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Apollo Trilogy
of Single Cask Whiskies

Apollo Trilogy of Single Cask Whiskies

Thursday the 30th of September, 2021, Fife, Scotland

Specialist online Scotch whisky merchant and bottler TheWhiskyBarrel.com, is proud to expand its whisky series commemorating the Apollo Missions with a new trilogy of single cask Scotch whiskies featuring illustrated labels depicting some of the most famous moments of the Apollo missions.

Tomatin, Highland Park & Glenrothes Single Casks

Three new bottlings have been released today, each has matured in a first fill sherry hogshead and represents an event that took place on the Apollo Missions. Each has been illustrated by celebrated London based artist Jamie Coe.

APOLLO 12 Lightning Strikes Twice

Tomatin 10 Year Old 2011 Vintage “SCE to AUX”

Just after lift-off the Saturn V rocket was twice struck by lightning affecting telemetry measurements on the spacecraft. To avoid a potential disaster, EECOM engineer John Aaron in Mission Control suggested the pilot switch the Signal Conditioning Electronics to auxiliary.

Selected from a first fill Oloroso sherry Hogshead cask distilled at the Highland distillery, Tomatin. 271 numbered bottles at cask strength 56.4% abv.

APOLLO 14 Golf on the Moon

St Ola® 15 Year Old 2006 Vintage “Miles and Miles and Miles”

Landing in the lunar Highlands, the third mission to land on the Moon. Commander Alan Shepard, using a makeshift fold up club, struck two golf balls which remain on the lunar surface to this day and proclaimed that the second Moon shot went “miles and miles and miles”. The 6-iron resides at the USGA Museum in New Jersey, planet Earth.

Selected from a first fill Pedro Ximenez sherry Hogshead cask at the Orcadian distillery, Highland Park. 316 numbered bottles at cask strength 61.8% abv.

APOLLO 15 The Genesis Rock

Glenrothes 12 Year Old 2009 Vintage “Get that Unusual One”

Astronauts David Scott and James Irwin travelled to the Spur crater designated Geology Station 7 using the lunar rover vehicle. On the rim of the crater the Astronauts collected the Genesis Rock sample amongst 77kg of lunar samples returned to Earth.

Selected from a first fill Oloroso sherry Hogshead cask distilled at the Speyside distillery, Glenrothes. 312 numbered bottles at cask strength 61.1% abv.

About The Whisky Barrel Apollo Series

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 2019 TheWhiskyBarrel.com released a single cask bottling from the Deanston distillery, which promptly sold out. Subsequent releases commemorating the Apollo Missions now achieve over £1k at specialist auctions as collectors bid to accumulate the complete series.

Available exclusively from TheWhiskyBarrel.com, shipping to customers Worldwide including the North America, Europe and Asia.


Each bottle retails at: £90 GBP inc. VAT / €88 EUR / $100 USD / c$130 (+ P&P) *


Q) What is the product called?
– Tomatin 10 Year Old 2011 “SCE to AUX”
– St Ola® 15 Year Old 2006 “Miles and Miles and Miles”
–  Glenrothes 12 Year Old 2009 “Get that Unusual One”

Q) When will this product be released/was it released?
A) Thursday 30th of September, 2021.

Q) Where is it available?
A) Scotland, off-trade, TheWhiskyBarrel.com.

Q) Is this product already available in other markets?
A) Scotland only, TheWhiskyBarrel.com ships worldwide.

Q) How much is it?
A) Each bottle retails at £90 GBP inc. VAT / €88 EUR / $100 USD / c$130 (+ P&P)

Q) Who handles the product’s distribution?
A) In-house at TheWhiskyBarrel.com.

Q) How many bottles are there?
A) 899 bottles across three single casks.

Q) What is the ABV of this product?
A) Natural cask strength.

Q) Why has this product been launched?
A) Limited Edition single cask exclusives for TheWhiskyBarrel.com online whisky shop.


The Whisky Barrel is a specialist online whisky and spirits merchant based in Fife, Scotland and was established in 2007. In 2019 The Whisky Barrel won The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade. The Whisky Barrel is also a winner of the Whisky Magazine Online Retailer 2018 and was International Wine & Spirits Competition runner-up in 2016.

*N.B. Prices correct at the time of publishing and are subject to currency fluctuation.

The Whisky Barrel    E: info@thewhiskybarrel.com
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