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 10 YEAR OLD | 70cl | 56.2% ABV

Bunnahabhain Bay is surrounded by dramatic peaks and the undulating rhythms of the sea. Making this idyllic backdrop the perfect setting for crafting Whisky. The word Aonadh is Gaelic for “Union”(pronounced “oon-ouch”) which reflects the perfect marriage of both the finest port finished Bunnahabhain, and sherry matured Bunnahabhain. Each of these have then been brought together post maturation, to form this unique spirit.

On the nose there is rich creamy vanilla with notes of brandy butter, caramel, indulgent berries and a subtle hint of oak. Sweet red and black fruits come through on the palate, complimented with a cinnamon spice, roasted nuts and a slight saltiness coming through at the back. The finish is long, with a fading spice reminiscent of chilli chocolate and hints of floral candy.


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Situated at the end of a small single track road, on the shores of the Sound of Islay, Bunnahabhain is known for its spectacular surroundings and delicious signature unpeated Islay Single Malt Whisky. It is also the most remote distillery on Islay.

Pronounced ‘Bunn-na-ha-venn’, meaning ‘mouth of the river’ in Scots Gaelic, the distillery stands apart with its signature unpeated style. With the tallest stills on the island and the only distillery to use water from a natural spring, Bunnahabhain is known for its sherried, delicate, complex and unpeated Single Malt.

There are two different spirits produced at Bunnahabhain: Bunnahabhain and Peated Bunnahabhain(Moine).The two spirits are produced using the same stills, washbacks and mash tuns with the same process water. Both spirits, however, are totally different in character due to the malted barley used. Spirit cut is slightly later for the peated (or Moine) as the phenolic flavours come off at the spirit end of the run.

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