Three American Oak Single Cask Whiskies.

One of the joys in crafting single cask whisky is celebrating the individuality of every cask, and our latest release is no exception. With all three whiskies each having spent over ten years maturing in American oak, you might expect three very similar flavour profiles. Instead, we have a line-up that exemplifies why we continue to champion single cask whisky Рto showcase the unique relationship between spirit and cask.

We are tremendously excited to release these outstanding American oak whiskies.

American Oak Ex-Bourbon TD0345

Malt, malt, malt. Need we say more? Chocolate bon bons, sherbet, malt and mashed banana on the nose, combine beautifully with a big whack of pineapple upside down cake on the palate. More malt and a sweet biscuit-y note on the finish will leave you wanting more.

TD0345 was matured for 12 years and 5 months in a single, 200L American oak cask previously used to mature one of our American Oak Ex-Bourbon whisky releases. It yielded 250 bottles.

American Oak Second Fill TD0184

The perfect blend of sweet and savoury. Biscuits, nutty granola and custard intertwine with a herbal medley of potpourri, wet leaves and tobacco. “Perfect for those of us who love a savoury or earthy drop” – Heather Tillott, Distillery Manager

TD0184 was matured for 14 years and 1 month in a single, 200L American oak cask previously used to mature one of our American Oak whisky releases. Yielding just 184 bottles.

American Oak Second Fill TD0072

A fantastic example of unfettered Sullivans Cove spirit, wonderfully matured in a second fill cask. Intriguing and very beautiful savoury spice greets you on the nose¬†before moving into rich shortbread and banana muffins straight from the oven. Sullivans Cove’s tell-tale sweet fruit on the palate develops into earthy mushrooms, cocoa and anise before a lengthy sweet chocolate and caramel finish.

TD0072 was matured for 15 years and 3 months in a single, 300L American oak cask, yielding 471 bottles. The cask had previously been used to mature one of our American Oak releases.

 Full tasting notes and cask details can be found on the product page via this link.

All three whiskies will be available to purchase via ballot on Monday the 11th of October.

A further note will be sent to mailing list subscribers on Monday 11:00am Hobart time with a link to enter the ballot.

A note on our ballot system.  These whiskies will be released via ballot. The ballots will open for 24 hours from 11:00am Hobart time on Monday 11th of October, 2021. Further details will be sent via email prior to the ballot opening. Our policy is one entry per person, per household. Our fraud detection algorithm detects multiple entries and removes them to ensure our whisky lands in the hands of our genuine supporters, so to ensure your entry counts, please enter once only. If you have any questions around our ballot process, you can email us at info@sullivanscove.com Successful entries will be notified shortly after the ballot closes.

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