate spirit receiver) which collects the spirit from the stills is very small and has to be pumped empty 3 times a day. The Glen Elgin spirit and wash stills are similar in size and shape, although the spirit stills have a flatter pot. There is a gentle incline on the lyne arms which lead outside to the worm tubs. The distillery operates a balanced distilling process: each wash back provides 6 individual charges for the wash stills; two wash distillations make up the charge for a spirit distillation. This makes for a busy shift in the still house with 9 separate still charges to be made. Using worm tubs to cool the distilled vapours, as opposed to condensers, adds a depth and richness to the spirit. An added bonus are the fresh water shrimp which thrive in the tubs. Ledaig, Situated on Scotland’s picturesque west coast lies the island of Mull, home to Tobermory, and the Maclean’s – is without doubt one of Scotland’s most beautiful and charming distilleries. Built in 1798, The Distillery is quite unique to other distilleries as it produces two very distinct single malt Scotch Whiskies, Tobermory single malt, which has an extremely smooth taste profile and the robustly peated Ledaig single malt. We know it well! The Madeira finish single malt Welsh whisky defines our ‘house style of whiskies’. Distilled in our unique copper pot still, matured in bourbon barrels, finished in rich Madeira wine casks and bottled at premium strength, this single malt whisky is smooth, light in character and softly golden in colour. Penderyn Welsh whisky, Madeira Single Malt At a generous 46% ABV, it has a classic freshness with whiff’s of cream toffee, fruit and raisins. The Gold Medal award winning single malt whisky from the only distillery in Wales, distilled single malt whisky is matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Madeira casks to impart a generous flavour of subtle complexity. Yummy!

Would you like to become a member of our whisky club ? http://www.angelswhisskyclub.com/ an online whisky club, giving details of new whiskies and developments in the whisky world. Or come on tour with us?

AT THE SAME TIME our (friend, tour guide & driver) took another whisky tour, again from Norway. This is another story to look out for. http://www.mcleanscotland.com/

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