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Announcing Decadent Drinks Ltd the home of Whisky Sponge

Decadent Drinks is the result of an experiment with independent bottling that got out of hand. What started as a collaborative side project between Iain McClune and Angus MacRaild, quickly grew arms and legs and has now become a terrifyingly real and busy company.

We attempt to source and bottle natural, charismatic, crazy but always excellent Whiskies.  We aim to have new bottles coming out every month!

We have a few whiskies available for you at the moment including:

Equinox and Solstice Edition No.2

This edition is for the 2021 summer solstice and contains a 10 year old Highland Single Malt that we have named ‘Candlekitty’ – we’re confident you can work out what we mean by that.

It is composed from an assemblage of three consecutive first fill bourbon barrels, all filled in 2010 and bottled at this series’s set bottling strength of 48.5%.

The whisky has bags of the classical waxy distillery character while also displaying bright fruit tones, natural sweetness and subtle coastal freshness as well. It’s the perfect summer sipper and would also be superb in a highball.

Caol Ila 9 Year Old Whisky Sponge Edition No.32

We return once again to the malt whisky enthusiast’s comfort blanket that is Caol Ila. For this edition we took a refill hogshead from 2007 and a rejuvenated (de-char – re-char) hogshead from 2011 and smooshed them together. The natural strength was surprisingly low so we left it where it was at 53.6%. The result is a 9 year old that is rich, oily, complex and hugely satisfying.

We suggest you enjoy it in a sun lounger in the rain, wearing nothing but a pair of salmon-hide slippers to protect you from the midgies while thumbing an old 1st edition copy of Alfred Barnard’s legendary magnum opus from 1887 : Whisky Investment Companies Of The United Kingdom.

Secret Speyside 1990 Whisky Sponge Edition No.29

This very special bottling commemorates that time the Earth was accidentally destroyed by a reversing hyper-galactic Salmon stillhouse because Jan Birch was distracted by the amusing properties of zero-gravity dramming.

The whisky inside this bottle hails from an unspeakable and mysterious distillery in the town of Rothes. Known locally only as ‘the second least amusing of our distilleries – several of which are in fact quite dull so potentially not that amusing at all’.

This bottling is the result of a cosmic collision of two refill hogsheads. Bottled with slight reduction to our commonly enjoyed ‘seshing ABV’ of 48.5%.

Please enjoy it responsibly and do not attempt to adjust the fabric of space time or operate a microplane while under the influence.

You can sign up to hear about our new releases by registering your interest at

All of our whiskies are available directly from our website at and we ship globally, including to the USA.

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