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Swiss hotel confirms £7,700 per-dram bottle of rare Macallan 1878 was distilled in the 1970s – Scotch Whisky News


One of the world’s most expensive drams turns out to be fake!

Swiss hotel confirms £7,700 per-dram bottle of rare Macallan 1878 was distilled in the 1970s

One of the world’s only known bottles of Macallan 1878 still in circulation has been officially exposed as a fake following an investigation by Rare Whisky 101 working in partnership with Sandro Bernasconi, Waldhaus Am See Hotel Manager and Bar Manager at Devils Place.

The Waldhaus Hotel Am See in St Moritz hit the headlines earlier this summer after a Chinese customer paid 9,999 Swiss Francs (c£7,700) for a glass of the rare Scotch whisky, thought to be the most ever paid for a poured dram of liquid gold. Were the bottle genuine, it would have carried a bar-value of around 300,000 Swiss Francs (£230,000).

Following a series of investigative and forensic tests carried out by RW101, the whisky has been shown to date back no further than 1970, deeming it almost worthless as a collector’s item. Sandro Bernasconi from the Hotel has flown to Asia in the last week to refund the paying customer in full.

One of the world’s leading authorities on rare whisky, RW101 was called in by the hotel owner following publicity surrounding the sale of the dram. The eye-watering price paid for a drop of this seemingly rare vintage caused a stir among a number of experts within the whisky industry who have questioned its authenticity and asked for clarity on what exactly the bottle contains.

A sample of the Macallan 1878 was subsequently collected by the team at RW101, and flown back to the UK for a series of forensic tests and analysis to determine, as best as modern science allows, the precise composition of the liquid. Firstly, and most critically, the liquid was subjected to carbon dating at the University of Oxford to verify the year of distillation.

The conclusion from Rare Whisky 101’s investigation is that the whisky is a modern fake. Results from University of Oxford’s Research Laboratory for Archaeology and The History of Art suggested a 95% probability that the liquid was created between 1970 and 1972. Subsequent laboratory tests carried out by Tatlock and Thomson (providers of scientific services to the wine and spirits industry) showed the sprit was most likely a blended scotch comprised of 60% Malt and 40% Grain.

Ken Grier from The Macallan brand owner, Edrington, commented: “As the leading brand in the fast growing secondary market for rare whiskies, with an estimated 30% share by value, we take this very seriously. We praise the work that our partners, RW101, are doing to bring awareness of any fraud to light. We would urge consumers to buy from reputable sources at all times.”

RW101 co-founder David Robertson commented: “The Waldhaus team have done exactly the right thing by trying to authenticate this whisky. Over the past year, we have been invited by numerous bottle owners and auction houses to assess suspicious bottles. Indeed, we’ve noticed an increasing number of old, rare archive or antique bottles coming to market at auction, and it’s difficult to know how prevalent this problem is. We would implore that others in the market do what they can to identify any rogue bottles. The more intelligence we can provide, the greater the chance we have to defeat the fakers and fraudsters who seek to dupe the unsuspecting rare whisky consumer. We’re also working closely with The Macallan brand owner, Edrington, as they start to take a leadership position on fake whisky.

“As with any purchase, we would recommend that each buyer does their research, assesses the bottle and its packaging presentation, and where they can afford to do so, send some of the liquid for technical evaluation and/or carbon dating. If you do have a pre-1900’s bottle we suggest it’s worth extracting a sample to prove if it is genuine or not (most likely not). Even if the bottle has been opened, if you can prove the whisky was distilled pre 1900, then you have some very valuable whisky to enjoy!”

Sandro Bernasconi, Waldhaus Am See Hotel Manager and Bar Manager at Devils Place said: “When it comes to selling our customers some of the world’s rarest and oldest whiskies, we felt it was our duty to ensure that our stock is 100% authentic and the real deal. That’s why we called in RW101. The result has been a big shock to the system, and we are delighted to have repaid our customer in full as a gesture of goodwill.”

About Rare Whisky 101
Andy Simpson and David Robertson launched Rare Whisky 101 in 2014 with the aim of offering a whisky valuation service, brokerage and consultancy for whisky connoisseurs, collectors and investors. Having tracked every bottle sold at UK auctions over the past 12 years, the business now offers the world’s first, only and most comprehensive online single malt Scotch & Japanese whisky dataset covering some 260,000 price records over 31,500 different bottle types. In the last 12 months, RW101 have brokered around 20,000 rare whisky bottles around the globe in addition to trading in aged casks from iconic distilleries such as The Macallan, Ardbeg, Bowmore, Springbank, Mortlach, Talisker, Caol Ila, Lagavulin and Highland Park.

