Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction

17-19 February 2017, Olympia, London 

The Olympia Historic Fair & Auction, in partnership with renowned auction house Coys, is London’s new luxury lifestyle event for owners and collectors of classic cars. Taking place on 17-19 February, the show will deliver an unforgettable experience for visitors with a series of features that range from a Coys Auction and Restoration Showcases to the Whisky Exchange Masterclasses and Fine Watch Room.

Run in partnership with The Whisky Exchange – the Whisky Masterclasses are a collection of fine whisky tasting sessions led by industry experts featuring top labels from around the world, from Johnnie Walker Blue Label to Japanese Nikka whisky.

New for 2017 – The Whisky Exchange Masterclasses in partnership with The Whisky Exchange

Johnnie Walker and the Chocolate Factory

Join experts in an exclusive tasting session of one of the world’s most popular blended whisky labels. Guests will be able to enjoy three of the finest Johnnie Walker whiskies, from the exquisite Blue Label to the indulgent Gold Label and Gold Label Reserve. The whiskies will be partnered by award winning luxury chocolates from London chocolatiers, Chococo.

Nikka Whisky with Stephanie Holt

Explore the multi-award winning Nikka range with a tasting of 5 whiskies from the company. Whisky expert Stephanie Holt will guide you through the nuances of a variety of single malt and blended whiskies known worldwide for their quality and flavour.

Kavalan Whisky with Stephanie Holt

Kavalan have made a big impact in the whisky world since they started distilling in 2006. This masterclass will be led by spirits expert Stephanie Holt who will conducting a tasting session of the award winning single malt whisky, known for its smooth and complex flavour.

Luxury Blending Session with Phil Huckle

Phil Huckle, brand ambassador for Pernod Ricards Scotch, will be showing you why it is a modern day myth that Blended Scotch is inferior to Single Malt. Guests will be able to taste premium luxury blends to discover the truth for themselves. On the menu will be Chivas Regal Extra / 18yr & 25yr plus Ballantines 17yr and Royal Salute 21yr.

Alwynne Gwilt – William Grant & Sons UK

Alwynne Gwilt is the UK Balvenie Brand Ambassador at William Grant & Sons UK. She got her start in whisky first through of a love of the liquid, and later through setting up the whisky blog, Miss Whisky. Alwynne will be guiding visitors through a selection of  Balvenie whiskies from the Single Barrel range, including the 12yo, 15yo and 25yo, plus a couple of extra treats along the way. 

Photo credits: The Whisky Exchange

All Whisky Masterclass tickets cost £45 in advance and include entry to the Olympia Historic Fair & Auction.

Please note, masterclasses are limited to 30 people per session so we recommend you book in advance to secure your place.

The Whisky Exchange Masterclasses are £55 on the door.

The Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction, in partnership with renowned auction house Coys, is proud to announce its inaugural event taking place in London’s most prestigious event venue Olympia London on 17-19 February 2017.

Packed with inspiring features such as the Classic Car Rally Talk Theatre, The Restoration Showcase and Fine Watch Room, the event will provide a wealth of information and guidance on the world of historic automobiles. From concours restoration to provenance, whether you’re thinking of buying with the aim to enter the exciting world of classic racing or interested to know how to maximise your investment, this event will allow owners and collectors to both indulge in their passions and acquire their next historic automobile.

For more show details and to buy tickets please visit:


Burns Night with the Whisky Lounge – Whisky News

AA Burns


Well how was it for you?…

Speaking personally, I laid like a twitching mess for the last two weeks as we finally finished our Christmas run-in here at TWL HQ. Recovery I believe it is called. Very enjoyable. Much needed.

However, it is now time to come out of our collective festive hibernation and once again hit the road with our first series of tastings. As many of you are already aware, our Burns’ series is a fantastic excuse to all get together at the start of the year for some whisky merriment and celebration.

Due to unprecedented demand, we have had decided to put additional nights on in London, York and Manchester. So if you fancied coming along, but couldn’t because the date didn’t work or it had already sold out, then now is your chance. Don’t miss out a second time!

