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Malaysia’s Best Award-Winning Whiskey Launched Officially!

Selangor, Malaysia, 7 October 2021 – After much anticipation, TIMAH – Malaysia’s Best Award-Winning Whiskey officially launched virtually today.

The historical moment was officiated by Mr Gilbert Yeo & Mr Kenny Yeo, the Directors of Winepak Corporation the firm that founded and produced the remarkable TIMAH. Esteemed members of the media also attended and enriched the virtual event.

The event that kicked off at 5:30 pm was featured live on Facebook as well. Attendees witnessed the strong historical background of TIMAH’s production and journey, along with live cocktail preparations by Youtuber Whiskey Folks. TIMAH – the first Malaysian made award-winning whiskey – consists of a carefully crafted blend of two aged peated malts and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin which makes it an exceptional point of difference in international spirits competitions. These components are blended by the master blender, resulting in the distinctive taste of TIMAH. As its name indicates, TIMAH is a Double Peated Whiskey. Peat is a natural, plant-based fuel source that is burned to provide the heat to dry malted barley, giving the resulting whiskey its characteristic smokey flavor and aroma. On the nose, TIMAH is a light, fruity whiskey that is a harmonious mix of primarily smoke, with a hint of a floral bouquet. It moves through a smokey palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish.

TIMAH has been gaining success since it was formed as the whiskey won silver medals in both the International Spirits Challenge 2020 (ISC) and the Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 (SFWSC). In ISC, TIMAH competed against over 70 countries and in SFWSC, it was marked by the judges as “an outstanding spirit that displays refinement, finesse and complexity”.

This year in 2021, TIMAH elevated to greater heights upon scoring 92 points at the International Wine and Spirit Competition And of course, the main highlight of the virtual launch event, TIMAH won gold for the ‘Best Malaysian Whisky’ award at the International Whisky Competition® 2021. The International Whisky Competition® is the world’s most-followed whisky competition, reaching communities on various social media channels. Malaysian Whisky hadn’t been a category in competitions prior. We believe the organizers created this specific category due to TIMAH’s outstanding quality.

“I’m proud and thankful to share that TIMAH our award-winning signature whiskey, and our other brands have been widely accepted and desired by both local and international markets. The continuous support of our consumers and partners means the world to us, and I look forward to continue receiving the endless support from each and every one of you,” said Gilbert Yeo, Director of Winepak Corporation Malaysia.

“Winepak and Malaysia should be very proud of TIMAH. International competition judges have scored it highly against world class whiskies, giving it well earned awards. I hope you will see TIMAH as a Malaysian whiskey in its own right, enjoy it and give it the recognition it deserves,” said Tony Allen, former Operations Director of Asia Pacific in Allied Domecq, and a mentor to Mr Gilbert & Mr Kenny Yeo, Directors of Winepak Corporation Malaysia.

TIMAH is set to continue its journey by educating consumers on the rich history of Captain Speedy & whiskey cultures around Asia. It will also elevate according to the latest trends and entertain its consumers with unique flavors that fits their palate perfectly, while keeping quality as the utmost priority. This remarkable whiskey is officially being sold and distributed in Malaysia by Thai Seng Liquor Sdn Bhd, in Singapore by Ang Leong Huat Pte Ltd, in Taiwan by Muteboo International, in USA by California Wine & Spirits LLC, and in Dubai by PKGS International Trading FZC.

The production of TIMAH and other well-known liquors by Winepak Corporation is certified under The Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000). This globally recognized qualification sets the highest standards of production quality and safety.

This not-to-be missed spirit can be purchased at the Official Website and more information can be obtained through the Official Social Media at Facebook & Instagram. Latest award results are available at .

About Winepak Corporation

Winepak Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the leading players in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic production industry in Malaysia, with over 30 years’ experience since its establishment in the early 1980s. Its founder, Mr. Yeo Eng Chiang, is also the chairman of the Malaysian Bottling Association, and sits on various trade board (Wine and Spirits, Chinese Chamber) associations. Winepak Corporation offers a wide range of services from contract manufacturing (producing and bottling) of established international brands, to private labelling for both local and international markets. Alcoholic products are diverse and can range from hard spirits & liquor (brandy and whisky), to wines, white spirits (vodka, gin, rum, tequila), and traditional herbal tonics and rice wine. Winepak also offers local marketing and distribution services through its group of affiliated companies, Thai Seng Liquor Sdn Bhd and Thai Seng Marketing Sdn Bhd, which have almost 100 years of experience in the spirits industry in Malaysia.


1. What’s the story behind TIMAH? The name “TIMAH” is a local word which means ‘tin’. It harks back to the tin mining era of British Malaya, which was one of the earliest types of mining operated in Malaysia. TIMAH also symbolizes Captain Speedy, the “face” of the TIMAH bottle and its brand. He was appointed to assist in re-establishing orders and to ensure peacekeeping back in the 19th century during the Larut War, which occurred due to the conflict of mining areas in Perak, Malaysia. His courageous spirit and thirst for adventure is captured in the warm, light embers of our very own Malaysian whiskey. Captain Speedy also introduced whiskey culture to Malaya.

2. What does TIMAH demonstrate in terms of its aroma and taste? TIMAH is a premium double peated blended whiskey, which consists of a carefully crafted blend of two imported aged peated malts and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin. These components are blended by the master blender, resulting in the distinctive taste of the TIMAH blend. On the nose, TIMAH is a light, fruity whiskey with a floral hint. It then moves through a smoky palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish.

3. What is the marketing angle for TIMAH? TIMAH was created in order to introduce Malaysian made Whiskey to International audiences. The producers are targeting a different set of consumers driven by varying taste preferences especially in the Asia region. Therefore, to create a unique taste of the whiskey, it is a blend of imported and local components. TIMAH’s personality is also infused with the local history and heritage.

4. Where is TIMAH distributed at the moment? Aside from Malaysia it’s officially being distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA and Dubai. The distributors are Thai Seng Liquor Sdn Bhd for Malaysia, Ang Leong Huat Pte Ltd for Singapore, Muteboo International for Taiwan, California Wine & Spirits LLC for USA, and PKGS International Trading FZC for Dubai. Apart from these, TIMAH will available in more countries soon.

5. Who will enjoy the palate of TIMAH? TIMAH can be widely enjoyed by many. Whiskey lovers will appreciate the peatiness and complex flavour. Beginners will also enjoy the blend because it is very smooth, easy to drink and mixes well. TIMAH was blended with the preferences of the Asian palate in mind, therefore the whiskey has a mild yet distinctive peat character as well as slight sweetness.
TIMAH should be regarded as a new generation of whiskey, proudly made in Asia for Asians. It is still very much whiskey, as we know it, but with subtle twists to its character that give it a uniqueness that will appeal to both established drinkers and the new generation that seeks modernity, quality and something different to identify with.

6. What is next in line for TIMAH? TIMAH’s journey will continue to serve its consumers and transform according to the latest trends and demand occasionally.

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