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Two French Oak ex-Tawny Single Cask Whiskies

Our next release will be two French Oak ex-Tawny single cask whiskies, TD0290 and TD0300. This is the first time we have had two mature at the same time and ready to be released together. On Monday 26th of July, 2021, these two exceptional French Oak ex-Tawny whiskies, both aged for more than 12 years, will be available to purchase via ballot.

TD0290 French Oak ex-Tawny

TD0290 was filled on 12 June, 2008 and aged for 12 years and 10 months in a 300L French Oak ex-Tawny cask yielding 433 bottles. A lovely example of a first fill French Oak ex-Tawny cask; neither the oak nor the pre-fill (Tawny) overbear the spirit. A thick silky texture gives an excellent foundation for the flavour that follows. Fresh orange and a bowl of mixed berries fill the palate initially; then it’s all about the chocolate fudge. A hint of linseed, vanilla musk, ginger cake and honey. A nice sensation of ginger, both the warming and cooling feeling, and then we round back to the fruit, but this time plum jam and blackcurrants.

TD0300 French Oak ex-Tawny

TD0300 was filled on 23 July, 2008 and aged for 12 years and 8 months in a 300L French Oak ex-Tawny cask yielding only 337 bottles. The aroma is distinctly coastal and sweet, reminiscent of salted caramel. The palate starts with a rolling texture. The damp embers get in there early, and there’s a moist toasted note, like roasting pineapple (with a distinctly Tequila-esque vibe). Orange and poppy seed cake. Cola and apricot jam on the sides of the sides of the palate, and the saliva glands are triggered. Medjool dates (we are in Tawny territory, after all) and shortbread.

Full tasting notes and cask details can be found on the product page via this link. 

These whiskies will be released via ballot. The ballot will open for 24 hours from 11:00am Hobart time on Monday 26th of July, 2021. Further details will be sent prior to the ballot opening. A note on our ballot system. Our policy is one bottle, per person, per household. Our fraud detection algorithm detects multiple entries and removes them to ensure our whisky lands in the hands of our genuine supporters, so to ensure your entry counts, please enter once only. If you have any questions around our ballot process, you can email us at info@sullivanscove.com Successful entries will be notified shortly after the ballot closes.

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