Whisky Hammer August Auction Now Live – Whisky News

AA Whisky Hammer

AUGUST AUCTION NOW LIVE (ends Sunday 27th August)

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Your chance to bid on one of the world’s rarest whisky!

Released by Macallan to commemorate the new millennium, this whisky is among the most sought after bottles in the world – distilled way back in 1949 (14th January) and released at 50 years old the whisky is presented in a stunning decanter designed by Caithness Glass.

The bottle is also accompanied with a stopper whereby the copper used both on the stopper and around the neck of the bottle was retrieved from the No. 9 spirit still at the Macallan distillery.

A truly exceptional and luxurious bottle presenting the unique opportunity to own one of only 900 bottles ever released.

With an incredible selection of whiskies and other fine spirits there is certainly something for everyone – whether you are looking to collect, invest, enjoy!


Four Roses Bourbon Tasting at The Whisky Shop #SFO August 19th, 2017 – American Whiskey News


Saturday, August 19th 12-3PM

Bourbon Tasting: Four Roses

Handcrafted since 1888, Four Roses Bourbon survived Prohibition, The Great Depression, Two World Wars, and 40 years of exile from the US, only to be named American Whisky Distiller of the Year for 2011, 2012 and 2013 – three years in a row – by Whisky Magazine.

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DELUXE GLENFIDDICH TASTING at The Midlands Whisky Festival – Scotch Whisky News




Glenfiddich UK Brand Ambassador   

1.00pm – 1.45pm 

We can finally share the news – our first Masterclass for this year’s Birmingham show has just been announced! We’re joined by Stephen Rutherford as we crack the corks of some old and rare bottles from the Distillery Manager’s private cabinet, alongside other exclusive drams. Founded in 1886 by William Grant, Glenfidich distillery has remained one of the most iconic whisky brands across the globe and we’re about to see just why that is, whilst discovering some old and rare drams from their stable.


Stephen ‘Sven’ Rutherford began his career at Dusk cocktail bar in Aberdeen, where his love of whisky was ignited. By entering cocktail competitions, he saw first-hand the fun, laughter, experimentation and amazement that whisky offered. After moving to Orchid, and working his way up to Assistant General Manager, Sven started putting the bar on the map with regular events, pop-ups, menu creations and masterclasses. He made the 2015 UK finals of the Glenfiddich Malt Mastermind competition and later found himself in the saddle as Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador in 2017.








Our exclusive auction of Israel’s First Single Malt Whisky from the country’s first whisky distillery, Milk & Honey is live!

This is an exciting opportunity to secure a unique and historic whisky, place your bids now on bottles number 1 through to 100!



The distillation of this historical whisky is part of the distillery’s “Experimental Series” that took place before all the industrial equipment was purchased. The barrel was distilled together with internationally renowned master distiller, the late Dr. Jim Swan, as part of his role as consultant to the distillery at the time.

Every part of the whisky making process has taken place in Israel and thanks to the surrounding hot climate conditions the 3 year old single malt spirit has developed a mature and complex character well beyond its years.

Aged in new 225 litre American oak casks for two and a half years before being finished in ex-bourbon barrels, the tasting notes are an enticing mix of citrus, spice and marzipan – light bodied and finely balanced.


logo M-H_2

Established in 2012, the team behind Israel’s first whisky distillery are dedicated to creating world-class whisky using traditional custom-built equipment and high quality ingredients.

Recent years have seen awards and plaudits shower down upon distilleries that have pioneered whisky production within their own countries, think of Taiwan’s Kavalan and Japan’s Yamazaki.

We have no doubt that Milk & Honey could well be the next to follow in their footsteps, making this a very exciting opportunity to secure one of their first bottlings!

The Auction is live until Monday 21st August, there is no fee to register on our site, our commission structure is very competitive and we offer worldwide shipping. For our terms and conditions please click here.

Happy bidding!

Ncn’ean Distillery Visit & Oban: West Coast Whisky Feis by Paul Mclean- Scotch Whisky News

As a part of our Oban whisky weekend, we included a visit to the new Drimnin Distillery; Scotland’s ‘first’ 100% organic single malt Scotch whisky distillery has opened on a remote farm estate in the Highlands.

Reay here at the condensers at Drimnin distillery

Reay at the condensers at Ncn’ean Distillery

Ncn’ean distillery    

Ncn’ean distillery (pronounced Nook-knee-anne), aim to produce a ‘young, light’ style of spirit. Ncn’ean began producing spirit in March this year. Its name is an abbreviation of Neachneohain, a witch-queen in Scots Gaelic folklore who was also referred to as ‘Queen of the Spirits’. It is to be found on the remote, historic Drimnin Estate, – formerly known under its working title of Drimnin distillery – it will produce just under 100,000 litres of pure alcohol each year. Sourcing only organic barley and local spring water to make its single malt spirit. It is also one of the greenest distilleries in the country, sourcing all its energy from renewable sources and recycling by-products from the process as cattle feed on the estate’s farm. The style of single malt whisky produced at Ncn’ean will be light and fruity, with maturation in ex-Bourbon and red wine casks. Some experimentation will also take place using alternative yeast strains and temperature regulators in its on-site dunnage warehouses – methods developed for the distillery in collaboration with the late whisky consultant Dr Jim Swan.

