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‘FOREST FLOW’ expresses a bold and responsible future for enlightened whisky making  

A flowing and shimmering new sculpture representing life, growth and transformation 

emerged in the rolling foothills of the Cairngorms today as Scottish land artist Rob 

Mulholland unveiled his latest creation at Fettercairn Distillery. 

Created from 800 metres of 12mm round recycled stainless steel bars – 3,200 individual pieces in total, the inspiration behind the piece – FOREST FLOW – is a ground-breaking project 10 years in the making that has seen tens of thousands of oak saplings planted on the land next to the Fettercairn Distillery on the 8,500-acre Fasque Estate. This future focused  project will establish a new land management vision for the next 200 years and challenge whisky making convention by providing responsibly sourced and managed local wood to mature whisky in – ultimately enabling Fettercairn distillery to craft single estate whiskies.  

Set on a clear pool of pure spring water from a natural source only a few hundred yards away, ‘FOREST FLOW’ draws its inspiration from the endless cycle of growth as saplings draw water and nutrients from the ground and circulate them to create vibrant life. Looking out to the new Forest – highlighting the deep and inextricable relationship we all have with nature – this bespoke piece of art has been created to fully harmonise with its environment through the depiction of essential whisky making ingredients – water, locally grown barley and the wood for maturation. The sculpture also celebrates the unique water-cooling ring on the stills at Fettercairn, allowing only the finest vapours to rise creating the purest spirit.  

“Fettercairn Distillery is embedded in the landscape. It draws its raw materials from its natural surroundings – the water, barley and the future oak forest – which are all within sight of the distillery. I wanted to capture all these elements in my sculpture. I was inspired after seeing the water flowing into the distillery from the nearby well, filling the mash tuns and pouring over the outside of the stills – a constant sense of movement and life as the water is circulated over the stills and then naturally cooled and re-circulated.  

This is the same water that sustains the newly planted Fettercairn forest and nourishes the surrounding landscape, a visceral connection between the land and the distillery. I wanted to capture this life-giving flow in my sculpture and convey the close relationship that the whole whisky process has with the natural environment. I imagined the water flowing over the still, instantly solidifying into metal to create an organic sculptural form as it emerges from a pool of crystal clear water, as if some unseen alchemical process had transformed the flowing water into solid steel. On the outer edges a scattering of oak leaves form in a circle symbolising the newly planted Fettercairn forest.  

The reflective clear pool captures the mirror image of the sculpture and simultaneously captures the reflection of the sky and changing light as time passes by. Time is a key element in creating whisky and in creating sculpture, a synergy of craft that permeates both practices. I hope that my work conveys both crafts and harnesses our respect for the setting and natural environment at Fettercairn,” said Glaswegian sculptor Rob Mulholland.  

Stewart Walker, Distillery Manager at Fettercairn said: “We love the idea that Rob’s stunning work will keep watch over the mighty oaks in our sustainable forest 150 -200 years from now. We are extremely proud when we look at Rob’s artistic endeavours – the sculpture has movement, texture and its shadows and reflections are constantly changing. It feels totally in keeping with its environment and for our whisky making philosophy. We are confident it will become iconic on our regional landscape – loved by visitors and the local community alike.”  

The Fettercairn Forest project is led by whisky maker Gregg Glass, who has conducted numerous trials with wind-felled and responsibly sourced Scottish oak as well as extensive tests and experimentation in collaboration with experts across different industries. The Distillery has already laid down whiskies in different types of Scottish Oak cask and plans to release the first commercially available Fettercairn Scottish Oak bottling next year. The sculpture is due to be incorporated into the Distillery visitor experience from 2022. 

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About Fettercairn  

Our founder, Sir Alexander Ramsay, was one of the Scottish landowners who campaigned for the licensing of Scotch Whisky distilling. In 1824 Fettercairn he established the Fettercairn Distillery, in the Northeast of Scotland; it was to become one of the first licensed single malt distilleries. Despite his campaigns for regulation, Ramsay recruited illicit whisky makers as his first stillmen, knowing only they had the knowledge and experience required to make great whisky. From our very beginnings, we’ve been doing things a little differently in the pursuit of great whisky.  

