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A la what we’ve seen with Douglas Laing over the last year, David Stirk, the man behind the Exclusive Malts independent bottlings, has put together a new regional series of 100 proof whiskies meant to highlight the distinct characters of Scotland’s regional styles. Unlike the Laing editions, however, these are all single cask expressions. All are bottled at 100 proof, as well. They’re quite striking and well-priced, to boot. I jumped all over them after tasting through the line-up.

Exclusive Malts “Regional Series” 12 Year Old Single Grain Whiskey (750ml) ($49.99) - This Port Dundas 12 year edition showcases the simple pleasure of great grain whisky with exotic macaroon coconut flavors, rich oak, barrel spice, and plenty of punch from the higher proof. It drinks like a bolder and rounder version of the Nikka Coffey grain for a better price.

Exclusive Malts “Regional Series” 8 Year Old Peated Highland Single Malt Whiskey (750ml) ($49.99) - This 8 year old peated Ardmore showcases the difference between Island peat and Highland peat, with a lighter, fruitier smoke influence that tastes more like a campfire than a the medicinal phenols of Islay. Lovely richness and creaminess accent the finish.

Exclusive Malts “Regional Series” 8 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Whiskey (750ml) ($49.99) - This 8 year old Glentauchers is a chewy and unctuous sherry-aged delight with an extra kick from the 100 proof ABV.

Exclusive Malts “Regional Series” Islay Single Malt Whiskey $49.99 ($49.99) - While not labeled as such, this is an all-Laphroaig bottling that drinks like a softer, more lush version of the standard 10 year, albeit at a higher proof.


Springbank 21 Year Old 1995 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Springbank 21 Year Old 1995 vintage Lowland single malt Scotch whiskey. Single cask hogshead distilled December 1995 and bottled May 2017 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Old & Rare Platinum Selection. Presented in a giant 1.5 litre Magnum bottle. 32 numbered bottles. Springbank Distillery was established in 1828 in Campbeltown at the foot of the Mull of Kintyre on the west coast of Scotland. Springbank produces three different types of single malt whisky Hazelburn which is non-peated and triple distilled, Longrow which is highly peated and double distilled and Springbank which is medium peated and partially triple distilled having been distilled two and a half times. Barley is spread across traditional malting floors at Springbank where it germinates and is then dried on the perforated floor of the malt kiln. The Springbank 10 Year Old, 15 Year Old Local Barley and Springbank 21 Year old annual release are very popular whiskies.


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Highland Park 18 Year Old at the Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Highland Park 18 Year Old

1997 vintage single cask bottled by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Old & Rare Platinum Selection.This is a rich butter shortbread, fruity and nutty example of the single malt from the Kirkwall distillery in the Orkney Isles. Just 266 bottles. A straw coloured whisky with a mellow nose of sweet vanilla, stewed rhubarb, peaches and butter shortbread. On the palate we find creamy vanilla and butterscotch sauce poured over apricot and peaches, and a sprinkling of chopped walnuts. The finish is long, lingering and slightly sweet, with a nutty aftertaste.

Buy – £169.18

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Wild Turkey “Master’s Keep – Decades” Bourbon at K&L California – American Whiskey News


Wild Turkey “Master’s Keep – Decades” Bourbon ($129.99)

The second release in the Master’s Keep series, the Wild Turkey “Decades” is a marriage of casks aged between 10 to 20 years that, in my opinion, is a huge step up from the previous 17 year old release for a number of reasons. The first: it’s bottled at a higher 52% ABV that really adds lift and vigor to the richness and spice of the whiskey. Whereas the 17 year was quite mellow and soft having been aged in a brick warehouse off-site, the Decades is bold and quite lively. Second reason: whereas the 17 year was a marriage of similar casks, the Decades is a marriage of whiskies between 10 – 20 years old, carefully constructed so that the best parts of each barrel highlight one another. Think of this as Wild Turkey’s version of the Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition – mature casks, blended with skill to create a whiskey greater than the simple sum of its components. Everything about the Decades tastes fantastic. There’s plenty of sweetness, a roundness of fruit, loads of baking spices like clove and cinnamon, and a bold, mouthwatering finish. There’s no need to add water, but you can if you like. Perhaps the whiskey’s greatest strength is its immediate accessibility and gorgeous bottle, making it the perfect gift for any Bourbon lover. As someone who’s tried pretty much every Bourbon in the book, I’m planning on adding the Decades to my collection. But I can just as easily imagine the casual whiskey drinker being absolutely wowed by this. - David Driscoll, Assistant Head Buyer


