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Tickets Released for St Andrews Day
Dinner and Awards

The national independent awards programme for the Scottish Whisky industry has launched its new annual St Andrews Day event with a promise to stage an authentic celebration of the many achievements in the Scotch whisky business.

The 3rd annual Scottish Whisky Awards has revealed details for the event on 30th November and plans a truly Scottish showcase of Scotch industry success. Tickets have now gone on sale for the event which takes place in Glasgow and will also be broadcast live to ticket holders anywhere in the world.

Despite the challenges of the year, the competition has welcomed over 200 Scotch whisky products from 31 producers.   Over 40 judges have participated in the blind tasting and assessment of written entries from across Scotland.   As a result of the judging, five new categories have been created and an announcement on who has made the finals will be made next week…

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