In the mid-1950s, the whisky makers at Fettercairn experimented, seeking ways to create a purer expression of their spirit. They found that pouring water down the still cooled the copper, increasing condensation inside so only the lightest vapours could rise for collection. They fashioned a copper tube around the top of the still to continually douse it with crystal clear mountain water. This simple yet ingenious engineering feat not only creates a purer expression of our whisky, but beautiful oxidized patina of the copper with shades of teal, brushed cooper and white proudly marking our stills. To this day our copper cooling ring remains unique in Scotch whisky making.  

Today the Fettercairn Distillery continues this trend of ingenious thinking and is the home of enlightened whisky making, where experimental and considered, open minded innovation provides inspiration in the creation of the most exceptional and rare single malt whiskies. Driven by the idea of entire craft, there is an inherent commitment to the land and the idea of nurturing and embracing every single part of the process, from forest to field to Fettercairn.  

As part of this philosophy, we are always discovering and learning and we use this to feed our imagination and passion to create distinct whiskies with a surprising tropical character.  

About Rob Mulholland 

Rob Mulholland is a sculptor and environmental artist based in Drymen, Scotland who exhibits throughout the U.K and world-wide. His practise explores the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. Utilizing a wide variety of forms and materials his sculpture installations interact with their surroundings. He incorporates mirrored surfaces in his sculptures to reflect the given environment and alter the viewer’s perception of the space. The reflection is purposely distorted, inviting the viewer to question their individual relationship with their surroundings. 

This nexus between people and the natural world is further developed in recent works such as One Flock which illuminates this symbiotic relationship. He is interested in elements of deconstruction and has interpreted this with sculptures such as Skytower and Evolve in which kinetic forces appear to have torn through and re-shaped the sculptural forms. These sculptures push the boundaries of physical structural engineering allowing him to explore and develop his practise further. His work is both gallery based and sited in public spaces. 

Plans approved to convert Titanic Pump-House into new distillery and tourist attraction – Irish Whiskey News

Titanic Distillery plans given green light

Titanic Distillers plans approved to convert Pump-House into distillery and tourism centre

PLANS have been approved for the conversion of the historic Titanic Pump-House in Belfast into a new whiskey distillery and world class tourist attraction.

A listed building in the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, the Pump-House, along with its neighbouring dry dock, first opened in 1911 and is the world’s only authentic Titanic landmark.

Now, Belfast drinks company Titanic Distillers has been given the green light by Belfast City Council to convert the Pump-house into a working distillery with associated visitor tour.

Included in the plans are the installation of three large stills on a mezzanine floor overlooking the original pumping engines which are situated deep in the pump-well.

All the original pump equipment and associated internal historic features of the building will be retained and available to view as part of a visitor tour, with tourists also able to relax in the adjacent tourism centre, which will include an on-site ‘speakeasy’ bar and café with free wi-fi, gift shop, exhibition space and an enlarged mezzanine floor with tasting rooms.

Aside from restoration requirements, the exterior of the pump house would remain largely untouched under the plan but will be open for tourists to view the famous Thompson dry dock, which was built in 1911 to accommodate the massive White Star transatlantic liners Olympic and Titanic.

We are very excited that our planning application has been approved,” said Titanic Distillers Director Richard Irwin.

Titanic Distillers is inspired by the people who worked in Belfast’s shipyard more than a century ago – and now tourists will be able to walk in their footsteps in the very pump-house and dry dock that represent such an authentic part of the Titanic story and indeed the history of Belfast. 

“At Titanic Distillers, we are very aware that we have a big responsibility as custodians of a hugely historic and global brand, and it is crucially important that we preserve the historical integrity of this building and its surrounds. 

“The Pump-house has survived remarkably well for more than 100 years in a very harsh environment but it is in much need of repair and any further decline would represent a major risk to its future – so our first priority is to restore the building and bring it back to its former glory while maintaining and securing its long-term future,” he added.

“As a listed building and such an important piece of our history, all care and attention will be devoted to preserving the building’s features and ensuring that they meet modern-day standards.  

