Malt Messenger No. 129 by Andrew Ferguson – The World’s Oldest Whisky & Much, Much More! – Whisky News

Things are really heating up here at KWM, so the Malt Messengers are coming fast and furious. Expect to see another in the next 10 days or so… albeit with the caveat of actually finding time to do it!

I’ve been working on this newsletter for well over a week and, just when I thought I was done, something else arrived. Other items I expected to announce in this newsletter have been delayed, and so I’ve held them back until the next newsletter. In any case, there is an avalanche of cool new stuff to fill you in on.

Before we get to the heart of the matter – the aforementioned avalanche of new whiskies – a quick update on our KWM 2021 Whisky Calendar, which is now well over 80% pre-sold, with 6 weeks left until Advent. The last pieces are finally arriving, and we expect we’ll be able to meet our goal of having the Calendars ready for pick-up in early November!

We’ve also added a new tasting with our friend Ashok Chokalingham, Distillery Manager for Amrut, in Bangalore India. We haven’t seen Ashok in these parts for a couple of years, so we are very excited to have him join us for a tasting, even if only through the magic of the Interweb!

The first few new whiskies to fill you in on won’t appeal to everyone’s budget. There are few in this world who can afford such luxuries, but in an industry where there is an ever-increasing emphasis put on artificial rarity, and over-the-top expensive packaging, the two items I am writing about today are nonetheless intriguing.

Both whiskies are from Gordon & MacPhail, the undisputed champions of old and rare whisky. Gordon & MacPhail recently raised the bar yet again for the title World’s Oldest Whisky, with the launch of the Generations Glenlivet 80 Year. Distilled in 1940, in the early years of WWII, this whisky was matured in a parcel of G&M’s own casks, that included the Generations Glenlivet 70 Year (which KWM had the pleasure of launching in Canada in 2013, see photo above). Only 4 decanters of the Generations 80 Year are available to the Canadian market, in Alberta, they are exclusively available from KWM. Much more info can be found below.

The second old and rare curiosity is the G&M Glen Grant 1953 Mr. George Legacy First Edition. Filled into a first fill Sherry Butt in 1953, the whisky has been bottled at an impressive 67 years of age. It is bottled as a tribute to the late George Urquhart, 2nd generation of his family to own Gordon & Macphail, and under whose direction the cask was filled. While the age may not seem impressive when following in the wake of an 80-year-old, considering what some distilleries charge for their 50, 40, and even 30-year-olds these days, it is an eminently well-priced old whisky. More details can be found below.

In addition to the 67 and 80-year-olds, there are nearly a dozen other Gordon & MacPhail releases expected in the weeks ahead at KWM, primarily Connoisseurs Choice bottlings of Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain, Glenburgie, Glentauchers, Highland Park, and more. I’ll have more info on those in the next PCU. Besides, there is more than enough in the lines which follow to put a good size dent in your bank account if you aren’t careful!

So what do we have? We have new whiskies from Edradour, Signatory, Cadenhead (7 Stars Blend), Kavalan (Solist Sherry Canada Cask), La Maison du Whisky (Artist Collective), Glen Grant & Amrut. We have also taken on a new exclusive mystery Islay single malt: Smokehead High Voltage. They can’t disclose this, but we are all but certain it’s Ardbeg! There are also returning whiskies from Glenfarclas and Angel’s Envy, while supplies last.

One last-minute addition to this ever-expanding email is the Glasgow Distillery’s core range, which just arrived, and for some reason is already on sale. Details below!

Our fall gifting selection from Atom Brands is also soon to arrive including Gift Packs and Calendars from both Drinks by the Dram and That Boutique-y Whisky Company!

Now on to the controversial stuff… We are getting some GlenDronach 15 Year* but note the “*”, because we are only getting a small amount, and we are asking anyone interested to purchase another whisky from either BenRiach, GlenDronach or Glenglassaugh. Details can be found below.

We are also receiving a tiny amount of 3 Springbank/Kilkerran releases. When I say tiny, I mean it is 1/5th of what we used to get, and we’re expecting demand to be 8-10x supply on them. We are drawing ballots for a chance to purchase. Please follow the instruction on how to enter below!

Everything in this Malt Messenger is available for order or pre-order online and is linked (with the exception of the GlenDronach and Springbanks). If there are no descriptions or photos on the website, we’ll get caught up soon.

As always, in the event of a discrepancy in price, the point of sale at KWM will be taken as correct. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, comments, or requests (but online ordering works too).


Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market


1. Introducing: The G&M Generations Glenlivet 80 Year

2. Introducing: G&M Glen Grant 1953 Mr. George Legacy 1st Edition

3. New Whiskies from Signatory

4. Coming Soon: New Whiskies from La Maison Du Whisky

5. Introducing: Smokehead High Voltage

6. New & Returning Whiskies from Amrut

7. NEW TASTING: Amrut Distillery with Ashok Chokalingham

8. Glen Grant 18 Year – They Finally Let Us Have Some…

9. Introducing: The Glasgow Distillery Range

10.  Coming Soon: Atom Brands Calendars & Gift Packs

11. MS Society Savour

12. GlenDronach 15 Year Revival Available*

13.Springbank Whiskies Available by Ballot

14.My Tasting Notes On Some New Stuff

15.Up-Coming Tastings

16. Currently On Sale



Some of you might be able to cast your minds all the way back to remember…As if they needed yet more proof of being one of the world’s most forward-looking whisky firms, Gordon & Macphail has gone and done it again, launching once again, the world’s oldest whisky… the Gordon Macphail Generations Glenlivet 80 Year is coming to Canada, exclusively in Alberta to KWM. 250 decanters have been released globally with just 4 of them slated to come to Canada.

Producer Description: “On 3rd February 1940 in a quiet corner in the north of Scotland, George Urquhart and his father, John, had the extraordinary foresight and vision to lay down spirit from Glenlivet Distillery in a bespoke Gordon & MacPhail cask to be enjoyed by future generations.

“On 5th February 2020, leaning on the unique skill and experience acquired by over more than 125 years, the decision was taken to finally bottle the cask’s precious out-turn of 250 decanters.”

The Generations Glenlivet 80 Year is bottled in a decanter and packaging, designed by internationally acclaimed architect and designer, Sir David Adjaye OBE. “When collaborating, I am looking for like-minded partners in terms of their craft, beliefs and traditions. I loved Gordon & MacPhail’s rigour and obsession with their products and their craft – a romantic commitment that enables one to do exceptional things. Our partnership felt so organic.”


G&M Generations Glenlivet 80 Year – 44.9% – First fill Sherry Butt Cask #380 – Distilled: 3 February 1940 – Bottled: 5 February 2020 – Tasting Note by Charlie MacLean MBE: “Appearance: Deep umber with magenta lights; old polished rosewood. Aroma: A complex, mellow nose-feel, still vivacious after all these years. Top notes of almond oil, scented hand-soap, backed by sandalwood and gorse flowers on a warm day. A whiff of peat-smoke in the empty glass. Palate: An oily texture, and lightly sweet to start (dates, salted plums, figs), drying elegantly (traces of dry Oloroso Sherry), towards a lengthy menthol finish. Drop of water increases spiciness. Summary: Vibrant and wholly satisfying. One of the finest malts I have ever encountered (and he’s had a few…).” – $140,000.00 – 93pts Angus



So this may be a bit confusing, but even though there was a prior release of Mr. George by Gordon & MacPhail, that one, a 62 year, was the Centenary Edition. This one, a 67-year-old, is the first in a new series. Only 15 bottles are coming to Canada. We’re getting a decent number of those, but most of them are spoken for!

G&M Glen Grant 1953 Mr. George Legacy 1st Edition – 59.4% – 67 Year – First-Fill Sherry Butt Cask #4209 – Producer Tasting Note: “Aroma: Soft aromas of beeswax polish give way to stewed fruit and toasted hazelnuts. Subtle orange peel complements rich ginger notes. Taste: Autumnal spice and ripe plum flavours combine with light blackcurrant undertones. Treacle comes to the fore alongside a light touch of fresh mint. Finish: A full-bodied and long finish with lingering fruit, spice, and a delicate hint of bonfire embers.” – $9,249.99 – 94pts from both Angus & Serge


This is technically the rest of our order which arrived this summer but wasn’t ready to ship with the rest. The bulk is from Signatory’s Unchillfiltered Collection, bottled at 46%. The Signatory Edradour, which is heavily sherried, is a perennial favourite here at KWM, and this bottling doesn’t disappoint.

1. Edradour 2009 Natural Cask Strength – 54.9% – 12 Year – Sherry Butt #68 – $220 – 89.55pts Whisky Base. – Limit 1 Per Customer

2. Signatory Ardmore 2009 – 46% – 11 Year – Casks: “Bourbon Barrel after Islay” – $108

3. Signatory Ben Nevis 2013 – 46% – 7 Year – 2 Hogsheads #s 432 & 434 – My Tasting Note: “Nose: Jujubes, gristy malt, and toasted oak; Boursin and a bit of chevre; nutty, lemongrass, and herbs. Palate: still malty and grassy with soft toasted oak and cracked walnuts; chevre with lemon slices; white pepper, melons, and herbal tea. Finish: medium long, warming and fresh; more herbal notes, malt, white pepper, and subtle fruits. Comment: this is a rather naked, malty Ben Nevis, brimming with some of the cheesy-fruity spirit character the distillery is famous for.” – $115

