Exclusive: Maker’s Mark Private Select Batch 1 at The Whisky Shop – American Whiskey News


Bourbon Crème de la Crème

The latest exclusive from The Whisky Shop isn’t just a first for our stores, it’s also one of the first of its kind in the UK! A unique creation developed by Maker’s Mark in collaboration with the team at The Whisky Shop, Private Select Batch 1 is now available to order online – and we’re throwing in a free gift too!

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Maker’s Mark Private Select Batch 1
The Whisky Shop Exclusive

This limited edition single barrel bourbon from Maker’s Mark is one of the first of its kind and an exclusive to The Whisky Shop. Taking inspiration from the process used to create Maker’s 46, this Kentucky bourbon is crafted from a barrel made from a bespoke selection of different wooden staves, chosen by a team from The Whisky Shop.

The final stave selection used five French oak staves cooked at high temperature in a convection oven, three French oak staves seared in an infra-red oven, and two more of the same but with ridges cut into the surface.

The nose is cooling, with oak shavings and spearmint emerging with toffee and linseed oil. The palate is sweet and dry, with oak wood lingering on into the spicy finish.

Choose home delivery to receive a free Maker’s Mark branded tin whisky cup!

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New Arrivals & Back in Stock at K&L California – American Whiskey News


High West “American Prairie”” K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Port Finished Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) $54.99 View

Four Roses K&L Exclusive OBSQ (9 Years Old, 4 Months) Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) $69.99 View

Four Roses K&L Exclusive OESQ (9 Years Old, 8 Months) Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) $69.99 View

Westland K&L Exclusive Single Oloroso Sherry Butt #2479 Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml) $109.99 View

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BenRiach & GlenDronach Tasting at the Whisky Shop #SFO November 10th, 2018 – Scotch Whisky News

TWS Benriach

Saturday, November 10th, 2-5PM: 

Scotch Tasting: Benriach and Glendronach

Treat yourself to a traditional single malt scotch tasting featuring Benriach and Glendronach. Presented by distillery representatives and our own in-store whisky experts, scotch connoisseurs and newcomers to the the world of traditional scotch are sure to enjoy this tasting.

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The 2018 Upgraded Malt Maniacs Monitor – Whisky Scores!


MM 50-LOG02 (1)

16,790 bottlings  53,790 individual scores, 124 distilleries and 134 different bottlers! 

Visit the Malt Maniacs at

Limited Editions & Award-Winners at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News

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Golden Liquid Indeed!

The fantastic – and limited – Macallan Edition No.4 is now back in stock at The Whisky Shop so order now before it flies off the shelves!

Our exclusive Mortlach 25 Year Old from Hunter Laing’s Platinum Old & Rare Selection has been awarded Scottish Field magazine’s Whisky of the Year 2018, alongside Best Independent Bottling and Best Whisky Over £100. The awards took place on Friday with a representative from the Laing family collecting the gongs. This single cask expression is limited to just 319 bottles, but fortunately some are still available online so place your order today while stocks last.

We also have a new selection of bottles available in our flash sales, with up to 27% off expressions from the likes of Highland Park, Talisker, Laphroaig and Johnnie Walker.

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Back in Stock:
The Macallan Edition No. 4

The fourth release in the Edition Series from The Macallan, this Speyside single malt is a celebration of the distillery’s whisky making heritage, combining a unique selection of oak cask styles. Edition No.4 reflects the craftsmanship and pioneering design of the new Macallan distillery.

The nose is bold and rounded with honey and sweet apples atop orange zest, ginger, nutmeg and polished oak. The palate has rich nutmeg and wood spice to the fore, with sweet vanilla emerging to coat the mouth, before a fruity oak finish.

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Scottish Field’s Whisky of the Year 2018:
Mortlach 25 Year Old
Platinum Old & Rare

Part of the Platinum Old & Rare Selection from independent bottler Hunter Laing & Co., this 25 year old Speyside single malt was distilled in September 1992. Left to mature in a single sherry butt for a quarter of a century, it was finally bottled in September 2017, when only 319 bottles were filled. As with all the Platinum Old & Rare releases, this single cask expression is presented at natural cask strength free from chill-filtration and tinting.

The nose has Christmas cake and old cognac with chocolate liqueurs and a touch of cigar leaf. The palate is sweet and sumptuously textured with drying aspects. The finish is long and warming.

