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We hope everyone is enjoying a relaxed as possible summer. We’re looking forward to meeting you all in September for a safe and relaxed Maltstock!

As always there will be many relaxed tastings for you to chose from at Maltstock, all included in your ticket! The full line-up will be on the website soon. Here are two more names we can now announce:

Annette, Bob, Klaas, Stan, Teun

You’ll probably remember David Stirk. He used to own the Creative Whisky Company. And was well known for his very relaxed bottlings with a great value for money! After selling his company he has been living a relaxed life. He is still very much involved with whisky. At Maltstock he will be presenting some very relaxed bottlings of First Cask by Whisky Import Netherlands. David has told us he also got some new joke books.

American Whisky

It’s with great relaxedness we can announce that Norbert Tebarts is joining us again at Maltstock this year. There’s probably no one in the Netherlands with more knowledge about (and certainly not with more enthusiasm and passion for) American whisky. It’s always a great joy to be educated and entertained by Norbert. We’re already looking forward to what relaxed surprises Norbert will bring this year.

Maltstock tickets

If you’re looking for a relaxed weekend and meeting old and new friends:

if you haven’t got a ticket yet then it’s time to get relaxed! We still have a few tickets available in our shop:

Please do check out the information regarding Covid-19. By following these regulations we can have a safe and very relaxed Maltstock!

Stay healthy everyone, stay relaxed and we hope to see you in September!

Maltstock and COVID-19

New temporary covid measures are in place in the Netherlands until August 13th. By then the number of fully vaccinated people is expected to be high. We are confident the restrictions will be lifted and we can have a normal safe and relaxed Maltstock. Of course we will keep you informed.

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