4. Signatory Bunnahabhain Staoisha 2013 – 46% – 7 Year – Dechar/Rechar Hogsheads #s 900168 + 900169 – $105

5. Signatory Caol Ila 2011 – 46% – 10 Year – 2 Bourbon Barrels #310870 + 310875 – $115

6. Signatory Edradour 46% Heavily Sherried – 46% – Oloroso Sherry Butt #187 – My Tasting Note: “Nose: nutty, chocolatey and earthy; stewed fruits, teriyaki beef jerky, and grilled figs stuffed with blue cheese; candied nuts, demerara sugar, and bacon dipped in chocolate; Arnold Palmers and sugary Russian coffee dregs. Palate: big, rich and nutty; this is a dry-oloroso malt with notes of nocino and chinotto; rough old leather, tobacco, and a minty freshness; more beef jerky, grilled figs with blue cheese, and chocolate-dipped in bacon; Russian coffee, Dutch licorice, chocolate-coated gummy bears, and milk duds. Finish: medium long and rich; big earthy sherry tones, spices, and dark bakers chocolate. Comment: this is one of the darkest (flavourwise), earthy and chocolaty of these Edradours we’ve ever seen; I’m glad I revisited my initial tasting note the next day because a little O2 in the bottle did it some wonders; I happily polish a bottle of this in a night with some friends!” – $115 Limit 2 Per Customer

7. Signatory Knockandoo 2007 – 46% – 13 Year – Hogsheads #304100 + 304104 – My Tasting Note: “Nose: honeyed, with melons, dried apricots, and cranberries; malty, heather honey, and Starburst fruit candies. Palate: big, lush, and warming; I wasn’t expecting it to be so big…; lush and floral with sweet vanilla, heather honey, and fig jam; marmalade and starburst fruit candies; gentle toasted oak, almonds, and chewy barley. Finish: medium in length, soft, and warming with bright fruits and toasted oak. Comment: this was a pleasant surprise, we haven’t seen much from this distillery in years; I had no idea what to expect; this bottling is fresh, fruity, and ticking all the boxes for me; not insanely complex, but all around a very drinkable malt!” – $105

8. Signatory Mortlach 2009 – 46% – 11 Year – Hogsheads – 317285 + 817286- $120


We were lukewarm about taking this on as a KWM exclusive, we have a lot of exclusive undisclosed Islay Single Malts: Finlaggan Cask Strength, Ileach Cask Strength and the Peat’s Beast PX. But that was before we tried it… once we did, we knew we had to have it!

In the Producer’s words: “It Smokehead is an assault on your senses, then High Voltage is an all-out attack. Its breathtaking intensity is a red light for the faint of heart. And a thumbs-up for those who don’t just enjoy the vigorous thump of the bass drum in their chest at a gig but savour the ringing in their ears afterwards.”

This is a fine bit of marketing, but bold as this whisky is, it has a softer side–as most Ardbeg does!

Smokehead High Voltage – 58% – My Tasting Note: “Nose: salted caramel, juicy malt and earthy peat; lemon and lime spiced tortilla chips with salsa and a bit of guac; tarry and leathery with dried fruits and spices; melons and apricots beneath. Palate: a surge of peat, salted caramel and juicy malt; still tarry with loads of citrus, leather, dried fruits and spices; as the palate adjusts to the frontal assault some softer fruits emerge with heather honey and firm woody spices. Finish: long, drying and smoky with fading peat, spices and malt. Comment: this is a bold but characterful malt that is sure to please the peat heads, and especially fans of the most easter distillery on Islay’s southern coast!” – $90


The Artist Collective 4.0 series bottlings feature artwork entered into a competition by art students from all over France in 2020. This series theme is “trompe l’oeil” a representation intended to give the illusion of reality.

“When it comes to whisky, many things can be surprising: its colour, its nose, its finish… Behind the expectations and received ideas sometimes is hidden an original and unexpected reality.”