The distillery is the brainchild of Annabel Thomas, whose parents Derek and Louise Lewis bought Drimnin Estate in 2002. Thomas, a former strategy consultant in the City of London, was considering her future over a cocktail in 2012 when the idea to build Ncn’ean at her family’s estate came to her. Ncn’ean has employed a team of three distillers, lead by distillery manager Gordon Wood, formerly at nearby Oban distillery. Joining him are distillers Lorna Davidson and Reay Whyte. Dr Swan had acted as consultant master distiller on the project before his death in March this year. ‘Jim came to Ncn’ean two weeks before he died, and we’d gone through the whole recipe together,’ Thomas said. ‘He was due to come back the week we filled our first barrel, but he never made it.’ Dr Swan worked with Thomas and the Ncn’ean team, which includes managing director Benet Slay, formerly head of Carlsberg UK, to design the distillery and its spirit. Ncn’ean expects to release its first single malt whisky in 2020, when the spirit is three years old. In the meantime.

the view to Mull from the Drimnin still room

I drove there this time (not again folks!) fae Oban where we were staying, a 3 hour plus drive through beautiful scenery, single track roads and a ferry all the way to Lochaline, from here, a dusty track of 10 miles – the longest ten miles of my life. I arrived early – I usually do – to be greeted warmly by Riona Whyte, wife of Reay, and local girl (Mull). Sit doon, sit doon, do you want tea or coffee? A superb tea came along with a whisky cake – the best “drivers share” I have ever had. A quick chat, questions and answers, all given right away, these guys know exactly what they are doing here. The tour; get this folks, the stills were made by Speyside Cooperage!!! Aye. The washbacks are insulated, mash tun uses 3 waters at different temperatures with 1 hour between, with 2 sets of condensers, larger than normal. A great all round the shop tour, fantastic to be there on my own with nae time limit. We dondered back to the start where I was given a drivers cocktail, nae alcohol, which was beautiful by the way. Can I thank Riona for her time and chat, grand stuff. Also, I would suggest not arriving by car, rather, do it by boat – now there is another story, briefly; we will be offering a whisky distillery tour by boat next year – details soon on our website

Review by Paul McLean;


Andy Liz and Paul at Oban whisky fest 2017

Andy, Liz & Paul at Oban Whisky Fest 2017

Oban: West Coast Whisky Feis

Where? My hometown, Oban, gateway to the isles and the capital of seafood in Scotland.  It’s only a few hundred yards from Oban Distillery, where you are surrounded by great pubs, food outlets, shops . Just over the water on Mull is another distillery; Tobermory, with an excellent pub within spittin’ distance, owned by a pal of ours, Macgochans Bar. When? From 12pm – 6pm, at Oban’s Skipinnish Cèilidh House.  What?  West Coast Whisky Feis, the brainchild of local drinks retailer Euan, Oban Whisky and Fine Wines, good pals of ours by the way (I think everyone in the drinks industry are friends!).  Skipinnish Ceilidh House will host a range of exhibits from west coast distilleries and food stalls highlighting local producers. Euan Finlayson, owner of Oban Whisky and Fine Wines, said, “We wanted to create an event that showing off the incredible whiskies that the west coast has to offer. Ticket holders received a dram glass and will be able to take samples from all of the exhibitors. There will also be a nosing competition where attendees can attempt to identify various whiskies by smell alone, with a bottle of single malt whisky up for grabs. Samples are included in the event ticket price and master classes are available for an additional fee. Tickets were £30, incredible value considering the amount of drams available.

Ah, nothing like going home, especially when there is a whisky fest on in town! That’s exactly what I did, with partner in crime Liz. Being born some twenty odd years ago (quiet Liz) just doon the road in Connel, I love any time I go back home, on tour with guests, with Liz or on my own. This time, Liz and myself went there for a special reason, friends of ours, Whisky Fix – a company specialising in Single Malt Scotch Whisky. THURSDAY a good start, I love the direction we are away to – west coast, and to be sure Drimnin. Why? To check out a new distillery. But not only that, but a wee bit of my clan history to boot. St. Columba’s Chapel. The Chapel and Drimnin Castle. The Maclean clan maintained control over the Sound of Mull and its adjacent lands through strategically located castles stretching from Mingary on Ardnamurchan to Duart on Mull. Drimnin Distillery – now that is another blog …

one of our favourites tables thanks danielle for the drams

Was it worth going? Just try and stop us next year! It was better than good, as a first Oban whisky fest it was a resounding success, more people than we expected, both sides of the tables! Lots of excellent drams on offer, we did our best to try as many as possible, just for our education you understand. We arrived 12 noon and left just around 6pm. It was that good. Lots of people there we knew from distilleries and bottlers, great food (free) on offer also, the smoked salmon was excellent. We took lots of photos, too many for a blog so catch them on facebook – link from the website.

