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Just Whisky Auction Live – Amazing Selection of Whisky

Just Whisky is delighted to go live with their 56th auction, this time with an incredible array of drinkers, collectors & solid investment grade Whisky for you to bid on.


Full Flora & Fauna Set (26 Bottles)

Islay is well represented, with high points including the incredibly rare Ardbeg Double Barrel (Asia Special) housed in a bespoke Purdey & Sons leather gun case and Bowmore 50 year old, which recently set an all-time record of £26,691. If you missed out on that one, now is your chance to secure this fantastic Whisky.


Elsewhere on the shelves, they have the new Annual 2018 Releases from Macallan, including the 18, 25 and sought after 30-year-old. If you missed out on the Edition 4, now might be a good time to add it to your collection. Speyside is further represented by many aged whiskies like the Glenfarclas 60-year-old, Balvenie 40 year old.


Enough talk! Let’s view the auction!


Bowmore Bouquet 2


One of the world’s most coveted and highly regarded whiskies, the Bowmore 1966 Samaroli Bouquet has been bought for a record-breaking £51,611 in an online auction held by Perth based Whisky Auctioneer (

After receiving over 50 bids from across the globe, the winning bid came from Hong Kong and sets a new world record for this legendary bottle. It exceeds the previous mark of £4,200, which it achieved in 2014, according to research from rare whisky analysts Rare Whisky 101, marking over a 280% annual increase.

Regarded by many as one of the best, if not the best, whiskies ever bottled, the Bowmore 1966 Samaroli Bouquet is the creation of two whisky legends – Islay’s Bowmore distillery and celebrated Italian bottler, the late Silvano Samaroli. First bottled in 1984 with only 720 bottles produced, the whisky is currently ranked in the top spot on’s top 1000 whiskies of all time, just ahead of Samaroli’s renowned Laphroaig 1967.

The bottle was one of over 3,880 bottles being auctioned off by Whisky Auctioneer this past month, securing a total of more than £1.2million. Other notable sales include the:

  • Bowmore 1964 Black Bowmore 42 Year Old – £22,222
  • Macallan 1946 52 Year Old – £14,500

The Macallan and the Black Bowmore joined the Bouquet in breaking records.  According to Rare Whisky 101, the Black Bowmore most recently sold for £20,000, and the Macallan 1946 for £13,200 in June 2018.

Sean McGlone, director at Whisky Auctioneer, said: “It’s widely known that the Bowmore 1966 Samaroli Bouquet has legendary status within the whisky industry. We knew that there would be strong interest in its listing and that it would likely break the previous records, but it has exceeded all our expectations by fetching over £50,000. It goes to show how committed people are to collecting and investing in rare vintage whisky, something we are seeing a huge increase in.

“At Whisky Auctioneer, we strive to attract some of the very best collections that can be sold worldwide. At least three world records were broken in this recent auction and that helps to reinforce our reputation as an esteemed whisky auctioneer for both buyers and sellers globally. As interest in the sector continues to grow, we are committed to our service to make it as easy as possible for whisky collectors to trade.”

Andy Simpson, co-founder of Rare Whisky 101, said: “With more buyers than ever in the market for the best whiskies, the value of highly regarded single malts is increasing at a rapid rate, with prices being dictated by this consumer demand. Investors, collectors and connoisseurs are becoming increasingly aware of whisky’s rapidly growing popularity around the world, particularly for the rarest and most coveted single malts. The Bowmore 1966 Samaroli Bouquet, which is held in such high regard by connoisseurs, is particularly rare and collectible. This certainly contributed to the interest it drew and the wide range of bids that came in during the sale.”

The incredible new records achieved at this auction are testament to the growing interest in rare whisky, with Whisky Auctioneer noting a 36% rise in the number of online auction users in the last year alone.

Thanks to the ease of access and variety of exciting auctions available, online auctioneers can see records broken by offering a wide catalogue of exclusive whiskies to a global audience. Simplifying the process of buying and selling whisky internationally, Whisky Auctioneer continues to reach a global audience of more than fifty countries, illustrating the growing worldwide appeal of rare whisky.