1. Artist Collective 4.1 Bunnahabhain 5 Year – 61.2% – Staoisha – 3 Refill Sherry Butts – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: rich, concentrated. Animal (farmyard, smoked meat), mineral (hail, diesel), oily (olive), peaty – of course, earthy and rooty (ginseng), the first nose is also traversed by plumes of smoke from a powerful Havana cigar. Allowed to breathe, it becomes medicinal (mustard poultice, tiger balm), iodine (tincture) and heady (violet, hyacinth). Gradually, candied lemon, juicy pear and even roasted pineapple bring lots of freshness and light to an aromatic palette indisputably centred on the colour yellow. Palate: dense, full. First, a fruity peat (William’s pear) creates a perfect link between the nose and palate. The particularly phenolic mid-palate is also medicinal (mustard) and spicy (clove, juniper). Then, irreversibly, liquorice stick coats the taste buds as aromatic plants (verbena, sorrel) help refresh the air.” – More on our Website! $166

2. Artist Collective 4.4 Ledaig 13 Year 2007 – 48% – 2 Refill Sherry Butts – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: taut, concentrated. The herbaceous (white mint, straw) and smoky (ash, soot) first nose is also marked by notes of lemon zest, camphor, root ginger, and hydrocarbon (diesel, polish). Allowed to breathe, it moves into a more sweet pastry tone, whilst remaining tangy (lime tart). Note that the aromatic palette gradually gains in floral (lily, iris), infused (green tea), fruity (Mirabelle plum) and velvety (artichoke heart) elegance. Palate: lively, stately. The very mineral (chalk, slate) attack is also very juicy (pear) and honeyed (acacia). Very quickly, however, tiger balm and mentholated flavours guide the tasting to an extremely medicinal and vegetal (aniseed ball, liquorice) register. Saturated with intense smoke, the end of the palate is empyreumatic (tar, Papier d’Arménie).” – More on our Website! $230 – Limit 1 Per Customer!

3. Artist Collective 4.6 Linkwood 13 Year 2006 – 58.1% – 2 Sherry Butts – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: refined, smooth. The floral (lavender, violet) and mineral (zan liquorice sweets, basalt) first nose is incredibly complex. A very beautiful fruity rancio (candied orange, mango, apricot) brings lots of smoothness and depth to an aromatic palette also marked by notes of salted butter caramel and toffee. Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly heady, until rose poivrée even rises to the surface of the glass. Palate: full-bodied, rich. More powerful than the nose would have you believe, the attack is captivating. Remarkably vegetal and malty, with impressive length. Evoking harvest time (straw, lucerne), the mid-palate reveals a stunning exoticism (guava, mango) and heady character (purple lilac, freesia). Rose petals are then placed delicately on the palate, accentuating the oriental character of the flavour palette.” – More on our Website! $240 – 88pts Whisky Base

4. Artist Collective 4.5 Royal Brackla 13 Year – 48% – 2 Refill Sherry Butts – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: deep, distinguished. A complex combination of dried apricot, beeswax, blood orange, precious wood, toasted walnut and dark chocolate, the first nose never stops developing. Right at this moment, noble spices (clove, cardamom, black pepper, ginger) and a very exotic rancio (lychee, mango, guava) appear alongside heady florals (carnation, peony, lavender). Allowed to breathe, notes of tobacco, leather, cocoa bean and rum baba highlight the very mature character of the aromatic palette. Palate : svelte, lively. The very slender attack reveals malted barley in all its splendour. Very rich, it brings to mind a delicious candied fruit cake. On the mid-palate, quince jelly and apricot and mango coulis very delicately envelope the taste buds. Indisputably ethereal, the flavour palette becomes increasingly powdery (cocoa), mentholated and honeyed (lime blossom, heather).” – More on our Website! $170


We are expecting shortly the best lineup of Amruts we’ve been offered in years. Some of these, like the Intermediate Sherry, weren’t available to us for quite some time, as they were relegated to Duty-Free Shopping. Don’t be surprised if you see an Amrut tasting in the not too distant future…

1. Amrut Intermediate Sherry – 46% – Matured in Bourbon & Virgin Oak, before finishing firstly in ex-Sherry casks before a secondary finish back in Bourbon casks. – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Instead of the usual biscuit aroma, we now get moist cake. And my word: is it fruity and spicy!! Love the freshly waxed oak floor, too. Brain-explodingly complex and multi-layered with one of the most intriguing sherry-style-bourbon-style marriages on the market. Taste: Cracking delivery and entirely unique in form. The structure is decidedly oak-based, but acts as no more than a skeleton from which the juicy sultana and spices drape. Salivating, too, as the barley kicks in powerfully. But the liquorice-orangey-honeycomb bourbon theme quietly shapes the flavour profile; the spices pulse and glow. Finish: Quite a chunk of natural caramel quietens the more exuberant characteristics; long and elegant. – $106 – Limit 1 Per Customer!