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar is Here! – Scotch Whisky News


The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar is Here!


You have a keen sight for excellence! The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar produced by Secret Spirits makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to enjoy life and quality Scotch. We are sure of it!

Since we began to offer this quality crafted and carefully curated selection of Scotch expressions, we have been blown away by our customers’ response. From the distinct distilleries and special vintages to the stunning composition of the calendar, this holiday homage to Scotch stands above the rest. We are delighted that so many people have come to appreciate it!

The Recommended Retail Price of the advent calendar is $560.

With regards on where to buy, please let us know where you reside or prefer to shop, and we’ll put you in touch with a distributor in your area who will connect you with a store near you.

To Elaborate on the value you get when you purchase the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar,
here are a few points of note:
• Available in the U.S. for the first time!
• The expressions come from a diverse list of distilleries, some of which never release their Single Malts under their own label.
• Typically each edition has at least a dozen expressions that are 18 years or older with the Christmas Day whisky as a 30 plus year age statement.
• Each edition comes with a unique whisky glass, collectors gift, tasting note booklet and feature distillery postcard.
• All of the whiskies are sourced by Secret Spirits from some of the most premium independent bottlers in Scotland, with the majority being cask strength.
• Bottled at natural color and non-chill filtered.
• Each 50 ml bottle represents a unique Scotch experience that adds to a journey through all the regions and styles that Scotland has to offer.

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Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and Pappy Van Winkle at Milroys of Soho – American Whiskey News


Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and Pappy Van Winkle

On the 27th November we are doing an incredible tasting of BTAC and raffling our entire allocation of that as well as Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon.


The event will comprise of a Coconut Butter Old Fashioned, Eagle Rare 17, Thomas H Handy Rye, Sazerac 18 Rye, George T Stagg, William Larue Weller.

We will also be tasting a verified bottle of prohibition bourbon, a 1970s Very Very Old Fitzgeral 12 from Stitzel Weller Distillery and an old Blanton’s bottling to show some of the best whiskey produced in America over the last century.


The line up for the tasting will prove to be the best American whiskey line up in Milroys history. Certainly an unforgettable experience.

After the tasting we will be raffling the opportunity to buy the collection, as well as limited offerings from the Van Winkle line up at our unbeatable retail pricing.

We hope you are as excited as us.




Miltonduff 20 Year Old Cask Strength at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Miltonduff 20 Year Old Cask Strength

1997 vintage matured in a first fill sherry butt bottled September 2017 by Gordon & MacPhail for the Cask Strength series.Miltonduff 20 Year Old 1997 vintage Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Matured in a 1st fill sherry butt #9179 bottled September 2017 by Gordon & MacPhail for the Cask Strength series. Miltonduff Distillery was established by Andrew Peary and Robert Bain in 1824 on the site of an old meal mill which once belonged to Pluscarden Abbey. In 1964 a pair of Lomond stills was installed and operated until 1981 at which time they were sliced and diced and partially incorporated into new pot stills. Whilst the whisky produced from the pot stills at Miltonduff is called Miltonduff the malt whisky produced by the Lomond stills is called Mosstowie. Miltonduff Distillery is a Speyside malt whisky distillery and a contributor to Ballantine’s blends of scotch.

Shop – £94.96

TWB 10 Yrs

Ralfy Publishes Whisky Review #696 – Scotch Whisky News


Ralfy talks Feis Ile with Ralfy Review 696 – Caol Ila 12yo @55.8%vol (Feis Ile 2017)


GlenWyvis Distillery Due to Open on 30 November (St Andrews Day) – Scotch Whisky News

GlenWyvis logo

The final countdown to the opening of the world’s very first 100% community-owned and 100% green energy-powered distillery is on.

In three weeks, on St Andrew’s Day (November 30th), GlenWyvis Distillery in Dingwall will be officially opened and whisky production will be ready to commence.

The newly appointed Master Distiller, Duncan Tait, is inspired by the unique possibilities this creates.

“To join a brand new distillery and shape the flavour profiles of a new single malt from the start is a dream come true,” he said.