For more information on the auction or to register to participate please visit

About Whisky Auctioneer

Whisky Auctioneer specialises in auctioning whisky, whether it be fine, old, rare, collectable or affordable. Formed in 2013 and based in Perth, central Scotland, Whisky Auctioneer aims to be the most comprehensive website available for the buying and selling of whisky.

Whisky Auctioneer holds regular monthly online auctions as well as specialist auctions for collectible whiskies and exclusive releases – for example, currently running until 10 July is an exclusive auction for 99 of the first 101 bottles of The Lakes: Genesis – the first single malt produced by The Lakes Distillery and the first in the North of England in over a century.

Twitter: @whisky_auction

Facebook: /WhiskyAuctioneer





Bowmore 1966 Samaroli Bouquet

The 1966 Bouquet is the glittering supernova that is created when two key elements of whisky history collide at just the perfect moment in time. Regarded by many as the one of the best, if not the best, whiskies ever bottled, it is rare that one of these absolute gems is brought to market.


Karuizawa Single Casks

Karuizawa produced outstanding whiskies, many receiving international acclaim. They have released almost 300 single casks that are becoming increasingly rarer and rarer as demand soars. We have a great selection currently available including an array of the 1981 35 year old releases.


Overholt 1909 Rye Whiskey 1 Quart / Pre-Prohibition

Overholt Rye was first produced in the early 1800s, with this bottle appearing over a century later. Bottled just before Prohibition, this 1909 vintage was apparently a reserve of the Mellon family, who stockpiled it for fear of running out in the wake of the Prohibition legislation banning all production and consumption in 1920.


Bowmore 1964 – Black, White and Gold

All three from “The Trilogy” series are featured this month.  The Black Bowmore is certainly an icon of whisky and was followed by slightly older Gold and White that add Bourbon cask maturation to provide a comparison to the Oloroso casks used in the Black expression.


Macallan 1997 Exceptional Cask #9182-01

The very first cask from Macallan’s new ‘Exceptional Single Cask’ range, bottled in 2017 exclusively for the United States and parts of Asia. This range takes its name from a number of single cask bottlings Macallan released during the 1990s, often described as some of “the greatest Macallan of them all.”

Scotch Whisky Auctions 87th Auction Now Live – Whisky News


Hi folks, that’s us live with the 87th auction! Happy bidding! This time the link below might actually take you to the current auction!

Happy Bidding!

SWA header


Bowmore Bouquet 2


One of the world’s most coveted and highly regarded whiskies is set to go under the hammer in an online auction being held by Perth based Whisky Auctioneer (

The Bowmore 1966 Samaroli Bouquet is regarded by many as one of the best, if not the best, whiskies ever bottled. Islay’s Bowmore distillery and renowned Italian bottler, the late Silvano Samaroli, are both legends of the whisky world and the Bowmore 1966 is the gem that they crafted together.

Bottled in 1984, there were only 720 bottles produced, one of which is set for auction this week (22nd June) and is expected to fetch between £25,000 and £30,000.

Samaroli is an Italian independent bottler, famed for the exceptional quality of their releases as well as their artistic, innovative labels and packaging. The renowned ‘Bowmore Bouquet’ is rated in joint first place on’s top 1000 whiskies of all time, sharing the podium only with another Samaroli epic, the Laphroaig 1967, bottled for him by R.W. Duthie.  While Serge Valentin of awarded this Bowmore an impressive rating of 97 points.

More recently the French collector, whisky author and owner of the famous Auld Alliance bar in Singapore, Emmanuel Dron, opened a bottle of the Bouquet for customers in that very venue, with enthusiasts and connoisseurs flocking from all over Asia to sample a drop of this liquid gold.

The Bouquet was distilled in 1966, a golden era in production at Bowmore distillery. Silvano’s first releases in 1979 were a collaborative effort with W.M. Cadenhead, Scotland’s oldest independent bottler. Soon after in 1981, he released the acclaimed Flowers series, bottled with ornate illustrative labels. Silvano himself drew the eye-catching label depicting a group of bright-red carnations, which has become one of the most iconic labels to ever adorn a bottle of whisky.