2. Amrut Kadambam – 50% – Matured in Sherry, then finished firstly in Brandy and then Rum Casks – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Brings cherry and dark Christmas pudding combined with spices and fresh fruit. There are hints of oak in the background. After the addition of water, the oak comes through more strongly, together with barley and cereals There are faint hints of honey sweetness mixed with faint chocolate and vanilla notes. Palate: Oak and spices with hints of dried fruits and plums. Amrut Kahambam has an oily mouthfeel and is smooth and rich. There are bits of spice, fruits and more dark chocolate in the background. Subtle oak with a light dusting of peat. Finish: The best part of this great Indian whisky. It goes on and on and ends in notes of oak and spice. Warming and complex with a dry finish.” – $140

3. Amrut Peated Cask Strength – 61.9% – 23ppm – Oak Casks (probably ex-Bourbon) – Producer Tasting Note: Nose: Gristy smoked barley, kippers with a salted butter, peppered bite. Taste: The delivery is youthful and barely reaching puberty then suddenly an intensely malty ascendancy followed by a healthy dose of drier oaks. Finish: A sublime finale for its sheer delicacy and elegance; the peat no more than oozes, there are cups galaore of sugarless medium roast Mysore and finally, as a bourbony trail is discovered, soft liquorice and molassed sugar – easily the highlight of the experience: one of the best finishes of the year.” – $140

4. Amrut Portonova – 46% – Initially matured in ex-Bourbon & Virgin Oak, the whisky is then finished first in Port Pipes, and again in ex-Bourbon Casks. – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A Thick pudding of a nose; fruit and caramel have merged into one slightly over-oaked soup; burnt apple pie. Taste: This is essentially a port pipe sandwich…. and it shows. The spicy, jammy fruit is interwoven through any amount of caramel while the oaky saltiness gets the taste buds both salivating and puckering until you run dry. Finish: Long, massive oak with quite evident traces of the virgin barrels now detectable. And more of a cocoa hue as it progresses. At last some muscovado sugars arrive to supplant the berry fruits.” – $110

The Amrut Greedy Angels range is made up of some of the distillery’s oldest whiskies. The Indian climate isn’t ideally suited for long-term maturation, especially when you take into account an angel’s share of 10-15% per annum…

Amrut Greedy Angels Chairman’s Reserve ex-Bourbon Finished 10 Year – 55% – Producer Description: “The 10 years old ex-bourbon Amrut Greedy Angels is created using 100% unpeated 6-row Indian Barley and matured in bourbon casks. It’s among the oldest Indian whiskies ever released, and was bottled in memory of Amrut’s chairman, Neel R. Jagdale, who passed away in 2019. A limited-edition of only 900 bottles worldwide.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Aromas of marzipan, toffee, coconut shavings, vanilla pods, and golden syrup fill the nose. Taste: The palate offers notes of almond cake, sweet orange, toffee, and velvety dried fruits. Finish: Mouthwatering at first and then drying, layers of spice, woody notes, chocolate covered roasted almonds, lingering.” – $875 – Limit 1Per Customer!

About Chairman’s Reserve Peated Rum Finished 10 Year – 57.1% – Producer Description: “This stylish single malt is the work of Amrut over in India, having been aged for a decade. The smoky 10 Year Old Greedy Angels expression was finished in a rum cask before bottling at 57.1% ABV, with an outturn of just 450 bottles. Each decanter comes complete with a decadent presentation box as well as a rather weighty glass stopper.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Woody aromas mingle with smoky peat, sweet spice and marmalade on the nose, developing into sour cherry, cocoa and sweet vanilla. Taste: The palate offers notes of butterscotch, candied citrus fruit and tropical fruits, followed by camphor, soft smoke and rum-soaked raisins.” – $1080 – Limit 1 Per Customer!



Amrut Distillery with Ashok Chokalingham

·     Date: Tuesday, November 23

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $65

·     Pick-Up Date: Target October 25

We are thrilled that our friend Ashok, Amrut Distillery Manager, has agreed to join us for a virtual Amrut tasting. We haven’t seen Ashok in at least a couple of years, but it just so happens, that Bangalore India is 12.5 hours ahead of Alberta. Why does that matter? Because 8 PM in Calgary is 8:30 AM the next day in Bangalore, making it easy for us to coordinate a tasting… Ashok will lead us through a range of 7 Amrut whiskies including Bagheera, Fusion, Intermediate Sherry, Kadambam, Peated Cask Strength, and two different releases of Greedy Angels 10 Year. 8 PM, Tuesday, November 23. Samples will be available November 25.



Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the only other time we were offered some Glen Grant 18 Year, we would have had to purchase 10:1 Glen Grant 10 for 18. Might have had something to do with the fellow in the Panama hat saying some nice words about it…but we don’t like playing those games, so we passed.

It seems we are now welcome to play, and also that our patience might be rewarded, as the price has come down too!

Glen Grant 18 Year – 43% – Oak Barrels – Producer Tasting Note: “Aroma: Rich and floral, with oaky overtones and hints of spice. Taste: Malty caramel, dried raisins, and vanilla. Finish: Long, sweet with nuts and spice.” – $198


The flood of new Scottish distilleries hitting the market continues. The Glasgow Distillery is named for Scotland’s “first licensed distillery”, which is a point some other firms might contest. Regardless, I don’t have time to dig into that now, so I’ll let the firm speak for itself!