Managing director and founder, John McKenzie, is extremely proud that the two year project is so close to bearing fruit.

GlenWyvis from the sky

GlenWyvis from the sky

“This is a community project and the support has been overwhelming. To raise over £3 million in such a short time, and with over 60% of our members coming from the Highland area, is testament to the enduring appeal of Scottish whisky,” he said.

“We’re using barley sourced from the local coop of farmers, Highland Grain and we’re using wind, water and solar power and a biomass boiler to provide the power. I’m immensely proud of the entire team here at GlenWyvis and we are all thrilled to be officially opening the distillery on St Andrew’s Day.”

Click here to see drone footage of the distillery!

Copper Monument Release 6 Single Cask Whiskies – Whisky News

Image 1

Copper Monument – Release of 6 Single Cask Whiskies 

As a group of enthusiastic whisky lovers, we are excited to announce our first range of whiskies available at www.coppermonument.com.

We have carefully selected six casks to be bottled at full strength without any colouring or chill-filtration.

Image 2

Springbank 1995 Single Cask 21 Year Old

Distilled in 1995, this 21 year old Springbank was exclusively matured in a sherry hogshead before being bottled in September 2017, at a cask strength of exactly 46%.

Image 3

Heaven Hill 2009 Single Cask 8 Year Old

Perhaps our most exciting release, this single barrel Heaven Hill was bottled last month at an impressive 63.5% and carries a lot of power and flavour – a stunning whiskey.

Image 4

Glen Moray 2007 Single Cask 10 Year Old

A very elegant 10 year old Speyside whisky distilled in 2007 and bottled 58.6%.

Image 5

North British 1991 Single Cask 26 Year Old

Our oldest release is from the Edinburgh based distillery North British, this whisky is strongly influenced by the cask and is a great example of a well matured single grain. Distilled in 1991 and bottled in September 2017 at 49.7%

Image 6

Ardmore 2010 Single Cask 7 Year Old

We bottled two single cask Ardmore’s, containing their lightly peated spirit these are a great comparison to the softer Islay styles. Distilled in 2010 and bottled at 61.4% and 61.2% respectively.

We are offering these whiskies exclusively online at www.coppermonument.com and are able to ship around the world. If your country is not shown as available, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange the shipment.

For more information, contact Copper Monument on -


Scotch Whisky Auctions ” 2017 Charity Auction” – Scotch Whisky News

SWA Glenfiddich


That’s right, we’ve got a surprise bonus auction happening this month, with all the profit generated being donated to Blameless UK.

Blameless Charity was formed to provide fun times, happy memories and a vision of hope for the future for children and families affected by alcoholism and addiction.

More information can be found at:


It’s a great cause, and to help raise money, we have several fantastic bottles from Glenfiddich.

This special bottle is unique to Scotch Whisky Auctions. The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that this shares a cask number with the 2016 Spirit of Speyside Festival bottle. Once the festival was over, the remaining spirit from the Sherry Butt was re-racked in an American oak Bourbon cask for a further year.

Master Blender Brian Kinsman has this to say:

“It is a lovely expression of Glenfiddich from a 2nd fill sherry butt where the influence of the Spanish oak is nicely balanced with the rich fruity character of Glenfiddich. Rich and sweet with hints of dry tannin, soft spice and dried fruits.”

Head over to the website to get involved!

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Some of you may remember our last Single Cask Kilchoman bottling, our new one is even better!

Buy Whisky Now

A little while ago… in a far away island called Islay, the guys at Milroys travelled up to taste casks of whisky at Kilchoman distillery. What a hardship! The result was one of the best casks we have ever tried. The perfect balance of tropical fruit and smoke. We kept it simple with bourbon cask maturation and cask strength.


Kilchoman Single Cask 57.7%

This expression is a fantastic single cask bottling,  Nose: Apricot panna cotta, waxed leather, burned muscovado sugar and intense smoke. Palate: Fresh and vibrant, beurre noisette, roasted pineapple and juice mango, vanilla bean and wood varnish. Finish: The finish is long and complex with juicy fruits interspersed with peat reek. Buy whilst you can…

Buy Kilchoman Milroys Single Cask Now

Ralfy Publishes Ralfy Review #695 – Scotch Whisky News


Ralfy examines an unpeated, peat-malt with Ralfy Review 695 - Caol Ila 17yo @55.9%vol (unpeated)

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