Wild Turkey “Master’s Keep – Decades” Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) ($129.99)

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 15, 2017

It’s no secret that I love Wild Turkey. Whether it’s the incredible commitment to quality, the wonderful people, the gorgeous new distillery (sentimentality for Old Ripy aside it’s truly a masterpiece of modern engineering), but of course the real reason we love the Kickin’ Chicken is the whisky is fabulous. And it was fitting that I got to sample Wild Turkey’s new Decades release along side the youngest member of the Russell family to join the WT team, Bruce Russell. The decades contains the oldest whisky ever released by WT and is a mile stone for Jimmy, Eddie, and Bruce (I’m going with Brucey). Bruce will soon begin learning from his Father and grandfather the art of bourbon, after several years of learning to sell whisky in Texas and I was glad to have finally met over a glass of his predecessor’s the legacy. I immediately knew that the Wild Turkey name would be in good hands for decades to come, no pun intended, and look forward to many years of tasting great whisky with this man despite however big the shoes he must fill are. Bruce is down to earth and fun, but this whisky is serious as hell. Apparently it was originally going to be a blend of 20 and 15 year old – as these old stocks had been located at some offsite warehouses. Campari only managed to digitize their whisky inventory in 2010 and experimental batches where hidden all over Kentucky. The original blend would have been made up of these old casks but for the protests of Mr. Jimmy Russell. He likes that whisky at 10 years old and felt the older stocks lack the distinctive flavor profile he expected from his bourbon. So they added a bit of 10 year (apparently about as much 10 as 20) and most of the blend is 14-16 year old whiskies. The result is something wonderfully complex and full of deep dense bourbon spice, a twinge of herbaceous mint and nutty roasted vanilla. A big bold classic WT in a way that last years 17 was distinctly not. Tons of texture at 104 proof and sweet caramel finish. I’m not surprised to love this but I absolutely do!

Andrew Stevens | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 15, 2017

Finding both rare and extremely good bourbon that can be a gift (for you or if necessary someone else) has become a difficult task. Good, aged bourbon is increasingly scarce in the market, and while I love just good everyday bourbon sometimes you need that bottle that will catch the eye and the imagination. Enter the Wild Turkey Decades, the new expression from Master’s Keep collection. Essentially this is a blend of carefully selected barrels of older Wild Turkey, the nose is warm, sweet and inviting with vanilla and candy corn notes. The palate shows a soft richness with rising heat and spice from the 104 proof. This bottle showcase the depth and breadth of Wild Turkey that few other places can boast, a supple smoothness that speaks to craft.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 15, 2017

This Bourbon offers what a mature whiskey should. It has concentrated flavors that are subtle and delicate . It is mellow and easy to drink with caramel and honey notes that are harmonious. This Bourbon is about nuance and flavor. What really stands out is the long delicious finish.

Gary Westby | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 15, 2017

I feel strongly that this Decades bottling from Wild Turkey is the best Bourbon in the store, and I haven’t tasted anything this good in a long time. Instead of doing a series of single barrel releases to go after collectors money, Eddie Russell has put together a masterpiece by blending some of the best stuff in the vast Wild Turkey stocks. The synergy of these whiskeys is obvious at first sniff, and I have to pinch myself when I get to taste something this good at work! This has cream, caramel, and a hint of something savory that makes it beguiling to return to. If you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable bottle, look no further!


Scotch Malt Whisky Society “FIND YOUR RAY OF SUNSHINE” – Scotch Whisky News




With the start of summer on the horizon our thoughts are turning to warm lazy days, gentle breezes and enjoying the outdoors. We’ve put together five whiskies that are perfect for summer sipping. Buy them online now before the sun dwindles and they are gone forever.


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video

Ardbeg Kelpie – now available to order from Loch Fyne Whiskies – Scotch Whisky News


Ardbeg Kelpie 2017 limited release

A limited edition celebrating Ardbeg Day at the 2017 Fèis Ìle, this Islay single malt is the distillery’s first to use virgin oak from the Black Sea coast for maturation. Known for imparting incredibly deep flavour notes, only a handful of whiskies have ever been matured in these casks. Combined with hallmark ex-bourbon Ardbeg, the result is a whisky that tells of its ties to the Black Sea and the waves of flavour taken from the casks.

£96 Buy Now

Available while stocks last Orders dispatched week commencing 19th June

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Single Cask Special at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News



Single Cask Special

Looking for something a bit different? Something a bit special? Something unique?