“In 1770, The Glasgow Distillery Company was founded at Dundashill and remained active until consequent closure at the beginning of the 20th Century.”

“In 2014 The Glasgow Distillery Company re-opened becoming the first Single Malt Whisky Distillery in Glasgow for over 100 years. The Glasgow Distillery Company is re-establishing the metropolitan Scotch Malt Whisky tradition alongside the great whisky regions and bringing Glasgow Malt Whisky back to life!”

The following Glasgow Distillery releases have arrived and are on sale. We’re passing those on, so they are effectively about $8 less expensive than they might otherwise be. The bottles are all 500mls:

1. Glasow Distillery 1770 The Original – 46% – ex-Bourbon Finished in Virgin Oak – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Dried dark fruits with tropical undertones on the nose, followed by hints of biscuit, oak and freshly cut grass.Palate: Sweet butterscotch with a crème brulee char on the pallet. Hints of freshly sliced pear, dried figs, dates and raisin with sweet almond, honey and creamy shortbread notes. Finish: A long finish of thickly spread orange marmalade, nutmeg notes underpinned by complex woodiness and a slight spice.” – $75 – Introductory Price!

2. Glasow Distillery 1770 Peated – 46% – Matured in Virgin Oak & Finished in PX Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Sweet smoke and rich toffee with notes of vibrant vanilla, dried dark fruits and cracked black peppercorn spice with subtle hints of flamed orange. Palate: Tobacco leaf, rich dark toffee and cacao nibs on a background of sweet soft peat and gentle earthy undertones with subtle herbaceous notes of sage. Finish: Long and smooth with notes of salted caramel, liquorice, and lingering spice.” – $75 – Introductory Price!

3. Glasow Distillery 1770 Triple Distilled – 46% – Ex-Bourbon & Virgin Oak – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: The nose opens up to sweet vanilla and white chocolate leading to fresh summer fruits of aromatic apple, pear and peaches. Palate: The palate is well balanced and smooth with vibrant vanilla, soft caramel and double cream opening up to succulent orchard fruits and berries followed by delicate floral notes alongside a sweet almond nuttiness. Finish: The finish is long and lingering with notes of rich honey, anise and black pepper and hints of warming woody spice.” – $75 – Introductory Price!




There is a treasure trove of goodies coming from our friends at Atom Brands this year, from Drinks by the Dram, That Boutique-y Whisky Co. & That Boutique-y Gin Co. The ETA for everything is late October!

The Not Quite Calendars

Rather than take up a lot of space here, the details and photos for these are on our website. Click the product name to view them:

1. Drinks by the Dram Regions of Scotland Set – 5x30ml Wax Dipped Single Malts, 1 each from Scotland’s 5 Whisky Regions – $50

2. Drinks by the Dram Japanese Whisky Set – 5x30ml Wax Dipped Japanese Whiskies from Nikka, Yoichi, Miyagikyo & Mars (unless the whiskies have changed in the interim) – $65

3. Boutique-y Whisky Scotch Tasting Set – 4x50ml Boutique-y Whiskies in the 10-12 Year Range. – $52

5. Boutique-y Whisky Premium Scotch Set – 4x50ml Boutique-y 1–27 year old Whiskies from Ledaig, Inchmurrin, Cameronbridge & Burnside – $86

7. Drinks by the Dram Irish Whiskey Collection – 12x30ml Irish whiskies bottled with hand-dipped wax seals. – $83

8. That Boutique-y Whisky 12 Dram Set – 12x30ml -. Award-winning expressions and rare drams await you during the holidays or all year round with the removable sleeve. – $120

If the details for any of the above on the website don’t match perfectly, please be patient, we are doing our best to clean that up.

The Whisky Calendar

The Original Whisk(e)y Calendar, boxed without the “A” word in Canada, much as our own KWM Whisky Calendar so as not to have to deal with an unsavoury individual who shall not be named…

That Boutique-y Whisky Holiday Calendar 2021 – 24x30ml (720ml) – Back for another year, the Holiday Whisky Calendar is a collaboration between That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Drinks by the dram. It features 24 whiskies, 30mls each, from 6 countries. The whisky list can be found on our website, in the tasting note, but we always think it’s best to be surprised… there are too few surprises left in this crazy world! – $185+gst


We’ve been proud supporters of the MS Society of Canada for more than a decade. It’s been nearly two years since the last MS Calgary Whisky Festival, and it will likely be another before the event returns… and I think we all know why!

