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Final release in the No Name Trilogy

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No Name was not supposed to become a series, but Compass Box have enjoyed showcasing different heavily-peated malt whiskies within a consistent recipe structure. The interplay of smokiness between all three is completely different, showing that peat is far from one-dimensional. This completes a compelling trilogy. It boasts high density phenols with tarry notes that fans of the series will recognise from the original No Name. At the same time, it boasts a flamboyant fruitiness that builds on that of No Name, No. 2.

This final version has been based around malt whisky from the Laphroaig Distillery (74.7%), aged in recharred hogsheads. Compellingly waxy, fruity and sooty malt whisky from the Bowmore Distillery supports this. Fruity and silky unpeated malts, and a little of our Highland Malt Blend, complete the recipe. Full recipe details can be found here

Please welcome to the stage No Name, No. 3, a rock opera of a whisky.
If the original No Name was whisky as thrash metal, and No Name, No. 2 showcased the flamboyance of progressive rock, this final creation in our trilogy takes peat to an OTT operatic crescendo.

From the wizards at Compass Box

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