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A very warm, and we mean WARM, welcome here from the rather sultry sauna that is SWA HQ. Yes the sun is out and it’s very much ‘Taps Aff’ weather for us befuddled sweating Scots. Not even this sweltering heat though can distract our attention away from our most recent malty wonders!

New releases this month are plentiful, from the Macallan Concept No.3, Ardbeg 8 Year Old For Discussion and plenty of Lindores to be had.

Fresh in from Campbeltown is Springbank’s Hand Filled Distillery Exclusives. Call us biased but these are sure to be tasty and of course cask strength!

Tickling our taste buds we begin with a Highland Park 1964. Vatted from two refill hogsheads, this dram is all about the complex balance between environment, skill, hard work and patience. Not much can surpass a fine Orcadian single malt in a sleek black bottle, boxed in a wooden case featuring marquetry inspired by the wood carvings at the Urnes Stave Church in Norway!

Next in line is a Laphroaig 1980 27 Year Old.This Islay bomb is rich in colour, not surprising considering it’s been slumbering in the finest Oloroso sherry casks known to man for the best part of three decades. Not much can beat a ridiculously smoky AND sweet whisky, the best of both worlds. Well, that’s our opinion anyway.

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