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The 2019 whisky season has officially started: Whisky Live London kicks off today and last night saw the announcement of the winners of the World Whiskies Awards 2019. While we’ve known who won medals for a couple of months, last night’s dinner and ceremony was all about calling out the best of the best – the whiskies that were top in their countries and categories.

The World’s Best Single Malt

The top of the World Whiskies Awards tree is World’s Best Single Malt. Unlike some whisky awards, the WWAs have been embracing the first W of their name since almost the very beginning, with the World’s Best Single Malt bouncing around the world, although Scotland and Japan have very much been the most popular countries. However, this year (if my memory serves) is the first where Ireland has picked up the award – congratulations go to Teeling 24 Year Old Vintage Reserve.


The Irish single malts of the first half of the 1990s have been wowing for the last couple of years. At the time, only Bushmills and Cooley were making single malt, and the general opinion is that most of the whiskey that has been appearing these days is from Bushmills, and the tasting notes for the Teeling 24 Year Old suggest it’s from the same pedigree. A worthy winner.

More thoughts

While watching the awards being announced, a few more stood out as being interesting.

World’s Best RyeStork Club Straight Rye: a German rye? A relatively recent international release, this continues the WWA’s tradition of overturning traditional country stereotypes – Zuidam’s Millstone Dutch rye has picked up the award before, and last year an American whiskey was named Best Pot Still, despite few people realising that anyone else but Ireland was producing Pot Still whiskey.

Best Scotch LowlandsAilsa Bay Sweet Smoke 1.2: Ailsa Bay may be a big distillery that produces huge amounts of malt for William Grant’s blended whiskies, but this award, and the rest of the praise heaped on both Sweet Smoke and the inaugural release, show that being big doesn’t stop you making great whisky.

Best Egyptian – Devlin: another country to add to my list of whisky producers. Unsurprisingly, I’d not heard of Devlin’s whisky before the first round of the awards were announced, but it is now firmly on my to-find list.

Best EnglishCotswolds Founder’s Choice: a year and a bit after its first release and Cotswolds has already risen to the top of the increasingly big English whisky heap. The Founder’s Reserve is an interesting whisky, showcasing the distillery’s STR casks – shaved, toasted and recharred wine casks, a type much-loved by the late Jim Swan, distilling consultant extraordinaire and creator of the Cotswolds style – a punchy type of cask that can overpower whisky when not managed correctly. As the award shows, despite the distillery’s relative youth, Cotswolds know how to make good whisky.

Read my interview with Dan Szor, founder of Cotswolds Distillery >

The Category Winners

World’s Best Single Malt – Teeling Whiskey 24 Year Old Vintage Reserve
World’s Best Blended – Hibiki 21 Year Old
World’s Best Blended Whisky Limited Edition – Ichiro’s Malt and Grain 2019
World’s Best Blended Malt – Nikka Taketsuru 25 Year Old
World’s Best Single Cask – Sullivans Cove French Oak TD0217
World’s Best New Make – Stauning Curious
World’s Best Grain – Fuji-Gotemba 25 Year Old Single Grain Small Batch
World’s Best Rye – Stork Club Straight Rye Whisky
World’s Best Corn – Ironroot Republic Hubris
World’s Best Bourbon – Four Roses 130th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch 2018
World’s Best Tennessee – Uncle Nearest 1856
World’s Best Canadian – JP Wiser’s 35 Year Old
World’s Best Pot Still – Powers 14 Year Old Temple Bar Single Cask
World’s Best Wheat – Bainbridge Battle Point Two Islands Hokkaido Mizunara Cask

The Scotch Whisky Winners

Best Scotch Campbeltown – Glen Scotia 25 Year Old
Best Scotch Highlands – Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1989
Best Scotch Islands – Arran The Bothy Quarter Cask Batch 4
Best Scotch Islay – Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old
Best Scotch Lowlands – Ailsa Bay Sweet Smoke 1.2
Best Scotch Speyside – Benriach 35 Year Old

The Rest of the World Winners

Best American – Sons of Liberty Battle Cry Sauternes Finish
Best Australian – Hellyers Road Slightly Peated 10 Year Old
Best Belgian – Belgian Owl Identité
Best Canadian – Two Brewers Release 9
Best Danish – Stauning Røg Peat and Heather
Best Dutch – Millstone 12 Year Old Sherry Cask
Best Egyptian – Devlin: Egypt’s First Single Malt
Best English – Cotswolds Distillery Founder’s Choice
Best German – Glen Els Ember
Best Indian – Paul John Classic Select Cask
Best Japanese – Hakushu 25 Year Old
Best New Zealand – Thomson Manuka Smoke
Best South African – Three Ships 10 Year Old
Best Swedish – High Coast The Festival 2018

Find all of the medal winners on our World Whiskies Awards 2019 page.


Loch Fyne Whiskies “Save over £120 on some of our favourite bottles” – Scotch Whisky News

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Treat yourself with price drops across Loch Fyne Whiskies Save up to £120 with price drops across the store!

