Whisky Wednesday Reviews Ben Nevis 10YO, 2021- Scotch Whisky News


I’ve been chasing a bottle of this for years! And now I’ve got my chance. Ben Nevis lays forgotten. Amongst whisky nerds and indie bottle chasers it is a ‘must have’. But for the regular drinkers in the world, it just isn’t around. Is it a small place? Yes. Is distribution a little halted? Possibly. Either way, chase this stuff because it is honestly very good bang for your buck. There’s a funkiness to this product which I’ve only ever experienced once before in a Whisky Shop Exclusive Loch Lomond. But with that funk is a sweet and earthy palate of dark chocolate, cream, heather honey and a soft toffee’d start. Honestly get some, it is rather good and worth the attention.

John’s review of the OG bottle – https://youtu.be/Ydid_uTrPc0

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