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We’re delighted to announce the online Diploma in Single Malt Whisky dates for 2022. Our flagship course and highest award allows you to indulge your interest in whisky, while accumulating professional skills with piles of potential to set you up for success.

Start dates

Friday 8 October 2021
Time zone: North America

Friday 26 November 2021
Time zone: Asia

Friday 4 February 2022
Time zone: Europe

Friday 4 March 2022
Time zone: North America

Friday 20 May 2022
Time zone: Asia

Friday 29 July 2022
Time zone: Europe

Friday 30 September 2022
Time zone: North America

Friday 11 November 2022
Time zone: Asia


While dates are advertised by time zone, please don’t feel you need to be in that particular region to join the course. You must simply be able to attend (or catch up on) the scheduled sessions. In BST/GMT, Europe = tutorials at 7.30pm, North America = tutorials at 10pm & Asia = tutorials at 11.30am. Pick whatever times work best for you.

Today marks the start of our third course delivered in the online format and feedback so far has been excellent:

“Exciting whisky experience! Interesting course with great theory/practice ratio. Highly recommended for all whisky-lovers around the globe.”
Makysm Turovskyy, August 2021

“A solid foundation for anyone who’s passionate about the world of whisky and looking to take that knowledge to new heights.”
Robert Abad, August 2021

“A great and detailed course with excellent in person support. Taught by true industry professionals. Well worth the expense!”
Barney Treadway, August 2021

So, what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up for a challenging yet enjoyable journey into the heart of Scotch.

Sláinte 🥃


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