Sean McGlone, director at Whisky Auctioneer, said: “The Bouquet series enjoys a legendary status and reputation within the world of whisky. And rightly so. Not only is the liquid itself exceptional but the artwork on the bottle is exquisite. Naturally we are expecting to see a huge amount of interest in this rare treasure from whisky collectors across the world.”

The auction is the latest in a growing line of rare treasures to be sold by Perthshire firm Whisky Auctioneer which specialises in auctioning fine, old, rare and collectable whisky. Over the past two years, the auctioneer has sold a rare 30 year old bottle of second edition Black Bowmore single malt whisky for a world record £11,900, a rare collection of Corti Brothers whiskies for £52,865, and the world’s largest known collection of rare and collectable Karuizawa whisky from Japan for £770,000.

The auction goes live on 22 June and will close on 2 July.

For more information on the auction or to register to participate please visit

About Whisky Auctioneer

Whisky Auctioneer specialises in auctioning whisky, whether it be fine, old, rare, collectable or affordable. Formed in 2013 and based in Perth, central Scotland, Whisky Auctioneer aims to be the most comprehensive website available for the buying and selling of whisky.


Whisky Hammer June 2018 Auction Now Live – Auction Whisky News

AA Whisky Hammer


(ends Sunday 24th June)

…place your bids at

With an incredible selection of whiskies and other fine spirits there is certainly something for everyone – whether you are looking to collect, invest, enjoy!




– £900 A DRAM – 

Dalmore 50 year-old 1926. Sold for £33,750

A rare bottle of Dalmore 50 year-old 1926 tripled its pre-sale estimate to sell for £33,750 at Bonhams Whisky Sale in Edinburgh today, Wednesday 6 June, making a dram worth more than £900.  The bottle had been estimated at £10,000-14,000.

Bonhams Whisky specialist Martin Green said, “The Dalmore 50 year-old 1926 is an exceptional whisky, and I am not surprised that the bidding was so intense and the price achieved so high. It was a very strong sale overall with bidders taking full advantage of the opportunity to add some very special bottles to their collections.”

Other highlights included:

  • A bottle of the Macallan 1951 that sold for £17,500.  One of only 632 bottles, it had been estimated at £10,000-12,000
  • A bottle of Glenfiddich-1952. Estimated at £10,000-12,000, it sold for £16,250.
  • A bottle of the Macallan 1957. Bottled in 1982 in honour of the 25th Anniversary of Rinaldi Brothers Inc., it made £8,750 against an estimate of £3,000-4,000.
  • Two bottles of the Macallan-Glenlivet 35 year-old 1938. Sold as a pair for £6,875 having been estimated at £3,400-4,000.

In total, the sale made £433,150 with 92% of lots being sold.

Sale: Whisky
Location: 22 Queen Street Edinburgh
Date: Wednesday 6 June at 11.00 am
Specialist: Martin Green


Bonhams, founded in 1793, is one of the world’s largest and most renowned auctioneers, offering fine art and antiques, motor cars and jewellery. The main salerooms are in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, with auctions also held in Knightsbridge, Edinburgh, Paris, San Francisco and Sydney. With a worldwide network of offices and regional representatives in 22 countries, Bonhams offers advice and valuation services in 60 specialist areas. For a full list of forthcoming auctions, plus details of Bonhams specialist departments, please visit

Whisky-Online Auctions MAY AUCTION RESULTS 2018 – Scotch Whisky News


Whisky-Online Auctions


Macallan goes from strength to strength on the secondary market today and the top end of our latest sale only serves to underpin this fact. Results like the Macallan 1938 for £12,000 , breaking the previous record price recorded in our April sale two months ago of £11,600. The 1965 Anniversary Malt at £3500; the Annie Leibovitz Masters of Photography at £4000 and the Private Eye at £3200 were just a few of the universally impressive results for this zeitgeist distillery.