But our support for the organization continues. For the second year in a row, we are proud to participate in the “MS Society’s Savour Festival”. We have curated a selection of wines and whiskies, which we have put on sale, through October 24. But more importantly, we will donate 10% of the sales from these products between October 18 and 24 to the MS Society.



It’s been a year since we last had some of this, and the price has gone up a wee bit. It is available*, but not the “*”.

The amount of whiskies like this we receive is directly tied to the amount of other BenRiach, GlenDronach, and Glenglassaugh skus we sell. So if you want a GlenDronach 15 Year Revival, we are asking you to purchase 1 other bottle of BenRiach, GlenDronach, or Glenglassaugh. Doesn’t matter which. It could be the new BenRiach The Smoky Twelve, or the GlenDronach 2009 Vintage (which is on SALE), or anything from Glenglassaugh!

The reality is that in order to get whiskies like this in the future, we need to sell the rest of the brand’s portfolio. So we are asking for your assistance with this.

GlenDronach 15 Year Revival – 46% – Oloroso & Pedro Ximénez – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: An intoxicating burst of maraschino cherry, ripe bramble and dark chocolate mint with hints of orange bitters and walnut liqueur. Palate: Honey-glazed apricot and ripe fig with a crescendo of black cherry, angelica and muscovado. Long and enveloping finish with dark manuka honey, herbal bitters and dark chocolate.” – $150*

*Please email me if you would like to buy a bottle of the GlenDronach 15 Year and indicate which other bottled from BenRiach, GlenDronach, or Glenglassaugh you would like to pair it with. If you ask to be exempted I am liable to ignore your request with extreme prejudice… 😉



We are getting some Springbank releases in the next few weeks, but it is the smallest allocation we’ve ever before received. We know demand is sure to be high, so rather than inundate my email inbox or the website, I am asking you to register for the draw online.

Moving forward, and due to the increasing scarcity of Springbank whiskies, and the increasingly rabid demand for what must rightly be acknowledged as almost always excellent whisky, we are no longer taking any advanced requests for any limited edition Springbank whiskies. We will only be offering them via draws online when they come in. Springbank requests generate too much paperwork, and consume so much time replying to emails, that we need to calm the FOMO down.

We will draw names for the opportunity to purchase the following whiskies:

Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 4 – 58.6% – 80% ex-Bourbon & 20% ex-Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A strong maritime influence evokes harbourside memories of sea salt being carried on the wind. Sweet peat smoke is intense and welcoming as it fills the glass, like smouldering blackened marshmallows on the campfire. A floral earthiness reminiscent of our native wild blooming heather. Palate: It is a complex whisky and tastes beyond its years. Peat smoke dominates with malty undertones of crushed digestive biscuits. A familiar liquorice note develops and there is a hint of sticky honey glazing sweetness. Finish: The finish is long with strong peat influence remaining alongside malty, cereal characteristics. A slight oakiness is detectable and coastal maritime flavours endure.” – $85*Springbank 12 Year Cask Strength – 55.4% – 50% ex-Bourbon & 50% ex-Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Incorporating signature Springbank characteristics from the outset; earthy and maritime aromas. Hints of cracked black pepper and a tropical fruity fragrance develops over time, reminiscent of dried pineapple. Palate: Oily and creamy. Sweet flavours are balanced by the salty elements; vanilla, fudge and caramel with a sprinkling of finely crushed sea salt. There are notes of milk chocolate and sweet honeycomb. Finish: Gentle peat smoke endures alongside the distinct maritime influence. Freshly baked salted pretzels, warm vanilla custard and a tang of orange zest.” – $120*

Springbank Hazelburn 13 Year – 48.6% – 75% ex-Bourbon & 25% ex-Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Deliciously smooth and creamy like lemon cheesecake with notes of vanilla, citrus and crushed digestive biscuits. Palate: Fruity; ripe peach and crisp, juicy red apples. The bourbon influence promotes notes of vanilla whilst there are hints of honey and orange rind with a developing undertone of liquorice. Finish: Delicate, grassy freshness with subtle hints of honey and glazed dates.” – $126*

*The draw will be held on or before October 26. Please refrain from emailing me to ask if your name was drawn, or to indicate your preferences among the releases. I will contact you whether your name is drawn or not. The whiskies are non-discountable, but note we have not inflated the price of these whiskies according to their rarity or anticipated demand.

Enter the Springbank Ballots Here!

One final note, if you think I’m being melodramatic here, we are expecting 8-10x the demand for the above bottles, as there are actual bottles. So adjust your expectations accordingly!


We have a pretty packed tasting schedule over the next two months, and we are now starting to roll out some November events. This is just the first 5 (technically 2 are in October…), and don’t be surprised if we slip in a few more!