“All distillery equipment and new internal mezzanine floors will be supported by a steel structure within the pump-house to avoid any harmful intrusive works to the fabric of the building. 

“Whilst today represents a major milestone for us, we know that the hard work really starts here and we are now collaborating with stakeholders and funders, including Invest NI, to bring these exciting plans to life. Hopefully, we will be in a position to make a further announcement on this in the not-too-distant future,” concluded Richard.

Once completed, visitors to the Pump-House will ‘clock in’, as workers did a century ago, to view the workings of the distillery and hear the story of Belfast’s whiskey tradition, why it disappeared and how it has returned with the city’s first working whiskey distillery in more than 100 years.

In the days before Prohibition, Belfast was once the largest producer of Irish Whiskey on the island of Ireland,” said Titanic Distillers Director Peter Lavery.

Whiskey has played an important part in the history of our city.  We want to revive this great distilling tradition and bring Belfast back to the forefront of Irish Whiskey production, while at the same time telling the story of a glorious past when Belfast led the way globally – not just in shipbuilding but across many areas of industry, manufacturing and innovation. 

“We are excited to tell this story through our whiskey and our vision to develop the Pump-House to create a truly authentic experience that will allow visitors to feel they were really there.”

The Titanic Pump-House is within walking distance of Titanic Belfast, the world’s biggest Titanic exhibition centre and Northern Ireland’s number one tourist attraction, clocking up more than 800,000 visitors per annum in the days before Covid-19.

Also resident in the Titanic Quarter is the SS Nomadic tender ship which ferried passengers to the ill-fated liner, and HMS Caroline, a decommissioned C-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy that saw combat service in the First World War and served as an administrative centre in the Second World War.

Torabhaig Allt Gleann – The Legacy Series 2nd Release at Abbey Whisky – Scotch Whisky News

Torabhaig Allt Gleann – The Legacy Series 2nd Release

Limited stock now available of ‘Allt Gleann’, the second expression of single malt Scotch whisky from Torabhaig distillery, released as part of The Legacy Series. Torabhaig is the first distillery to be build on the Isle of Syke in 190 years.

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Ballot: Bowmore x Aston Martin 21 Year Old Masters’ Selection at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News

Register Your Interest:
Bowmore x Aston Martin

The Masters’ Selection by Bowmore is where two worlds collide. This limited edition 21-year-old is a stunning collaboration between Ron Welsh, Bowmore’s Master Blender, and Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin, each of them a master of their own art. Register your interest at the ballot link below and we will then contact all successful entrants with a link to buy.


Bowmore x Aston Martin
Masters’ Selection 21 Year Old

‘The Golden Ratio’ is at the heart of every Aston Martin design – a principle that they believe achieves balance and beauty from any angle. Bowmore were hugely inspired by this approach to creativity, crafting the Masters’ Selection which comprises a base of 21-year-old Bowmore matured in first fill Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks, with an additional four casks selected for a strong influence of European fortified wines.

This special single malt is bottled at a cask strength of 51.8% abv for optimal flavour experience. The nose leads with aromatic Manuka honey and toasted hazelnuts alongside leather and tobacco, before a warming palate with vibrant sherry notes, a punch of Islay peat smoke, dark chocolate and tangy cherries. The finish lingers with woody spice and satisfyingly sweet coconut.

Bowmore x Aston Martin 21 Year Old Masters’ Selection


Scotch Malt Whisky Society WHISKY LIBATIONS – Scotch Whisky News

Expand your flavour horizons with this stunning new cask selection, guaranteed to put you in a party spirit this festive season. We’re heading into the week with a range of 15 new bottlings from across our most popular flavour profiles. Whether you find yourself ‘sprawling on the lawn’, ‘sheltering in a bothy’ or ‘just beneath the snowline’ this week – there is a dram especially for you.





We’re celebrating Christmas in style this year, paying homage to the spirit of the 1920s – dressing dapper, dancing the night away and enjoying a whisky cocktail (or two!). We’ve got a packed calendar of events in our Members’ Rooms, so head to the website and find out what is happening near you.