Macallan 1938

However, perhaps more interesting and illuminating was the Bowmore 1969 Fecchio & Frassa single cask which finished up at £7600. A deeply impressive result which builds on sister cask 6639 which we sold in November last year for £5500. The desire to posses these legendary and rare old bottlings of incredible whisky is skyrocketing just now, but likewise the knowledge and understanding of these whiskies is also becoming more widespread.

Bowmore Fecchio

Also interesting was the Glen Grant 10 year old bottled in the 1960s by Peatling & Cawdron. An extremely rare and interesting example of the old classic Glen Grant labelling which fetched a whopping £2600. Not so long ago bottlings such as this one very rarely went outside the £400-600 range. This is a good example of how desirability is beginning to step outside the more obvious distilleries as knowledge and understanding of these old rarities increases across a wider range of wealthy buyers.

 Glen Grant 10

There were a few interesting Ardbeg results such as the 1974 single cask 5666 for £1950 – suddenly the £500 retail price in Oddbins doesn’t seem quite so steep.

Ardbeg 5666

Then there was the 1966 Cadenhead 32 year old Ardbeg for £1800. Both these bottlings – amongst others – seem to have been at this price point for a while now. It’s likely we’ll soon see these sorts of Ardbegs jump up another level in value I suspect.

Cadenhead 1966

The old Andrew Usher Green Stripe from around 1900 hit a very respectable £1650. It’s always a pleasure to find bottles such as this one – true pieces of liquid history help brighten any whisky auction. Other notable four figure results were the Rare Malts 1977 Brora at an unusually impressive £1300. And, in what is likely the most expensive Pittyvaich ever, the 1974 26 year old single cask by Kingsbury fetched a mighty £1250. Every distillery has its legendary bottling and this, unequivocally, is Pittyvaich’s.


Dipping below four figures there were some solid results for the likes of Laphroaig 30 year old with three examples at £1000, £975 and £925. One of the wonderful Oban Bicentenary Manager’s Drams at a hefty £925. And a White Horse Lagavulin at £875, another bottling we’re always happy to see and once again performing consistently well.


At this level of the sale almost everything performed toward the upper end of its market value, although the Talisker 1952 21 year old for £875 did seem like something of a bargain. Goes to show they can still happen even in today’s heady climate.


Manager’s Drams continue their skywards march, a pair of the excellent Clynelish 17 year old fetched an impressive £600 apiece. Similarly bottlings that sat around the £300-400 range for a long time are starting to noticeably jump up. Good examples being the Springbank 21 year old tall bottle at £625, the Macallan Elegancia 1990 at £600 and the Glen Grant 1965 Queens Award at £600.

Glen Grant1

Although, conversely, at this price range there were also a few bottles which seem to have softened a little, although probably only temporarily. Examples being the Macallan 10 year old from the late 1970s at £575; the Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition at £575; and the Glen Mhor 1965 Cadenhead Dumpy for £525.

Lagavulin DE

Other notable results around this end of the auction were the Gilbey’s Redbreast 10 year old from the 1960s for £550 – although interest in older Irish Whiskeys is only bound to increase these days. A pair of 1980 Dailuaine Flora & Fauna cask strengths for £525 each. And a 1930s Gilbey’s Spey Royal blend for £500, this isn’t normally a brand that commands too much at auction but this beautiful old example clearly got bidders interested. Surprising that it edged the 1950s Logan’s at £450. Macallan madness was also alive at this end of the sale as well with old examples of 10 and 12 year olds from the 1990s fetching £430 and £450 respectively. Brand power? Or just plain daftness? Time will tell…


 Redbreast & Spey Royal images here

Looking for bargains and once again there are slim pickings. A Glenlivet 1970 Duncan Taylor 39 year old looks pretty tasty at £290 – especially when a 1990s litre of Scapa 10 year old fetched £300! And a Balvenie 1974 15 year old by Signatory was a snip at £220. Although bargain of the sale should probably go to the Talisker 1979 21 year old Cadenhead for £215. But by and large most bottles hit or surpassed their market value. In fact, if this kind of sale proves anything, it is that the notion of a ‘market value’ in an increasingly brief, tenuous and unreliable concept in this day and age of whisky auctioneering. We bid in interesting times no doubt.