We’ve slashed prices on some of our favourite bottles across the store including Highland Park, Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain, Dalmore and more!

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Laphroaig 28 Year Old

This limited edition from Laphroaig distillery has matured for more than a quarter of a century in casks of various sizes, from quarter casks to butts, before being married in sherry casks for 12 months to harmonise the flavours. Bottled at 44.4% abv and presented in a beautifully crafted wooden display case.

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Highland Park 30 Year Old

This 30 year old expression is the second oldest in Highland Park’s range, and was released in 2013. A complex and award winning malt, that tops the bucket list of many whisky enthusiasts!

Was £560.00

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Dalmore 12 Year Old

Dalmore was founded in 1839 by Alexander Matheson, but was owned by the Mackenzie clan for almost a century.  The Mackenzie influence can be seen in the clan crest which adorns every bottle produced at Dalmore. Dalmore 12 Year Old is matured for an initial nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being carefully divided. One half continues its maturation in bourbon barrels, the other half is transferred to 30 year old Matusalem Oloroso sherry casks. Complex, yet balanced, the Dalmore 12 Year Old is the epitome of the Dalmore house style.

Was £50.00

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How to find: Compass Box Whiskies – Scotch Whisky News




Compass Box Whiskies

A common question we’re asked is “where can I buy your whisky?”

This is particularly true for our Limited Editions, which can disappear quickly.

Here are some tips to help you find Compass Box whiskies…


Thinking about wine may not be the obvious first step when it comes to finding whisky but the brilliant website Wine Searcher ( is a great resource.

Wine Searcher is a search engine that allows you to locate availability and prices for wines, spirits and beers in over 90,000 retailers globally. You can specify your home country to narrow the search or find a store that ships internationally.

While not all retailers are included (and you’ll always want to confirm any claims the retailers make for inventory) Wine Searcher can be a great starting point, especially for some of our rarer Limited Editions. For example, a search for our whisky infusion Orangerie, now retired from our portfolio, shows it’s still available at some retailers in North America and the UK.

The last time we checked, there was even a retailer in Switzerland who claimed to have Circus!




We love specialist wine & spirits stores.

Some sprawl with bottles of everything we know and plenty we don’t. Others offer a more curated selection. Whether you have a specific bottle in mind or you’re simply browsing, they’re wonderful places to shop.

Picking the brains of knowledgeable staff adds value to the shopping experience;  they can guide, educate or just commend you on your choices.

Seek out the specialist shops near you. Look for those that carry niche, lesser-known brands.  Become a regular customer and you’ll make new discoveries and possibly a few friends.

Never a bad thing to have a friend in a specialist whisky shop.

The internet is the speciality store that is always open. You can find Compass Box whiskies across a range of websites around the world.

Our own online store stocks all of our year-round whiskies as well as the current Limited Editions.

Depending on the country you live in, you may have many online options for finding specialty spirits like ours.  And the best of them are constantly learning how to make the experience reliable and fast.

Shopping online for niche wines and spirits can be the best way to find many brands like ours that produce in small volumes.



The Compass Box team are always on hand to help.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just drop us a line at and we’ll do our very best to help you.

Keep in mind, when it comes to our Limited Editions, they really are limited! Popular Limited Editions of the past, like Lady Luck or Last Vatted Grain, have all gone to good homes and even we can’t help source these bottles.

However, you may be able to find them on some of the better whisky auction websites.

Good luck!



Compass Box Whisky Co. ~ Chiswick Studios ~ 9 Power Road ~ London, EnglandW4 5PY ~ United Kingdom

Compass Box Hedonism at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News


Compass Box Hedonism

This blended grain from Compass Box Scotch Whiskymakers celebrates the art of grain whiskies and high quality cask maturation. Crafted with liquid from Port Dundas and Cameronbridge, Hedonism is matured in first-fill American standard barrels and a rejuvenated hogshead.

Hedonism lives up to its name, with a flavour created to bring sheer pleasure to any who imbibe, with a lighter style of whisky bringing delicious vanilla, caramel and coconut notes.

£73.00 – Buy Now

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Diageo Supply Apprenticeships now open – Scotch Whisky News


Supply Apprenticeships now open

Our Apprenticeship Programme will challenge and inspire you to reach your full potential.


Your future could be truly extraordinary at Diageo. Join our Apprenticeship programme and you’ll open the door to a wide range of roles right across Scotland. Head to our Apprenticeship page today to see what opportunities we have available.