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video


A Jaw-Dropping Selection of In-Stock Aged Scotch: Macallan, Ardbeg, Aberlour, & More – Scotch Whisky News

A Treasure Trove of Fully Mature Scotch Rarities:
Singular Collectibles from Macallan, Ardbeg, Aberlour, & More

Plus, a thrilling selection of sublimely aged spirits from around the world…

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve combed our nearly unrivaled selection of the world’s rarest, highly allocated Scotch whiskies to bring you a collector’s dream list that’s sure to impress even the most seasoned aficionados. From age statements to barrel regimens to regional styles, the diversity on offer here is simply astounding, and they’re all in stock and ready to ship. While the usual suspects like Macallan, Aberlour, and Springbank all give tour de force renditions, several under-the-radar gems are more than worthy of your attention.

Not to be missed is the 1992 Glentauchers 28 Year Old Speyside Single Barrel from the incomparable Hart Bros. This outstanding dram arrived as a miniscule 90-bottle allocation, and it’s sure to disappear in short order. A 1989 Tomatin 25 Year Old Single Sherry Butt from Hunter Laing is a world-class example of what a long rest in Sherry oak can do for a top-flight Highland malt, while the 1997 Ben Nevis 24 Year Old “Chapter 7: A Whisky Anthology – Monologue #16” puts on a stunning display of ex-bourbon hogshead ageing at cask strength—no shrinking violet, this one.

Finally, we have an absolutely rocking Islay standout from everyone’s favorite peat monster. The Whisky Advocate 95-point Ardbeg 19 Year “Traigh Bhan – 2021 Release” Batch #3 Islay Single Malt is the latest edition of a stellar new age-stated entry in the distillery’s line-up, the first such in over 20 years, and the results couldn’t be more astounding. Whether you’re shopping for a hard-to-please whisky fan or that hard-to-please whisky fan is you, this entire range is a must-have treasure trove of singular, one-of-a-kind rarities that belong in any world-class collection.

Vintage Item Name Retail Link
1998 Inchgower 22 Year Old “Sovereign” K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $109.99 View
1989 Tomatin 26 Year Old “Hart Brothers Finest Collection” Cask Strength Single Barrel Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $209.99 View
1992 Glentauchers 28 Year Old “Hart Brothers Finest Collection” Cask Strength Single Barrel Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $239.99 View
1994 Tomatin 25 Year Old “Hunter Laing Old & Rare” Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $249.99 View
Linkwood 25 Year Old Gordon & MacPhail Single Malt Whisky (750ml) $270.00 View
1997 Ben Nevis 24 Year “Chapter 7, A Whisky Anthology – Monologue #16” Single Bourbon Hogshead #30 Cask Strength Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $274.99 View
Ardbeg 19 Year “Traigh Bhan – 2021 Release” Batch #3 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $299.99 View
1989 Tullibardine 31 Year “Hunter Laing Old & Rare” K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $299.99 View
1988 Tormore 31 Year “Hunter Laing Old & Rare Heritage Platinum Selection” Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $349.99 View
1993 Springbank 25 Year Old “The Perfect Fifth” First Fill Sherry Butt No. 315 Cask Strength Single Malt Island Scotch Whisky (750ml) $1,500.00 View
1979 Mosstowie (Miltonduff) 40 Year Old Gordon & Macphail 125th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $2,199.99 View
1984 Glenury Royal 35 Year Old Gordon & Macphail 125th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $2,199.99 View
Macallan 25 Year Old “Distillery Bottling” Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $2,399.99 View
1989 Aberlour 30 Year Old “The Perfect Fifth” Single Cask #11050 Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) $2,500.00 View

Scotch Whisky Auctions “126th live and in full swing!” – Scotch Whisky Auction News

Well it’s nearly that time of year again … the most dram-derful time of the year and we’re all getting into the festive spirit here at SWA! Our little elves have been working tirelessly to bring you this colossal festive auction just in time for Santa.  Whether it’s Christmas Cocktails or dreamy fireside drams, we have something to tickle your tastebuds.  You snow the score by now….get stuck in, explore our winter wonderland and fill your boots!