£400 Buy Now

A Tin to Tell a Story – Scotch Whisky News


A Tin to Tell a Story 

Ardbeg’s unique 10 Year Old warehouse tin, first manufactured by IPL Packaging in 2017, this year received a few meaningful exterior embellishments that further emphasise the unique provenance of this peaty single malt

Constructed of metal, the basic structure of the pack with its striking warehouse-shaped design and bold letters emblazoned on the warehouse wall (once a signpost for supply ships headed towards the distillery) remain the same. However, the depiction of the Ardbeg dog and mascot, Shortie, who runs cheerfully around the distillery, as well as an image of one of Ardbeg’s chief characters barrel-rolling, further bring the compelling history of this distinctive Islay landmark to life.

Ardbeg 10 Year Old is considered by some to be the peatiest, smokiest, most complex single malt of them all. It is non chill-filtered and has a strength of 46% abv, thus retaining maximum flavour, at the same time giving more body and added depth. This highly collectible tin can be used for years to come.

Canadian Whisky News by Davin de Kergommeaux – Canadian distillers fight automatic tax increases: NOT On My Tab campaign – Canadian Whisky News


Canadian distillers fight automatic tax increases:

 NOT On My Tab campaign

Canada’s federal government introduced an automatic, annually escalating excise tax increase on alcohol in its 2017 budget. Then, on January 1st this year, the United States lowered theirs. Canadians already pay among the highest alcohol taxes in the world and now the increasing tax burden on Canadian spirits is seriously eroding Canada’s competitiveness with the US and other international competitors.


Canada’s large and small distillers along with brewers and winemakers are opposing the federal government’s automatic escalation of alcohol excise taxes, as introduced in the 2017 federal budget. Under the terms of the escalation clause, excise taxes increase automatically every April without consultation and without discussion in Parliament. The distillers have launched an information campaign called Not On My Tab (link) to advise Canadians of the taxes they pay, and encourage them to join efforts to have the automatic escalation clause repealed.

It is not that Canada’s beverage alcohol producers oppose taxes. Rather, they believe that by relieving Members of Parliament of their role to review and approve tax rates, the government has short-circuited normal democratic processes. This change makes tax increases automatic without reference to prevailing economic conditions. Currently, those conditions are making Canadian spirits uncompetitive at home and abroad.

Taxes make up a significant portion of the price of alcoholic beverages in Canada, with spirits being taxed the most. Consumers may know they pay high taxes, but often don’t realize that when they buy a bottle of whisky, about 80% of what they pay goes to the government. Canadians pay one of the highest tax rates in the world for the simple pleasure of enjoying a drink with family and friends.

For over two centuries Canadian distillers have proudly turned Canadian grain into world-class whisky and other spirits. Canada’s nearly 200 distillers are an important economic engine for rural communities across the country, and for large and small cities in every province. Yes, whisky is an agricultural product and in Canada, 100% of the grain it is made from comes from Canadian farms.

However, spirit sales are very much price sensitive. So, the federal automatic escalator tax on beer, wine and spirits introduced in the 2017 budget threatens the 8,500 full-time jobs and $5.8 billion contribution to Canada’s annual GDP that distilling provides. With the new escalator tax, prices will increase on April 1st every year – forever.

The government tried this approach once before. In the early 1980s they introduced a similar escalator tax only to repeal it 5 years later after 11 major distilleries had closed permanently.

Reasonable taxes help support our society. However, excessive taxes harm local business owners and workers particularly in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Most bars and restaurants can’t simply pass along these tax increases to their customers. At the same time, Canadian farmers are facing difficult times. How will reducing demand from some of their best customers help Canadian barley, corn, wheat and rye farmers?

Coincident with the increase in excise duties on Canadian-made spirits, was a historic decrease of excise duties on American spirits. By this April, Canada’s excise rate for spirits will be an astonishing 85% higher than those in the United States, Canada’s largest international competitor. Canada’s tax and regulatory framework is making our distillers uncompetitive internationally, while the United States is busy creating a much more welcoming and efficient regulatory environment in which to do business.

Unfortunately, after years of growth, our international presence is declining and sales are down nearly 6% year-to-date, as companies are forced to throttle back on global promotions and new market development in the face of unreasonable tax burdens at home.