Look no further than our range of single cask expressions from independent, family-run bottler Hunter Laing & Co. Each cask produces just a few hundred bottles (at most) and each cask is exclusive to The Whisky Shop. You can’t get much more unique without bottling direct from the cask yourself!

Sign up on today and get £5 off your first order over £50! Just enter the code web_offer during checkout.

Single Cask & Exclusive

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1989 Linkwood 27 Year Old “John Milroy” K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt – Scotch Whisky News




1989 Linkwood 27 Year Old “John Milroy” K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Elsewhere $250) ($149.99)

The Linkwood distillery is one of the crown jewel’s in the Diageo portfolio. The distillery was originally constructed in 1821 and licensed in 1825 making it one of Speysides oldest. Much like Clynelish, in the 1970s a second distillery was erected next door and the original distillery shuttered in 1985. Today the washbacks from both distilleries are still in use, but the stills at the “old” Linkwood are silent. It remains highly prized for blending because it offers a wonderful balance between rich fruit and bold malt. Here we have a stupendous single cask, this one well into its third decade of maturation. It’s extremely rare to see Linkwood at this age, Linkwood above 25 years old becomes an absolute rarity. That’s why we had no problem selling a similarly aged Linkwood from Signatory for $200 not long ago. The style here is ultra classic aromas of baked apples, fresh bartlett pear, earthy malt, and subtle vanilla. On the palate the richness is impressive, the natural result of incredible concentration over nearly three decades. While this is a relatively low abv cask strength it remains incredibly full and textured. On the palate, big fudge cocoa elements pop up around sweet vanillas, subtle antique wood notes and rich orchard fruits. The perfect balance between sweet fruit, malty richness and exotic savory qualities. This is one of those no brainer whiskies for people who really care about complexity over power. No more than the tiniest drop of water for this one.

Anthony Russo | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: May 20, 2017

This Linkwood has an awesome, and very unique, “old wood” aroma that instantly makes your head spin (in a GREAT way). Beautiful and muted citrus zest, dark molasses, and a faint musky undertone round this scotch out. With loads of complexities and a great mouthfeel, the easy-going alcohol content make this juice go down nice and smooth. Grassy notes on the palate truly give this Scotch a sense of place. Settle into the couch after dinner with a glass of this.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: May 18, 2017

I always look forward to getting a bottling from Linkwood because Linkwood usually offers both good aromatics and great flavors. This bottling from John Milroy has an expressive and pronounced nose of honey and beeswax. In the mouth it is juicy with light and pretty notes of honey and a delicious finish. I tasted this offering with no additional water.

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: March 21, 2017

Here is some really old whisky from a great hard to find distillery for a wonderful price. The nose is all fudge, fruit, and sweet malt. Please don’t add more than the tiniest drop of water (if that) as it’s naturally down to near 90 proof. It must have been in a very humid part of the warehouse. Some air and we start to get baking bread, whiffs of marmalade and old exotic wood. The palate is ultra buttery in texture, luscious and fruit forward. A stupendously drinkable old malt that remains fresh and ultra balanced despite the intense age. A total treat to find such old wonderful whisky at this spectacular price.


Scotch Malt Whisky Society “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” – Scotch Whisky News


Father’s Day: Hearty Gifts


With Father’s Day on Sunday 18 June, we’ve made some great gift suggestions on our website. From delicious drams to tastings and events, we hope Society whisky is involved in your celebrations and you can find a sumptuous dram for a special dad. We love the name of 112.14 ‘Funky, feisty and youthful’ –  remind you of anyone?


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video

Invergordon 40 Year Old 1977 Sovereign #13278 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Invergordon 40 Year Old 1977 Sovereign #13278 $232.09  ABV:55.1% Age:40 Year Old Vintage:1977 Cask Type: Refill Hogshead Cask #:#13278 Bottler: Hunter Laing & Co. Region: Highland Type: Single Grain Scotch & Volume:70cl

Invergordon 40 Year Old 1977 Highland single grain Scotch whiskey. Single cask refill hogshead #13278 bottled February 2017 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Sovereign series. 390 bottles. A burnished golden coloured whisky with a rich, mellow, full bodied nose. Sweet vanilla tablet with creme brulee and peaches leading to a long lasting nutty finish. Invergordon Distillery is the most northerly of Scotland’s grain distilleries and was established by Invergordon Distillers Ltd in 1959 at Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth in the Highland whisky region. A single Coffey Still was increased to three in 1963 and an additional and much larger column still was introduced in 1978 in order to produce neutral spirit. Hart Brothers and Hunter Laing bottle single cask Invergordon single grain whiskies.

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