Wine vs Whisky with Abi & Evan

·     Date: Friday, October 22

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $55

·     Pick-Up Date: Day of the tasting! Friday, October 22

·     Only 5 spots left!

Abi knows Wine.

Evan knows Whisky.

What would happen if they switched roles?

For this tasting, Evan will select and talk about samples of wine while Abi will take charge on the whisky side, choosing three samples as well. Worlds will collide on this wine and whisky tasting. Which choices will come on top?

Included in the tasting kit:

– 3x 1.7 oz / 50 ml samples of wine

– 3x 0.5 oz / 15 ml samples of whisky

– A few small Halloween-themed snacks for pairing.

This offers enough of a sample size for all the singles out there. Those of you making a date night out of it might want to purchase two kits.

*Because the wine is a bit more perishable than the whisky, we will not be pouring it into sample bottles until the day of the tasting. Samples will not be ready for pickup until the day of the tasting*

Rare Malts: Single Casks & Small Batch Bottlings

·     Date: Tuesday, November 2

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $60

·     Pick-Up Date: September 15

·     Only 2 Spots Left!

The allure of this tasting should be almost self-explanatory… It is a range of Rare and Limited Edition malts that we are dying to share with you. We will be sampling the Daftmill 2009, Ardnamurchan Paul Lanois, Compass Box Menagerie, and Macallan 18 Year Sherry Oak, as well as three brand-spanking-new KWM exclusive casks from Berry Bros. & Rudd: Orkney 2003 (Highland Park), Blended Malt 1999 (who knows what this is… and who cares? it’s awesome!), and Tormore 1995. None of the whiskies in this range have ever appeared in a prior KWM tasting, save perhaps the Macallan 18 Year Sherry Oak, and I’d wager it’s been at least 10-12 years since we’ve cracked a bottle of that! 8PM Tuesday, November 2.

Evan Even More Blinded By Bourbon

·     Date: Tuesday, November 9

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $45

·     Pick-Up Date: October 22

Evan loves his Bourbon, and everybody enjoys blind tastings, so we are pairing the two ideas up once more. This time around we will be including 8 different samples of American Bourbon and Rye to taste through and talk about. Evan won’t say exactly what is in the lineup, but there are at least 3 limited releases that never even hit our store shelves in the mix this time around, a new bottling of an old favourite, and more. Grab your tickets while you can because these Bourbon tastings tend to sell out quickly!

The Ultimate Bunnahabhain Tasting 271 Years

·     Date: Thursday, November 25

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $300

·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now

A few of our team here, independently noted that we have a lot of old Bunnahabhains right now, and I mean a lot. There are the 43 and 44-year-old Director’s Special bottlings, 40 and 42-year-old Signatory Vintage bottlings and the Port Askaig 45 Year (also a Bunna) is returning this Fall. Add to that a Boutique-y Bunnahabhain 27 Year and a Bunnahabhain 30 Year OB I tucked away for a tasting, because there wasn’t enough to sell, and we had 271 years of Bunnahabhain just begging to be tasted… we couldn’t let this opportunity slip by without having an Ultimate Bunnahabhain Tasting! 8 PM, Thursday, November 25.

The Kinship Collection 2020 – 178 Years

·     Date: Tuesday, November 30

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $200

·     Pick-Up Date: Available NOW

·     Only 11 spots left!

It is likely someone will eventually purchase a full set of the Kinship Collection 2020 from us… but we won’t be selling two! That’s because one of those sets is going to get cracked for a tasting. How can it not?! The set is comprised of a 28-year-old Ardbeg and 30-year-old whiskies from Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Highland Park and Laphroaig. In all, it is 178 years of Islay malts & Highland Park. Reviews of the range are not so shabby either, averaging 90+pts on Whisky Base.


Here are some of the most highlights for our ever-evolving list of deals:

1. Glencadam 15 Year – $117.99 – SAVE 20%

2. Glenrothes 12 Year – $72 – SAVE 25%

3. Glenrothes Whisky Makers Cut – $95 – SAVE 20%

4. Macallan Double Cask 12 Year – $98 – SAVE 20%

5. Mackinlay’s Shackleton – $69 – SAVE 40%

But there is much more than that on sale, at present nearly 40 whiskies!

Browse all the deals here!


Physical distancing is made easy with curbside pickup. Order online or by phone, wait for confirmation your order is ready then call us when you are out front.


We are proud to offer Free City Wide Delivery on all orders over $100 Monday-Friday! Orders under $100 are subject to a flat rate $10 deliver fee. We are expecting high demand for delivery after the sale so please be patient!


Store Hours

Mon – Wed 10AM – 8PM

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Sun 11PM to 6PM

*All Prices Quoted here are subject to change and do not include GST. In the case of pricing discrepancies, the price at our point of sale will be taken as correct.*

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