Oh, and good folks of Birmingham, we now have a date for you too – hurrah! See below…


19th January Birmingham           BOOK HERE

25th January Liverpool                BOOK HERE

26th January Brighton                 BOOK HERE

26th January London (NEW)       BOOK HERE

26th January Leeds                     BOOK HERE

26th January York (NEW)           BOOK HERE

27th January Manchester (NEW) BOOK HERE

For those of you still unable to make it for whatever reason, we have also released a limited number of Burns’ Night Tasting Packs. Priced at just £25 plus postage, these are perfect for those of you looking for a Burns’ Night for one (or two if you’re feeling generous).

They contain 6 whiskies to sample, plus notes on all of the whiskies and some Burns’ facts and poetry. In fact, the only thing it doesn’t contain is the haggis, neeps and tatties! These would not look good after 24 hours with a courier!

Click HERE to find out more or to purchase!


Finally, and as it is the 1 year anniversary of its arrival, we have a quick competition surrounding the TWL Landie…

Anyone who spots it (stationery obviously) and can take a quick selfie with it and tweet the image, tagging @thewhiskylounge, with the hashtag #TWLLandieSelfie. The best ones will get a free ticket to one of our tastings or festivals, so get involved!

For those of you who haven’t seen her before, he she is, drinking in the sun on Islay at Finlaggan. Gorgeous. The views not bad either!

Just a quick note to those of you waiting for a response if you emailed us over the Xmas period:
Please be patient! We only re-opened yesterday and Georgina and Vicky are furiously going through the inboxes answering emails as quickly as they possibly can! You will get a response soon!

Anyway, we will have plenty more to tell you about over the coming weeks but that’s it for now!


Eddie, Amanda, Rupert, Georgina, Vicky and Guy
The Whisky Lounge Team

A New Brand of Tasting Event is Coming to Manchester – Scotch Whisky News


A new brand of tasting event is coming to Manchester

With the popularity of whisky on the rise, and the number of whisky related events increasing each year, there is a new venture set to introduce even more people to the taste of whisky. One For The Road Tasting Events have set up at Rain Bar in Manchester and are offering one tasting each month, each with a different theme. The events are set to be a little bit different, with some events dedicated entirely to countries outside of Scotland. English, Welsh and European whiskies all feature on the calendar as well as events dedicated to award winning whiskies and there’s even a gin tasting offered too. The Director of One For The Road Tasting Events commented ‘whisky is about much more than Scotland, whisky drinkers already know this, but does everyone else? One For The Road Tasting Events are helping avid tasters to expand their portfolios as well as introduce new whisky drinkers to spirits they may never have known existed.’ Events last for 45 minutes, and prices vary depending on what’s on offer.

All tickets are available from

K&L California Whisk(e)y News – Whisky News



Hello everyone!

We’ve got some exciting things to talk about today, including our first co-sponsored event with the Alamo Drafthouse on Mission St. in San Francisco where we’ll be bringing you…

A K&L “Drink & Watch” Movie Special Featuring Director Steven Soderbergh Live in Person!

On Monday night, January 23rd, starting at 7 PM, we’ll be teaming up with the gang at the Alamo Drafthouse to bring you a screening of Steven Soderbergh’s Academy Award-winning film Erin Brockovich, featuring a live Q&A session with the director himself (hosted by yours truly) and a meet-and-greet cocktail party after the show. As some of you know, I’ve written a column on the K&L spirits blog for years called “Drink & Watch,” where I pair alcohol with movies rather than food. Mr. Soderbergh, who for some reason gets a kick out of those articles, thought it might be fun to take this idea and turn it into a party. As many of you also may know, the Alamo Drafthouse allows you to order food and alcoholic beverages while you’re watching a film, so we’re planning a special cocktail list with Steven’s drink of choice: Singani 63, the grape-based Bolivian spirit he discovered while filming Che on location. We’re big supporters of the brand here at K&L, but we also understand that the spirit needs a bit of an introduction. That’s why we’re inviting you out to the movies on Monday the 23rd to watch a great film, drink some great Singani cocktails, listen to Steven talk about the film, then have a drink with the man at our private after-party. It’s the most exciting event we’ve ever hosted, in my opinion!

Tickets (21 and over) are available here via the Alamo Drafthouse website where you can choose your own seat and reserve your spot:


Drinks are not included with admission, but there will be a specialty menu for you to order from while in attendance.

I’ll be there with Mr. Soderbergh in tow. We’re looking forward to hosting you!