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We continue to offer free doorstep collections for over 10 bottles or collectively worth a minimum of £1000. Contact us to find out more and check availability. Collection requests can be made here.

The Good Dram Show – Episode 439 ‘Independent Bladnoch’ – Scotch Whisky News

Welcome to this weeks epic episode of the show in which I’ll be taking a look at some Independently bottled old Bladnoch. The samples came from the 2017 and 2018 Independent Bottlers Challenge and given the competitions demise it’s unlikely that these sort of samples will come my way again. So enjoy!

Lost Lantern Announces First Annual Winter Whiskey Wednesday Drop with a Trio of New Limited Edition Single Casks


Lost Lantern Announces First Annual Winter Whiskey Wednesday Drop with a Trio of New Limited Edition Single Casks

Light Up the Holidays with McCarthy’s, Smooth Ambler, and Starlight Whiskies 


NOVEMBER 19, 2021—On Wednesday, December 1st, Lost Lantern – the independent bottler of American whiskey that launched in late 2020—will celebrate the upcoming holidays with its first Winter Whiskey Wednesday drop, a release that will take place on the first Wednesday of December every year. On this new tradition, Lost Lantern Co-Founders Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski said, “While we don’t normally reveal release dates far in advance, fans can expect a Lost Lantern winter drop timed to the holiday season the first Wednesday of December every year. This release, beginning with our Winter 2021 collection, will include some of our most exciting whiskies of the year, selected with celebration, cold weather, and gift giving in mind.”

The Winter 2021 collection will feature three limited-edition single casks, available exclusively via as of December 1st and on at a later date. All are bottled at cask strength, are non-chill-filtered, and have natural color.

  • 2021 Single Cask #6, McCarthy’s 6 Year Old Oregon Peated Single Malt (248 btls): SRP, $140
  • 2021 Single Cask #7 Smooth Ambler West Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey (195 btls): SRP, $80
  • 2021 Single Cask #8 Starlight Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey (211 btls): SRP, $70

Blake Riber, founder of Seelbach’s is excited to launch the new collection. “We’re thrilled to have the exclusive Lost Lantern Winter Collection on Seelbach’s! Most of their fall release sold out before we even had a chance to announce it. Lost Lantern is pushing the boundaries for independent bottlers in American Whiskey. This is exactly what we want to showcase on Seelbach’s.”

All three of these distilleries and states are new additions to Lost Lantern’s single cask lineup. “Clear Creek has been making McCarthy’s for over 20 years and has a well-deserved cult following,” said Nora and Adam. “Smooth Ambler is best known for sourcing and blending but has also been distilling their own whiskey for years, so we’re excited to present their own West Virginia-distilled wheated bourbon. Finally, Starlight showcases Southern Indiana’s terroir, climate, and agriculture and is quickly becoming one of the darlings of bourbon drinkers.”

Lost Lantern released 10 single casks in its first year (all sold out) and debuted five more on their one-year anniversary in October (one of which is sold out). All were hand-picked from some of America’s most exciting distilleries: Santa Fe Spirits (NM), Cedar Ridge (IA), New York Distilling Company (NY), Ironroot Republic (TX), Whiskey Del Bac (AZ), Balcones (TX), Watershed (OH), Boulder Spirits (CO), Spirit Works (CA), and St. George Spirits (CA). Single casks are an essential piece of the Lost Lantern model, inspired by the long tradition of independent bottlers in Scotland. These highly limited, one-of-a-kind single casks consist of unique and deeply expressive whiskies produced by some of the finest distilleries in the United States.

Lost Lantern’s flagship blend, American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1 (SRP $120) also remains available. Created with some of the most exciting names in American single malt (Balcones in TX, Copperworks in WA, Santa Fe Spirits in NM, Triple Eight in MA, Westward in OR, and Virginia Distillery Co. in VA), American Vatted Malt represents the spirit of collaboration and community in the American distilling world.


Lost Lantern single casks show that the best whiskey reflects where it’s made, how it’s made, and who made it, and demonstrate that compelling whiskey comes from all across the United States.