Canadians will always drink spirits, but unless we start to think longer-term, the 1980s will repeat themselves with spirits imported from abroad replacing those made here in Canada.

As a microdistiller in the throes of launching a new distillery told me this week, America is a much more welcoming environment for distillers today. He would like to launch his distillery in Canada, but right now it just makes more business sense to do so in the U.S. Pity.


Canadian Whisky Awards

A record number of entries promises to make this the most hard fought battle since the Canadian Whisky Awards were inaugurated 9 years ago. Watch here in January for results, or join us at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria on Thursday January 17, when the winners will be revealed.For your gift shopIt’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially if you have a visitors’ centre at your distillery. If you would like to sell the book, Canadian Whisky, in your gift shop, drop me a line and I’ll connect you with my publisher’s wholesale department.

Yamazaki Single Cask 2018… Dekanta auction Starts Now – Japanese Whisky News




2-49-7 Minamiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo,

Paul John Whisky with Shilton, the man with the drams at St Andrews – Indian Whisky News

PAUL 2 main man shilton with his drams

Shilton, the man with the drams at St Andrews

The time; 7 p.m (ish). The venue; St Andrews. The date; Thursday 27 September 2018. Who and what?; Paul John Whisky with Shilton Almeida

I was away to St Andrews, roughly 35 minutes from home in Perth, to a tasting night. I have known Paul John Distilleries for quite some time, Michael is the master, Shilton the presenter!!! Not only was this a great night, previously, Michael had sent me whiskies for us to use in our whisky tours and tastings. Later next month (October) we head up to Dornoch for their whisky fest, taking three excellent PJ drams with us.

So the evening was a great taster of things to come – see what I did there?  The hosts – St Andrews Whisky Society affectionately known as the Quaich Society, (or Quaich Soc) – was founded in 1994 and has been introducing drams since. I was invited by Aedan A. Burt, Quaich Soc. President . Loosely attached to the University of St Andrews. ALL proceeds from the event went to aid the work of the charity Water Aid.    WaterAid has teams in 34 countries across the world, working with partners to transform millions of lives every year by improving access to clean water, toilets and hygiene.


‘St Andrews Quaich Society was founded originally by students and attached to the Students Association.  The Society quickly sought the support of Luvians, then only in Cupar, with which we have been affiliated since 1996.  The Society holds regular whisky tastings, hosted by leading Brand Ambassadors, that are open to all.  The Society also soon disaffiliated from the Union due to venue and alcohol policy problems, to truly become a Town and Gown Society – anyone may attend, become a member, or join the Committee at our annual elections – attendance is currently £7 for members and £12 for non-members, with tickets on the door.  Membership is only £15, which includes a free Glencairn glass and a 7.5% discount on whisky purchases at Luvians (St Andrews, Cupar, and soon online).  Membership can be bought at every event.  Through Luvians, we are also affiliated with the charity WaterAid, providing clean water and sanitation in areas without.

AA Paul John 2

I had been invited along by Aedan A. Burt, Quaich Soc. President, to see how they arrange the evenings, I knew it was Shilton and of course I said aye. I arrived late afternoon, parked up and dondered around St Andrews – as you do. Bumped into Jackie from Weymss/Kingsbarns and had a wee chat, she was taking a gin evening also in town. Had an early dinner in the Tailend, a monster fisg appeared on a plate hardly large enough for it, I did manage to make it disappear.  After some window shopping and whisky shop curiosities, I arrived early at the hotel, nice by the way. Sat in the bar, enjoyed two pots of tea and read a book (driving tonight). Whilst gazing about bored, I happened to spot some likely suspects arriving for the set up, I was correct, so went in and said hello, sat down and watched the chaos start. A few Uni guys were pouring 55 drams x 5 bottles out, lined up on a large table, not how we would have done it but ok. Shilton arrived, let him make contact with them before a quick wave hello. Smiling he came over, sat down and we chatted for some time about this, that, people we both knew, Charlie Mac especially and Michael, his boss.

Attendees piled in, paying on the door – it was mostly university people – and all found a seat. After more conversation with Shilton, I sat doon and took stock. Off he went into a great wee staory about himself, I didnee know he was named after goalie Peter Shilton!  Learn something new every day. He drifted into distillery talk, weather in Goa and all things Indian, by the way, Indian Angels get almost 12% share (Bangalore), on to the first dram; Brilliance @ 46%.  I won’t go into every dram but this one is 5 – 6 years old. The oldest cask they have is 8 year old, over two warehouse collections, one above ground and one below – unusual to say the least.

