Bold, unique and striking new look for Wemyss Malts Core Range – Scotch Whisky News

WEMYSS MALTS believe that our journey through the wonderful world of whisky should be led by bold and unique flavours.

In 2020 we celebrate our 15th anniversary and this is the perfect time to focus on our original values as independent, family whisky makers that encourage the exploration into adventurous flavours through our newly re-branded core range.

The Wemyss Malts Core Range has been given a bold and colourful new look to match its vibrant taste and vivid personality. With a direct contrast to more traditional whisky packaging, the striking design and unique labels are hard to miss.

The new-look blended malt whiskies – ‘The Hive’, ‘Spice King’ and ‘Peat Chimney’ – are bottled at 46% abv and non-chill-filtered to preserve their flavourful character. The new packaging includes a bespoke decanter bottle and ornately illustrated labels and gift cartons.

With whisky becoming more and more a lifestyle drink, popular among regular consumers, cocktail aficionados and spirit experts, Wemyss Malts can match the personality of the drinker with one of their Core Range whiskies. Each bottle of premium quality, small batch, hand-crafted whisky captures the true spirit of the brand with the bespoke artistic blend of colours reflecting the exciting blend of flavour.

William Wemyss, Founder & Director of Wemyss Malts, said:

“Not all whisky tastes the same and not all whisky drinkers are the same. Scotland offers a wide spectrum of malt whisky with a vast diversity of flavours, and this wealth of variety is celebrated across our newly relaunched core range.

“We don’t overly focus on the distilleries, regions or complex terminology but prefer instead to concentrate on what’s important; the natural aromas and tastes found in each of our malt whiskies. The Wemyss Malts Core Range has been carefully crafted and blended from single malts from across Scotland to represent one of the key flavour profiles, giving each a distinct personality. And just like our consumers, our drinks are crafted to suit each personality type whether that is sweet, complexly spicy or gently smoky.”



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