As the market for unique and interesting Bourbon continues to be crowded, competitive, and catty, you’ve got to rely on your strengths as a retailer. As a buyer, I think my biggest strength (and maybe my only redeeming quality, to be honest) is my palate; the ability to know what tastes good and what doesn’t. You might think quality is an obvious characteristic to everyone, but believe me it isn’t. Anyone can pick the oldest cask in the line-up, or the one with the highest proof. You don’t need to be a whiskey master to do that. But when the stocks start dwindling and everything is less than nine years old (as is the case right now at Four Roses), you’re going to figure out real fast who can assess the winners and who can’t.

I offer as proof of our fine palates this delicious new Four Roses selection that we picked out this past Fall. It’s a hair under nine years old and it’s nothing short of scrumptious. I think just about everyone in the Redwood City store went in for a bottle after tasting it this week. It’s just a charming bottle of booze!

Four Roses 8 Year, 11 Month Old “K&L Exclusive” Single Barrel OESO Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey $64.99 – The first selection from our 2016 trip to Four Roses has arrived and it’s absolutely as charming as we remember it. Aged just a hair short of nine years, this OESO selection has a mash bill of 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley and uses the O yeast strain known for imparting a rich, full-bodied, and vanilla-laden character onto the whiskey. Bottled at 53.25% ABV, the Bourbon is full of sweet oak and baking spices galore on the nose. The palate follows suit with vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves balanced by the sweetness from the charred barrel notes. Simply put, it’s the type of whiskey you look forward to coming home to. It’s full of flavor, never overpowering despite the cask strength power, and balanced on all fronts. It’s not difficult to understand, nor is it hiding many deeper secrets. It shows you everything it has right off the bat: creamy vanilla, lots of sweet spice, and a healthy dollop of oak for good measure. Another winner purchased directly from the Four Roses cellar.


After the madness of the holiday rush ended, I went back to some of our favorite suppliers to see if there were any trophies left unclaimed. It turns out that Compass Box had a few gems still available, so I snagged the last few bottles of each. The “Three Year Deluxe” was one of my favorite whiskies of the year, so don’t sleep on these:

Compass Box “Three Year Old Deluxe” Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky $279.99 – Composed of less than 1% three year-old malt whisky produced near the village of Brora, 90% malt whisky of an unstated age from the same distillery and around 9% peaty malt whisky distilled on the Isle of Skye, regulations only permit us only to share details of the age of the youngest component! No matter. For it is this three year-old that is most important to this whisky. Aged from new-make spirit in first-fill American oak casks, the rich vanilla notes, waxy mouthfeel and decadent baked orchard fruit notes from the larger parcel of Highland malt whisky provide a beautiful platform on top of which the brooding qualities of the peaty malt whisky and the clean, bright character of the three year-old parcel are able to shine.

Compass Box “The Circus” Limited Edition Scotch Whisky $249.99 – Limited Edition release of 2,490 bottles worldwide. Bottled March 2016. Producer Taste Notes: A lithe frame and opulent mouthfeel showcasing the supple softness of mature grain and the complexity of aged Blended Scotch Whisky. Brimming with dried fruit character, a luscious maltiness and nuances of almond and hazelnut.

Compass Box “Spice Tree – Extravaganza” Limited Edition Malt Whisky $139.99 – This is a blend of 60% aged malt whisky from the Clynelish distillery, 20% aged malt whisky from the Dailuaine distillers, and 20% aged malt whisky from the Teaninich distillery. This blend is then matured for another four and a half years in 49.8% first filled Sherry butt, 2.6% American oak, 27.7% light/medium toast hybrid cask, 4.3% refill hybrid cask, and 15.6% heavy toast hybrid cask. The hybrid casks are specially created by Compass Box with toasted cask heads that impart more oak flavor to the spirit, resulting a very rich whisky.

Our new container of Old Particular single malt docks in Oakland next week! I’m looking forward to sharing some of those casks with you shortly. Watch the spirits blog as well for news about our new Italian amaro finds, and check out our upcoming Armagnac adventures tomorrow at On the Trail.

Have a great weekend!