Whisky Auctioneer Feis Ile Auction Now Live – Scotch Whisky News




What an amazing Feis Ile this year – wonderful whiskies combined with sensational, sunny weather!

The Whisky Auctioneer team was lucky enough to join the festival, and although we can’t bring back the great weather, we were on standby for anyone looking to get their bottles transported safely off the island.

So if you weren’t able to make the trip over then do not worry – you’ll find all the whisky that the island had to offer in the current auction…

Check it out here!


Hunter Laing Kinship Collection 6 x 70cl / Feis Ile 2018

To celebrate the coming completion of their Ardnahoe distillery on Islay, Hunter Laing has released a second selection of 6 bottlings, following on from the original Kinship collection in 2017.


Feis Ile 2018 Official Releases

Each distillery had at least one release for those lucky enough to have made the epic journey to the island. Kilchoman introduced their most aged whisky to date, Laphraoig finished in sherry casks and Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte offered hugely experimental releases.


Bowmore Feis Ile 2018

Bowmore released two different expressions: There was a single cask release that many dedicated Bowmore fans sat patiently in line for, along with the 15 year old matured exclusively in Oloroso casks.


Feis Ile 2018 Independents

Whilst the lion’s share of the attention went to the official releases from each distillery, some fantastic indy bottlings were also up for grabs throughout the week. 


Campbeltown Malts Festival 2018

Lastly, we musn’t forget the fact that on the run up to the Feis Ile, Campbeltown had their own wee annual celebration where some mouth-watering releases were revealed. We have a selection of these available in our current auction.

Just Whisky June 2018 Auction Live – Auction Whisky News



Time to browse the auction?

This month see’s us with a barrage of high quality, aged whiskies as well as potential drinking bargains! We actually have a slightly smaller auction this month, but the quality of bottles is outstanding. Some of the whiskies are featured below but there are many more online. Don’t forget the 2018 Feis Ile bottles too!

Starting up in Sutherland, one of the stand-out whiskies of the month is the fabulous Brora 40 Year Old. Captured at an incredible 59.1% vol and housed in a hand-crafted wooden case by the Queen’s cabinet makers N.E.J. Stevenson Ltd it’s one we’d love to try.



The first ever 40-year-old bottling from the long-closed distillery of Brora in Sutherland, Scotland. Taken at natural cask strength from a single cask distilled a generation ago, the fine pale gold malt in this exquisite decanter is a proud and rare survivor of another age. The decanter bears the golden emblem of the Scottish Wildcat, a now endangered species, which featured on the family crest of the distiller’s founder, the Duke of Sutherland.

The rare expression has been drawn from what Diageo considers to be “the most brilliant of its highly-peated bottlings”, the 1972 reserve, and has a natural cask strength of 59.1%.



An incredibly sought after bottle of Laphroaig. This 40-year-old whisky was the official release which followed the 1960 40 year old which was exclusive to Oddbins.

In 1960, locally grown barley was malted by hand in the distillery’s own maltings. Using the soft peaty water from the Kilbride Dam and peat from the Glenmachrie Moss in March of that year, this unique whisky was produced and put away in the warehouse beside the sea for its long sleep.

This rare and unique whisky was produced and distilled under the care and attention of the legendary Bessie Williamson. Some people say she was the first genuine lady whisky distiller.



This is an incredibly rare Single Malt Macallan which was distilled way back in 1950 and bottled in the early 1980’s by Gordon & MacPhail of Elgin.

Matured in sherry wood for over 30 years, this is a fantastic appreciating whisky which would grace the collection of any Macallan or whisky enthusiast. The hand-written style label adds a real touch of class to this collectable malt. Simply stunning!

The auction runs until Sunday the 17th June.

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