2018 fest. Gather your strength and gather your pennies … there will be another superb whisky festival in Oban in July next year, we will be there and it would nice to see as many friends as possible.  We will be offering tours around the fest, standard tour – accommodation, ticket etc, then a very special tour, a distillery tour BY BOAT to three west coast distilleries, fest ticket, accommodation and transport from Glasgow – this also includes 3 other distillery visits, a whisky dinner and tasting, all to be online soon. If you can’t wait for news, email us at

Review Paul McLean

best dram of the day maybe at Oban whisky fest 2017

Best dram of the Day!

The Whisky Shop #SFO Bourbon Tasting: Catoctin Creek Aug 17th, 2017 – American Whiskey News


Thursday, August 17th 


Bourbon Tasting: Catoctin Creek

Located in Loundoun County, Virginia Catoctin Creek Distilling Company uses local and organic ingredients to produce a variety of small-batch craft spirits. Their flagship Roundstone Rye holds distinction as Virginia’s most-awarded whisky, including a glowing review from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

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Just Whisky August 2017 Auction Now Live! – Whisky News



It’s that time of the month again! We’re live with our spectacular August auction. Get ready to browse through and bid on the best selection of old, rare and desirable whisky we’ve ever had at Just Whisky. We’ve highlighted a few bottles below you may be interested in but these are just the tip of the iceberg! -the real stars are lurking in among the hundreds of bottles on the August auction. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

An evening with Old Pulteney’s Malcolm Waring & Old Pulteney – Scotch Whisky News


The Whisky Exchange masterclass

An evening with Old Pulteney’s Malcolm Waring

Monday 4 September

7.30pm – 9pm

Tickets now on sale

Book here:

Pulteney distillery in Wick is one of the most northerly distilleries on the Scottish mainland, producing maritime-influenced spirit since 1826. The distillery doesn’t rest on its laurels and is currently shaking up its range – join us for an evening of old favourites and never-tasted-before drams.

We’re thrilled to have distillery manager Malcolm Waring visiting from Wick for an evening of exploration. Malcolm is the man behind the whisky and is integral to every step of the production process – he knows the drams inside and out.

Malcolm joined Pulteney distillery in 1990. Since then, he has worked in every part of the distillery, from the maturation warehouses to mash house and stills. He worked his way up the ranks from brewing manager to assistant distillery manager, and has been managing Pulteney since 2006.

We’ll be trying:

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

Old Pulteney 35 Year Old

…and three secret drams


Smith & Wollensky

The Adelphi, 1-11 John Adam St, London WC2N 6HT

Maltstock Program September 08-10 2017 – Whisky News



Our crazy packed 2017 program will provide you with a relaxed weekend of whisky fun. If you want to check out all the Maltstock goodness that is coming your way this summer: Click here If you want to be part for this, but haven’t got a ticket yet… Relax! Tickets are still available, although availability is limited of course. Click here to ride the digital highway to our shop and treat yourself to a fun packed relaxed weekend!




Maltstock tickets are all inclusive. All your food, beverages and all of our program is included in our entry fee.* You do, however, get to choose if you want to stay with us, and most of our guests do, which makes Maltstock an unique social event! If you want to camp outside or stay in a hotel nearby you are welcome to do so at your own expense. Maltstock tickets are for the whole weekend. We do not sell day or session tickets. Tickets are available at our online shop: *There can be additional costs involved if you want to taste exclusive or rare whisky at the stands of our private collectors, importers and shop keepers.

Paul John Whisky at The Whisky Shop #SFO – Indian Whisky News

Paul John

Tuesday, August 15th 4-7PM:

Paul John Whiskey with Distillery Owner Paul John

John Paul whisky is a testament to the beauty of Goa, traditionally made in copper-pot sills, without artificial colours, flavours, or chill-filtration. The mash is made from a heritage variety of six row barley, harvested in the foothills of Himalayas. Goa’s tropical climate naturally accelerates the maturation process, taking an angel’s share of 8% per annum for its contribution. Their resulting whiskies have received multiple international awards, the most recent being Gold awards from both the 2017 World Whisky and Wizards of Whisky Award.

Distillery owner Paul John will be present, as well as distillery representatives and our own in-store whisky experts.

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