David Driscoll Assistant Head Buyer



AA SMWS Jan2017 Burns



Location: The Vaults, Leith

Date: Wednesday 25 January, 6.30-10pm


Location: 19 Greville Street, London

Date: Wednesday 25 January, 6.30-9pm


Location: Ducks Inn, Aberlady

Date: Wednesday 25 January, 6-10pm


Location: 28 Queen Street, Edinburgh

Date: Friday 27 January, 7-10pm


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video

Burns Night in London – Free Drams, Bobby Burns’ Cocktail and Beer Matching – Whisky News


On Wednesday 25th January 2017 Scots will celebrate their national poet, Robbie Burns with a wee dram of fine scotch whisky. Please see below some information on two of the best places to celebrate the bard this January: 

Milroys 1 mb

London’s oldest whisky shop Milroy’s will play host to a lively Burns Night shindig on Wednesday 25th January with haggis cocktails and free whisky drams. Burns Night may be all about tradition but Milroy’s expert bartenders have created a special cocktail for the night using a relative newcomer on the whisky block, R&B Distillers’ Raasay While We Wait. The cocktail will be a peppery play on the classic ‘Bobby Burns’ and has been inspired by the spicing used in haggis. For the inquisitive reveller, there will also be a chance to preview a free sample of the second batch of this lightly peaty single malt to toast to the haggis!  

The Gallery

Meanwhile, in West Hampstead, The Gallery present’s Whisky 101: Siren of the Glen on Tuesday 24th January for an early Burns Night celebration. The Gallery have invited the seductively dangerous, Siren Carft Beer Co., and The Glenlivet, an iconic distillery from the Scottish Highlands, for a night of beer and whisky exploration. This ‘Whisky 101’ event will feature a menu showcasing the effect of barrel aging has on beer and whisky.

Tickets are £20 and include four flights of whisky, four samples of beer and four food pairing canapes curated by The Gallery Head Chef. The Gallery has also devised a selection of cocktails especially for the night based on the whiskies highlighted. 

Ticket link:


Just Whisky January Auction Live! – Whisky Auction News

AA JW Oct1

January Auction Live!

Ends Sunday 22nd January from 8pm

We have got an absolutely cracking auction lined up this month to cure those January blues! Quality, collectable and very drinkable whiskies are crammed into every nook and cranny waiting on your bids. Let’s start with one of the show stoppers – a 1951 Macallan.

Only two sherry butts met the required quality threshold deemed necessary for this bottling. Just 62% of the spirit that was originally filled in to these two ancient sherry butts remained after the angels had their share, leaving just 37% for your enjoyment, producing only 632 bottles.


In this month’s auction, we have a marvellous array of Port Ellen’s mainly consisting of the official Special Releases.

In fact, it’s a complete set with the exception being the 2016 bottling.

The distillery holds a grip of many enthusiasts as it does to any visitor arriving on Islay via ferry. Today it might exist as a maltings but its warehouses dominate the final approach to the island and confirm that you’re in peated whisky country.


Check out the entire auction which ends on Sunday 22nd right here at

Diageo Special Releases 2016 with Colin Dunn at The Whisky Exchange – Scotch Whisky News


Tickets now on sale


Join us for the chance to try some of the most anticipated whiskies of the past 12 months.

AA Diageo

For our first tasting of the year, we’ll be trying seven whiskies from the incredible Diageo Special Releases 2016 line-up. This limited-edition range is one of the biggest launches of the whisky year, and the tasting will include rare drams from closed Port Ellen and Brora.




The Glenlivet Tasting – The Whisky Shop #SFo January 19th – Scotch Wisky News


Thursday, January 19th, 3-7PM:


Come by for an in-store scotch tasting featuring Glenlivet. Promoted as “The Single Malt that Started it All,” Glenlivet distillery was founded in 1824 in Moray, Scotland- and has operated almost continuously since. Guests will be treated to a selection of award-winning drams, with distillery representatives and whisky experts present throughout. 

Click Here to RSVP on Facebook

Four weeks to World Whisky Forum in Sweden. Register now! – World Whisky News


Four weeks to the start, have you registered yet?

The first World Whisky Forum is closing in and we will all meet Feruary 9-10 in Sweden. The speakers list is really superb and the participants are registering from various parts of the whisky world. Please check out the website for more information about tickets and program, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Our host Box Distillery sends a winter welcome

Right now winter is getting it’s grip on the north of Sweden and we just got a great postcard from our local host for the event, Box Distillery.


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