 PAUL 1 little and large ride again

More drams followed with great patter from Shilton – he was good. Drams included; Classic @ 55.2%, Edited @ 46%, Bold (peated) 46% and Peated @ 55.5%.. It was around a two hour tasting evening, with drams, chat, questions etc, aye he had also prepared a presentation which was excellent on screen. Paul John Distillery uses two kinds of peat, both Scottish exports, highlands and Islay – think of it as Scottish peat taking a 6 year holiday in Goa then coming back to their birthplace, that’s what was on offer this evening. One or two drams I was hoping for never arrived, sad face here. The Christmas Edition limited run and the fabulous Olorosso finish, och next time. It was really interesting listening about the distillery, how it started and some other drams on offer – ie; Original Choice, especially as we can buy it in Goa at 50p or £1 per carton!!! The evening drew to a close, I had my photos, my good memories of my chats with Shilton and drove to my hotel 6 miles away – I hadnee had an alcoholic drink all day!  But did take some samples away.

So, I said to Aedan, can anyone join your group?  Aye – St Andrews Whisky Society. Find them on facebook.

All told this was an enjoyable event, made better by the people there and the drams tabled. I do have to thank both Michael and Shilton (PJ) for the whisky they supplied for our upcoming tours, a bunch of whisky hungry Swedes for a week, and a whisky fest in Dornoch with Swiss and Indian guests. Shilton and myself agreed to meet up again as soon as we can both make diary space, we would love him to be this relaxed and good, presenting PJ drams to one (or more) of our groups in future. Saving that for another day – see what I did there? Saving, goalie!  Oh well.

Host; St Andrews Whisky Society. Presentation; Shilton Almenia check this. Watching brief and blogger; Paul McLean of

Johnnie Walker to open its first flagship experiential retail store in Madrid – Scotch Whisky News

Johnnie Walker to open its first flagship experiential retail store in Madrid

The flagship store will house a special collection of Johnnie Walker whiskies and host a wide variety of immersive experiences, whisky appreciation classes and tastings designed to help visitors explore the world of Johnnie Walker and Scotch

Johnnie Walker is to open its first flagship experiential store, in central Madrid, in November 2018. The Spanish capital was selected as the location for the first Johnnie Walker experiential retail flagship due to its status as a leading tourism and retail destination and the popularity of Scotch in the country.

The cutting-edge store will feature an interactive hosting area where guests can discover the craft of cocktail making, a tasting table where they can deep dive into the flavours that lie at the heart of Johnnie Walker, and a personalisation station where visitors will be able to find unique gifts and add bespoke engravings and labels to their purchases.

Alongside the extensive portfolio of Johnnie Walker whiskies, visitors to the flagship store will also be able to purchase some of the rarest and most exceptional single malts from which the award-winning Scotch is crafted and explore limited edition curated collaborations, exclusive to the store itself.

“The direct-to-consumer Johnnie Walker experiential retail flagship is the latest step in our ambition to bring unique experiences to consumers through our brands. We know that people want their shopping experiences to be straightforward and easy but they also want them to feel personal and engaging too. By offering a retail space which combines interactive experiences with the diversity and rich heritage of Johnnie Walker, we hope to offer something new and exciting that will really delight people.”

Cristina Diezhandino

Cristina DiezhandinoGlobal Category Director Scotch and Reserve Brands

“We’re incredibly excited to bring this Johnnie Walker flagship to Europe. Madrid is a world class tourist destination and a cultural hub of cutting-edge design, gastronomy, nightlife and business innovation. Whether you’re from the city or just visiting, the flagship will be a great way to spend some time, learn more about Scotch, or design the perfect one-of-a-kind gift.”

John Kennedy

John KennedyPresident of Diageo Europe

The launch of the new retail experience follows the announcement of a £150 million investment in Scotch whisky tourism by Diageo throughout Scotland – including plans for the opening of a new state-of-the-art Johnnie Walker visitor experience in Edinburgh, as part of the biggest concerted programme ever seen in Scotland’s whisky tourism sector and is the latest announcement from Johnnie Walker as the brand prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary year in 2020.

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