Macallan 1824 Masters Series “M” Lalique Decanter Single Malt at K&L California – Scotch Whisky News

The Macallan1

Macallan 1824 Masters Series “M” Lalique Decanter Single Malt

The ultimate in luxury Scotch whisky, Macallan M is the apex of the storied distillery’s line. From the luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report: “The rich amber-brown of the Macallan M single-malt whisky—a special iteration of the Macallan contained in a hand-blown 750 mL Lalique crystal decanter—is noticeably deeper and darker than even the Scotch maker’s iconic 25-year-old whisky. Yet there is no age statement on this bottle, for the spirit is composed of whisky from seven casks selected by the Macallan’s master whisky maker, Bob Dalgarno, after more than two years of searching through the Macallan’s vast cellars of over 195,000 barrels. The oldest whisky in it was distilled in 1940, and all of them were matured in first-fill oloroso-sherry casks. In the M, Dalgarno has produced something unlike anything the Macallan has ever offered. The Macallan’s classic resiny, raisiny richness is abundant in the M, as are plump cherry and fruit-filled sherried overtones, but then comes notes of lemons, leather, cedar, apples, violets, and a long, tobacco-laden finish. Bottled in 2013 at 89 proof, the Macallan M is intended to be an ongoing (albeit rare) addition to the brand’s 1824 series of top-tier whiskies.”






This limited edition single barrel bourbon from Maker’s Mark is one of the first of its kind and an exclusive to The Whisky Shop. Taking inspiration from the process used to create Maker’s 46, this Kentucky bourbon is crafted from a barrel made from a bespoke selection of different wooden staves, chosen by a team from The Whisky Shop. The final stave selection used five French oak staves cooked at high temperature in a convection oven, three French oak staves seared in an infra-red oven, and two more of the same but with ridges cut into the surface.

Limited to just 270 bottles, the nose is cooling, with oak shavings and spearmint emerging with toffee and linseed oil. The palate is sweet and dry, with oak wood lingering on into the spicy finish.

£85.00 – Buy Now

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Macallan 25yo & 30yo at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News



The sumptuous Macallan 25 Year Old Sherry Oak is becoming harder to find and delivers everything you would expect from an older, sherry-matured expression from this highly-revered Speyside distillery.

The Macallan’s curiously small spirit stills are the smallest on Speyside. Their unique size and shape give the spirit maximum contact with the copper, helping to concentrate the ‘new make’ spirit and provide the viscosity and rich, fruity, full-bodied flavours so characteristic of The Macallan. There are fourteen of these curiously small spirit stills, crafted from copper, each holding an initial ‘charge’ of 3,900 litres. These stills are so famous that they have appeared on the back of a Bank of Scotland £10 banknote!

£1,750.00 – Buy Now



As with all the Fine Oak series, this 30 year old Macallan is matured in a combination of both ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks and showcases a lighter style of Macallan than the Sherry Oak series, with more of the distillery character coming through.

The 30 year old expression is described as “Heady and Aromatic”.

£4,000.00 – Buy Now

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Impex Beverages “Introducing A New Award-Winning Single Malt to the U.S. You Won’t Believe Where It’s From!” – Whisky News


You won’t believe which country we’ve just added an award-winning whisky from!

“As our family of spirits grows, we proudly announce our new addition… a whisky of unique quality and balance of flavors consistent with each offering in the ImpEx Portfolio.  You may be surprised by its origins, but you won’t be disappointed with all it has to offer.  We are excited to bring this amazing offering to the U.S. and to share it with enthusiasts everywhere.” 

~ Sam Filmus, President of ImpEx Beverages


Gouden Carolus Single Malt is a refined whisky distilled from the mash of Gouden Carolus Tripel beer.  A first for Belgium are the hand hammered, copper pot stills, in which the pure mash is distilled.  The result is a pure and clear distillate.

The ensuing aging in First Fill Bourbon casks followed by a further aging in ‘Anker’ casks (oak casks reworded by the cooper according to the distillery’s own specifications) results in a refined whisky with a rich and balanced taste.  The subtle fruit aromas are delightfully enhanced by hints of wood and vanilla.

From 1637 to 1914, the miller’s family Van Breedam ground and distilled grain into jenever on the Molenberg in Blaasveld. In 1872, Louis Van Breedam and his sister left the Molenberg to become brewers in Mechelen. The Molenberg is still in the hands of the family and they continue the tradition.

Charles Leclef grew up in the brewery but remained in touch with the Molenberg in Blaasveld, where his uncle lives.  After modernizing the brewery, Charles came up with a daring plan. In the Molenberg, he wanted to distill beer to alcohol: whisky.  This whisky distillery has become the perfect match between two family traditions, brewing and distilling.

Nose: Fruit, vanilla, and crème brûlée.

Palate: Full and balanced; notes of wood and vanilla.

Please feel free to reach out for more details:

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Loch Fyne Whiskies “Be One Of The First To Grab Macallan Rare Cask Batch No.1!” – Scotch Whisky News


Macallan Rare Cask Batch No.1 2019 Release

This is the first 2019 release in the new batched series of The Macallan Rare Cask. Bottled in 2019, this release is crafted from some of the rarest and most precious stocks maturing in The Macallan Estate in Speyside. Each batch in the series represents the volume of just 50 European sherry seasoned oak butts. Presented at 43% abv in a beautifully sculpted glass decanter. Described as one of The Macallan’s most complex yet balanced whiskies, with soft notes of rich oak, vanilla and chocolate.

£249.00 – Buy Now

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