2021 Single Cask #6: McCarthy’s 6 Year Old Oregon Peated Single Malt

(248 btls | 111.2 Proof): SRP, $140

McCarthy’s is arguably the first American single malt, and this single cask, aged for six years, is one of the oldest McCarthy’s whiskies ever released. Made from U.K. barley malted with Islay peat, it was fermented, distilled, and aged in Oregon. Single Cask #6 was aged in a 228-liter 3rd-fill Oregon oak cask with a medium toast and medium char. This whiskey’s deep smokiness, savory notes of smoked meats and leather, and balance of oak and French vanilla will enthrall lovers of peated single malt.

2021 Single Cask #7: Smooth Ambler West Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey

(195 btls | 124.2 Proof): SRP, $80

Smooth Ambler has long been on the vanguard of sourcing and blending whiskey with transparency and integrity. They’ve also been distilling and aging their own whiskey all along as they forge a new whiskey tradition in West Virginia. This is Lost Lantern’s first wheated bourbon selection, distilled on Smooth Ambler’s own column still in West Virginia. It was aged in a 53-gallon barrel for 5 years. The nose has notes of dried ginger, clove, and rosehips, while the palate bursts with dark chocolate, candied walnut, and robust oak flavors. 

2021 Single Cask #8: Starlight Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey

(211 btls | 113.2 Proof): SRP, $70

Starlight Distillery is part of Huber’s Orchard & Winery, an Indiana institution since 1843. While Starlight is just across the Ohio River from Kentucky and about 20 miles from Louisville, the climate, conditions, and culture are quite distinct from their counterparts to the south. This straight rye whiskey was aged for 4 years in a 53-gallon barrel. Made with 85% locally grown rye and 15% malted barley, it has a robust rye spice, with notes of cardamom, molasses, burnt caramel, and lemon zest. This is Indiana whiskey at its finest.


Founded by Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski, Lost Lantern is an independent bottler of American whiskey. Inspired by the long tradition of independent bottlers in Scotland, the company seeks out the most unique and exciting whiskies being made across the country and releases them as single casks and blends, always with a deep commitment to transparency. Currently, the Lost Lantern portfolio consists of American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1, a blend of American single malt whiskey made in collaboration with six distilleries from across the U.S., and eighteen single casks. Lost Lantern debuts new hand-selected whiskies throughout the year and announces one-off limited releases from time-to-time. Subscribe to Lost Lantern’s newsletter to learn about new offerings as they become available. Lost Lantern Whiskey is available for purchase at, at, and at select retailers in California, Kentucky, and Alberta.

Engage with Lost Lantern Whiskey on the following channels:




Caskshare Launches The Collective – Scotch Whisky News

Online whisky marketplace platform Caskshare is set to launch ‘The Collective’, a new exclusive cask movement. 

Since its launch earlier this year, Caskshare has been bringing an array of specialist cask sellers to the market, revolutionising the way that consumers engage with distilleries and cask owners to experience single cask whiskies, a bottle at a time. Buyers can choose from a wide range of casks, from more traditional ex-Bourbon to innovative casks such as Barossa Valley ex-red wine and Tokaji Aszú casks, all of which are uniquely imparted with distinctive flavours and aromas.

The brand is now set to launch The Collective, which gives whisky lovers the opportunity  to access new cask releases, Collective-only exclusive distillery releases, as well as plenty of other perks and benefits throughout the year. Members of The Collective (priced at £125 per year) will receive tasting packs full of samples of the finest maturing spirit stock every 6 months, allowing the unique chance of experiencing whisky as it is developing, getting inside the processes involved in making whisky and helping them make their selections for their own personal collection. Cask samples will range from mature casks nearing their bottling date to young casks starting on their maturation journey, delivered directly to their door.

As a unique feature of The Collective, Caskshare is also launching their BarrelBank, allowing members to save funds and choose the whisky they want when they want. All funds used from the Caskshare BarrelBank attract a 5% interest which can be used in conjunction with additional exclusive discounts on selected caskshares and the luxury ready bottled shop.

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